– The american homeopath foundation projects for 1997 (G. Bedayn)
The kent estate project

gregory_bedayn-1 The american homeopath foundation projects for 1997

 Iwant to thank all of those who wrote and emailed us with your enthusiasm and support over the Kent issue of The American Homeopath. That was a very special issue for us and it was our great pleasure to present it to you. Since publishing last years journal featuring the Kent Estate Project, we have received much support and many generous donations for the purchase and renovation of the James Tyler Kent House in Stevensville, Montana. Thank you all very much! We still need to generate over $100,000 to complete the purchase of $180,000. In the event we are unable to purchase the estate, we will apply the funds towards having the estate made suitable to be added to the National Register of Historical Places, and to the design, manufacture and installation of a substantial bronze monument to be located in Kent’s front yard, on Hoover Lane -for public viewing.
 The 1997 Kent Estate Conference
 We are tentatively planning a residential conference in Stevensville Montana, in 1997 or 1998. Keep an eye on the calendars in the other journals for the exact details. The actual conference would take place in a beautiful antique lecture-hall on the top floor of the Ravalli County Museum in Hamilton, just a few miles from Kent’s house. The room is sumptuously appointed with Honduras mahogany panels and a well lit stage with podium. Hotels are many and within short walking distance of the Museum. This is an unusual opportunity to pay homage to Kent’s home and gravesite. We are working with the current owners of his house to host a western-style dinner party, to be followed by a silent homage to the Kent gravesite.
 The J. T. Kent Raffle
 The Kent raffle for the larger-than-life oil portrait as seen on last years AH cover has generated some helpful funding for the Kent project. The drawing was on August 17th and the lucky winner is… a homeopathic patient from the San Francisco Bay Area, who wishes to remain anonymous, who has very generously donated the painting to the American Homeopath Preservation Board, “with our very best wishes for the Kent Estate Project.” The board will maintain the painting and hang it in Kent’s drawing room if and when we buy the property. Sincere thanks to our new patron, and to all those who participated.
 The Golden Age of Homeopathy Literature Project
 Andre Saine was very generous in his gift of the contents of his career-long research project of selecting the finest of the homeopathic literature from 1824 to about 1916. Totaling a quarter of a million pages, the work has since been incorporated into ReferenceWorks. The cases of pages will eventually be bound into books and held in the library at the Hahnemann College in Albany, California. We need funds to complete the final copy ($2,400) and to bind the volumes ($4,100).
 Is There Homeopathy After Death?
 Please consider naming the The American Homeopath Preservation Board as a beneficiary in your living trust or will. Call or send for details.
 Send Your Donations Today
 Your donations keep our history alive and vital, thus making our future more certain. Please give to these projects generously, as Kent and others have given generously of their lives to us. Write on your check(s) a note as to which of the projects you are donating to, and send to:
 The American Homeopath Foundation Preservation Board
 1550 Huston Road, Lafayette CA 94549
 Questions? call 510-930-6010 

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