Homeopathic Medicines for Ear Discharge

Best Homeopathic Medicines for Ear Discharge:

Otorrhea is another name for Ear discharge, which is any kind of fluid that comes from the ear. However, the natural oily secretions from your ear are called earwax. The purpose of earwax is to prevent ear viruses and bacteria. Sometimes ear infections can cause discharge ear. On the other hand, injuries can also cause Ear Discharge. Homeopathic Medicines work most effectively to cure Ear Discharge. They act primarily on the root cause of the disease. Homeopathic Remedies for Ear Discharge boast immunity. Therefore Homeopathic treatment stimulates the body itself to cure the Ear Discharge. In this regard, we are going to discuss the below points in relation to Homeopathic treatment for Ear Discharge.

Homeopathic Medicines for Ear Discharge

Pulsatilla –Best homeopathic remedy for blocked ears with Ear Discharge:

This Homeopathy remedy answers many of the ear problems. Discharges from the ear that are green and thick particularly indicate this medicine. Otitis that leads to discharge especially at night needs Pulsatilla.  Heat in any form is unbearable. In this case, a hearing will diminish from otitis and ear discharge.

Graphites – Topmost Homeopathy medicine for fungal infection in-ear with Ear Discharge:

It is the best Homeopathic Remedy for Ear Discharge from the left ear. In addition, the discharge from the ear is offensive in this case. Ear Discharge is chronic in nature. The Noises occur particularly during the night, where graphites are highly helpful. This Homeopathic medicine works great for impaired hearing from Ear Discharge. Eruptions or cracks behind the ear mainly indicate Graphites for Ear Discharge.

Silicea – Best Homeopathic medicine for eardrum hole with Ear Discharge:

Acute and chronic ear infections are effectively curable by treating them with Silicea. Pus discharges from the ear especially need this Homeopathic Remedy. Ear Discharge that leads to impaired hearing and stoppage are also curable with Silicea. Meniere disease associated with sinus problems indicates this homeopathy remedy. Caries of the mastoid is also another guiding symptom for this medicine.

Cinchona Officinalis(China) – Most effective Homeopathy medicine for ear sound and Ear Discharge:

Ringing in ears is the main indication for this remedy. The external ear is very sensitive to touch in this case. Hearing is especially sensitive to noise. Lobules are red and swollen with Ear Discharge mainly need this Homeopathic Medicine.

Kali Mur or Kalium Muriaticum – Best Homeopathic Remedy for Ear Discharge from ear infection:

Chronic and catarrhal (discharges) conditions of the middle ear are an important indication. Glands about the ear are swollen. For Snapping and noises in the ear with discharges, Kali Mur is the topmost remedy. A threatened mastoid also guides us to use this Homeopathic Medicine. Great effusion about the auricle with Ear Discharge especially calls Kalium muriaticum.

Nitric acid – Most useful Homeopathic medicine for ear deafness and discharge:

Difficult hearing with ear discharge, however, better hear in riding carriage or train. This Homeopathic medicine is the best indication for Cracking in-ears on chewing after Ear Discharge. Moreover, offensive ear discharges always need to cure with this remedy. That also the discharges are acid and erode the skin.

What causes ear discharge?

  • Middle ear infection: Usually cause perforation of the eardrum and causes Ear Discharge.
  • Trauma: Cotton plugs in general causes eardrum to damage while cleaning and lead to Ear Discharge. On the other hand, exposure to high altitude pressure can cause eardrum rupture. Usually, this kind of accident can cause Ear Discharge. Sometimes loud noises can cause eardrums to rupture.
  • Exposure to water:  Ear Discharge that occurs in swimmer is called swimmers ear. It is all due to the entry of bacteria and fungus while swimming.

Some Other causes:

  • Malignant otitis externa,
  • Skull fracture,
  • Mastoiditis

Take way:

Ear discharge that caused due to various reasons is answered by Homeopathy very well. Homeopathic treatment is most effective in curing Ear Discharge as explained above. A single dose of the above-indicated medicine is enough to cure Ear Discharge permanently. However for best results please contact your Homeopathic physician.

For more information on ear discharges:

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