Iodium for Fair Complexion

Iodium for fair complexion in Homeopathy:

Iodium is a Homeopathic medicine prepared from the chemical Iodine. Nowadays it is frequently available in the Iodized salt. People often ask us about the use of Iodium in homeopathy for fair complexion. It is difficult to explain to them. Iodium is not only the medicine for fair skin. On the contrary, a number of Homeopathic medicines available for skin fairness. To put in other words, fair complexion develops once we treat the underlying disease. Therefore, we need to use Homeopathic medicine for skin complaints or any related diseases. As a result, fair complexion develops.

Iodium for Fair Complexion

Iodium for Fairness indications:

Let us see the skin complaint of iodium first. Second, we need to know the constitution of the Iodium. We should not prescribe Iodium just for Fair complexion.

  • The first thing to remember is, taking excess iodine from iodized salt may cause skin complaints.
  • In addition, the possibility of getting hyperthyroidism also cannot rule out.
  • Hot and dry skin persons get fair skin with the use of Iodium.
  • The skin of the Iodium person is the yellow complexion and withered.
  • Enlarged glands anywhere in the body especially indicated Iodium for fair complexion. All glandular structures, respiratory organs, circulatory system are especially affected and atrophy.
  • Similarly, Iodium benefits in the treatment of enlarged lymph nodes. Therefore, it helps in skin fairness treatment.
  • Loss of skin texture from heart complaints is another condition Iodium benefits.
  • Loss of flesh and a great appetite is another key point for using iodium for fair complexion.
  • In general Iodium individual is exceedingly thin and dark-complexioned.

Dosage of Iodium for skin fairness:

In general, 30c potency is the starting potency to use Iodium for the skin. A single dose of Iodium 30c or 200ch can produce a great change in your skin complexion. However, the symptoms must match as above mentioned. 1m potency works wonders if 200c potency stops working. Just two pills of Iodium for fair complexion works for 90 days. A single dose is enough to complete the cure. In this case, we suggest always consulting your Homeopathic doctor for the right dosage and potency.

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