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Homeopathic Treatment for Thyroid Nodules:  

Enlargement of the thyroid gland is called the goitre or Goiter. The goitre contains a number of nodules. This can call as multinodular goitre. Homeopathic treatment for thyroid nodules is more than ever the best effective one for the permanent cure. In addition, Homeo medicine for thyroid nodules treats the underlying thyroid disease. A best multinodular goitre treatment option is the treatment of thyroid nodules and nodular goiter though homeopathy.

The term Goitre or Goiter, have the similar meaning.

Homeopathic Treatment for Thyroid Nodules

Prior to knowing Homeopathic Treatment for Thyroid Nodules, it is essential to know what is Goiter:

Goitre is a swelling of Neck or Larynx due to Thyroid gland enlargement. Thyroid enlargement is due to underlying disease. It may be Hyperthyroidism or Hypothyroidism. There is Iodine deficiency in 90% of Goitre cases worldwide. Iodine used in thyroid gland for the production of thyroid hormone. If Iodine is insufficient, the Thyroid gland works excess that leads into the enlargement of the gland, which we call as Goitre. Therefore, Iodium 200 is helpful in Homeopathic Treatment for Goiter Thyroid. Iodium 200 is, in particular, the best homeo medicine for thyroid nodules.

In fact, Homeopathy understands, swelling in thyroid gland appears after suppression of skin eruptions. Use of external medications to suppress skin complaints produce swelling in thyroid called Goitre or Nodular Goiter.

If Goitre is due to Hyperthyroidism the symptoms are increased metabolism, palpitation of the heart, intolerance to heat and trembling hands etc. However, thyroid nodules due to Hypothyroidism symptoms are quite opposite to hyperthyroid. Moreover, are the slow heartbeat, lethargy, decreased metabolism, and intolerance to cold etc. Homeopathic treatment for thyroid nodules, in fact, cures the disease according to the underlying thyroid disease.

Treatment of thyroid nodules and nodular goiter in homeopathy is usually not sufficient to completely the cure. However, it needs to supply or reduce the thyroid hormone by external hormone or antagonist supplements.

Best Homeo Medicine for Treatment of Thyroid Nodules:

Lapis Albus and Bromium are best homeo medicine for thyroid nodules or multinodular goitre treatment options.

Homeo medicine for thyroid nodules in the thin subject is Baryta Iodata 9c and the heavy subject is Calcarea Carbonica.

Conium and Spongia are also wonderful medicines helpful in homeopathic treatment for multinodular goitre.

Iodine and Sulfur are the best trace elements to regulate the thyroid function. Moreover helps in the homeopathic treatment for thyroid nodules.
Thyroidinum 4c is the organic medicine benefit in the treatment of thyroid nodules and nodular goiter in homeopathy.

Homeo medicine for thyroid nodules benefits in homeopathic treatment for multinodular goitre:

Iodium 200c, in reality, is the best Homeo medicine for thyroid nodules or goiter in our clinical experience. Iodium 200 for thyroid nodules improves the absorption of iodine atoms into thyroid tissue.

The Iodium 200 homeo medicine helps in the formation of Thyroid hormones naturally without external hormone supplements. Therefore, it is the best medicine in homeopathic treatment for thyroid nodules. It prevents the enlargement of thyroid gland.

Thyroidinum 200 is used in homeopathic treatment for multinodular goitre when Iodium 200c fails to cure.

Thyroidinum 200 stimulates the thyroid gland to function itself naturally. As a result, helps in the homeopathic treatment for goiter thyroid.

A single dose all the time is enough to enhance the function of thyroid gland. Moreover, regular constitutional remedies for thyroid gland work properly after a dose of Thyroidinum. Therefore, Thyroidinum very much benefits in the treatment of thyroid nodules and nodular goiter in homeopathy.

Calcarea carb 200 is also a good Homeopathic remedy for the treatment of thyroid nodules and nodular goiter in homeopathy. In fact, the patient suffers from sweat, which is cold, and wet all the body.

