Homeopathic Medicine for Knee Joint Pain

Homeopathic Medicine for Knee Joint Pain:

All of us might experience the pain in the knee joint at or other times in our life. In fact, the causes of knee vary from a simple sprain to surgical conditions like a ligament tear. Moreover, arthritis, gout, and infections also cause severe knee joint pain. In this connection, Homeopathic medicine helps in the cure of underlying conditions to relieve the knee joint pain permanently. Moreover, the Homeopathy treatment for knee joint pain causes no side effects.

Homeopathic Medicine for Knee Joint Pain

The Knee is called the “sacred joint”. It suffers from the effects of imbalances in many distant parts of the body. In fact, it is one of the Neuro-vegetative balance centers. The venous and endocrine systems also influence the health of the Knee Joint. Imbalances in these systems will allow specific pathologies to develop, especially at puberty and menopause. In addition, the synovial in the knee joint filters out toxins and accumulates crystal precipitates. In this case, Homeopathic medicine will help a great deal, if they use before the knee joint reaches a surgical state.

Homeopathic remedies for knee joint pain in general:

Bryonia is the Homeopathic remedy especially helps in the treatment of knee joint pain in those who suffer from Arthritis. This is the best Homeopathic medicine for the painful knee during adolescence.

Osteochondritis of the knee, on the other hand, suggests pulsatilla for joint pain. Other remedies useful in case of damage to knee cartilage are Calcarea Phosphorica, Kalium Bichromicum, and Aurum Metallicum.

Agnus Castus is for Knee Pain treatment in Homeopathy where joints affect chronically. Natrum Muriaticum is also good Homeopathic medicine for knee pain that is due to sprain.

Calcarea Carbonica is the Homeopathic remedy that especially helps in the treatment of fragile knees from infancy. Similarly, Silicea is another remedy that helps in the cure of Genu Valgum.

Homeopathy for pain in the knee due to Arthritis:

Bryonia is a Homeopathic medicine that particularly benefits in Knee Joint Pain, in case of mechanical disorders with normal mobilization.

Chelidonium, Rhus Toxicodendron, and Ruta are other Homeopathic medicine especially helps in the Treatment of Knee Joint Pain with normal mobility. RADIUM BROMATUM is also to be added to the list.

Mechanical disorders with abnormal mobilization of the knee, on the other hand, suggest Angostura, Chelidonium, Cimex, and Kalium Carbonicum.

Degeneration of knee joint with cracking sounds needs Benzoic Acid for the cure of pain.

Causticum greatly benefits in the Homeopathic treatment of Knee Joint Pain with stiffness. Tendon retraction is another symptom that particularly attracts the attention of Causticum in this case.

Calcarea Fluorica, Tuberculinum, and Hekla Lava are the supporting Homeopathic medicine in case of pain with arthritis in the knee.

Vascular and endocrine causes of knee joint pain:

Knee Joint Pain due to disturbance in the venous system in the right knee needs Carduus Marianus, Ledum, and Pulsatilla. Similarly, pain in the left knee with venous trouble suggests Clematis Erecta, Hamamelis, and Helianthus. Kalium Carbonicum and Rhododendron are for the pain in the knee joint of both sides.

Calcarea Carbonica and Natrum Carbonicum are the Homeopathic remedies that benefit in Knee Joint Pain due to defect in bone metabolism. That also is, particularly during puberty and Menopause.

Ledum Pal is the Homeopathy medicine for Knee Pain with Eruptions. This Homeopathic remedy particularly benefits in the pain of knee joint where the cause is the allergic rash and gout.

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Homeopathy Remedy for Knee joint Of the hollow (Back of knee):

Natrum Muriaticum especially benefits the pain where dry and herpetic eruptions develop in the back of the knee joint. This remedy particularly works in secretive, silent, and introverted persons.

Dry, eruptions with much itching relief by warm applications, on the other hand, suggests Arsenicum Album for Knee joint Pain.

Psorinum is for knee pain treatment in Homeopathy, in those who suffer from oozing scabs with intolerable itching on the back of the knee.

Thick supportive oozing on the hollow of the joint is the key point to select Graphites Homeopathic remedy for the treatment of knee pain.

Brownish discolorations in the fold on the hollow of the knee especially need Sepia for the treatment of this joint pain.

Mercurius Solubulis on the other hand helps in the cure of knee pain where sweats in folds. Moreover, infections are the common cause to use this Homeopathic Medicine for any joint pain.


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1 year ago

I am suffering from septic knee arthritis with WBC of 9250 in synovial fluid , negative for RA factor, i am having swelling and fluid around both knees, kindly prescribe any medicine sir

Sms Hasan
Sms Hasan
7 years ago

Dear sir, My uncle, a Diabetic patient & aged 62 years, has been suffering from Both-Knee pain for the last 5 years and it gets worse in Winter/Rainy season. Allopathic painkillers, anti-biotics were prescribed by Doctors but they worked for short time. Homeopathic medicines were also tried. Like Symphytum , Rhus Tox, Arnica for last 30 days, only 10% improvement was noticed. X-ray findings: Osteoarthritis ESR result: 52 mm in 1st hour ( normal value is 0-15 for Male) HbA1C: 7.2% (normal is 4.2 – 6.2 %) Urine R/E: Normal Please advise for him? So much pain and very weak… Read more »

7 years ago

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