Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Homeopathic medicines

Top 6 Homeopathic Medicines for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Best Homeopathic Medicines for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a painful condition due to compression of the median nerve. As the nerve travels through the wrist at the carpal tunnel, inflammatory conditions can compress it. The main symptoms are pain, numbness, and tingling in the thumb, index finger, middle finger, and the…

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Bell’s Palsy Homeopathic Medicines -Top 6 for quick recovery

Homeopathic medicines for Bell’s Palsy or Facial Paralysis: Bell’s palsy or facial paralysis is a paralysis of the facial nerve or 7th cranial nerve. It results in the inability to control facial muscles on the affected side. Bell’s palsy may be a temporary weakness. On the other hand, it can be a paralysis of the…

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Top 20 Homeopathic Medicines for Amoebiasis Treatment

Homeopathic Medicines for Amoebiasis: Amoebiasis is a global disease, which is caused by the protozoan Entamoeba Histolytica. This infection affects nearly 10% of the population of the developing world with the disease burden highest in poor, developing areas. Where overcrowding, poor sanitation, and economic backwardness are common. It is an important cause of death due…

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milk allergy homeopathy

Milk allergy – How Homeopathy can Cure it Permanently?

What Is Milk Allergy? How Homeopathy can Cure your Milk allergy Permanently? Milk allergy is an abnormal response by the body’s defense mechanism to milk and products containing milk. It’s one of the most common food allergies in children and even adults. Cow’s milk is in general the cause of milk allergy, However milk from…

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Top 4 Homeopathic Medicines for Bronchiectasis

Homeopathic Medicine for Bronchiectasis Bronchiectasis is a disease in which there is permanent enlargement of parts of the airways of the lung. Symptoms typically include a chronic cough with mucus production. Other symptoms include shortness of breath, coughing up blood, and chest pain. Homeopathy has wide range of medicines to cure Bronchiectasis. Let us discuss the…

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Homeopathy for pain

Homeopathy medicines pain killers: How to choose?

Homeopathy medicines for Pain management: Homeopathy provides the best and most helpful medicines for immediate relief of pain. In reality, Homeopathic medicines acts on the root cause of the pain. Therefore Homeopathic treatment can effectively cure the pain and inflammation anywhere in the body. The important point is, Homeopathic doctors do not select the remedy…

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Dr.Bernard H, views on Chamomilla benefits for Constipation

Chamomilla benefits for Constipation – Dr.Bernard H, views

Dr.Bernard H, views on Chamomilla benefits for Constipation: The following clinical fact we think contains in a characteristic manner the circumstances in which we would be apt to think of Chamomilla Homeopathic medicine in the treatment of the constipation of infants. A study by Dr. Casal, of Menton on uses of Chamomilla for Constipation in…

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Casuticum for Constipation

Causticum benefits for constipation – Dr.Bernard H views

Dr.Bernard H views on Causticum benefits for constipation: Causticum is Homeopathic medicine especially made from Potassium Hydroxide. The character of stools in the case of Causticum patients is light or white-colored. Constipated stools that are Olive-shaped, mixed with mucus and blood, and difficult to expel out. Tough and shining as if greased is most the…

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Carbo Vegetabulis for Constipation

Carbo Vegetabilis for Constipation – Dr.Bernard H discussion on Use

Dr.Bernard H discussions on Use of Carbo Vegetabilis for Constipation: The Character of stools in Carbo Vegetabilis patients with constipation: Carbo Vegetabilis is the Homeopathic medicine made from Vegetable charcoal. Insufficient, Hard stool, enveloped in mucus and blood at the extremity of the faecal mass always need to prescribe this Homeopathic medicine. Difficult stools, although they…

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