Calcarea carb patients who suffer from multinodular goitre or thyroid nodules are lethargic and fatty in nature.

To conclude, Homeo medicine for thyroid nodules is very much helpful in treatment of thyroid nodules and nodular goiter. As a result, Homeopathic treatment for multinodular goitre is best treatment options to cure thyroid nodules permanently.

References: BOUKO LEVY M., Homeopathic and Drainage Repertory

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14 Thoughts to “Homeopathic Treatment for Thyroid Nodules”

  1. Derryn Solch

    1. Scintigraphic impression of what appears to be a fairly intense “hot” focus in
    region of right thyroid lobe lower pole, which appears to correlate to nodule
    noted on recent ultrasound, and is very suspicious of a possible “hot toxic”
    thyroid nodule (see also thyroid functions).
    2. Rest of thyroid is very poorly visualised – this is most probably due to
    suppression of tracer uptake in para-nodular tissue in right lobe and in left
    lobe overall, secondary to “hot toxic” nodule in right thyroid lobe
    3. No convincing scintigraphic evidence of any other obvious “hot” thyroid
    nodules at present

    Can homeopathic medicine help? What could he take? Thank you very much

  2. Ekta Sharma

    Age 36yrs, suffering from enlarged thyroid problem with a cyst in the neck. Weight loose from last 4 mnths. Please tell me the medicine

    1. SPONGIA TOSTA mother tincture is right remedy for you.

  3. Ekta Sharma

    Hello Doctor, I am suffering from enlarged thyroid and cyst in the neck. I weight loss. I am 35 yrs old

  4. Ali husnain

    My mother 50yrs old.
    has multinodular goiter.

    Ultrasound neck shows multiple nodules and some cysts.

    Thyroid scan shows cysts and cold nodules aswell.

    TFT’s are in normal limits
    Kindly prescribe medicine.thanks

    1. multinodular goiter is curable with homeopathic medicine. please provide more details according to the case sheet.

  5. sailajamadapati

    B.p past 18 years and depression tabs recently stopped.thyroid knee pain external piles migraine ladt one uric acid attacked recently.

    For all these problems please give best medicine like my mother madapati anasuya. Thank you.

    1. Hello Mr sailaja, let me know more symptoms regarding your problem of the thyroid, when did your pile’s pain intense? Does have any bleeding? How is your appetite? How often you take water? How we about your bowel moments? Your reaction to weather?etc so that I can. Suggest you best homeopathic medicine for your problem

  6. Lavanya S

    I have been suffering from thyroid nodules for past 2 yrs..thyroid levels are normal(t3,t4, TSH).and Fnac test was nontoxic goiter..please provide the solution for this problem.

    1. pls, write more details to suggest remedy further for thyroid nodules.
      Present Symptoms:
      Past History (Do u have any other diseases?):
      Treatment History (Used any other medicines?):
      How is your Appetite, thirst, bowel movement, sweat, urine etc?:
      What kind of food do you like? sweets, spicy, salt, eggs, chicken, fish, meat, cool drinks etc?:
      Your mentality, anger, easily weeping, jealousy, fear etc?:
      Any investigations ?:

  7. Reenu Gaur

    Hello Doctor,
    I am Reenu Gaur, 42 years old female based out at Delhi. I have diagnosed with the lump in the right lobe of the thyroid gland with follicular neoplasm last year. I am advised to get it out through surgery. I switched over to Ayurvedic Medicine Kanchnar Guggulu & still taking since one year. Have got FNAC test done after one year just to monitor. The result is same as last year. It is not increased in size after one year as well & Doctor who had done the FNAC test this year told me that he tried to look for malignant cells but he didn’t find any. But doctors are still suggesting for surgery which I don’t want to go for. My T-3 & T-4 tests are normal. Please suggest if there is any treatment in homeopathy to dissolve the lump which is diagnosed as follicular neoplasm in FNAC test? Thank you

    1. Dear Reenu Gaur, I appreciate your detailed email. Yes there are very good Homeopathic medicines to dissolve thyroid swellings, like follicular neoplasm.

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