homeopathic medicines for disc prolapse

Best Homeopathic medicines for disc prolapse:

A spinal disc herniation is also sometimes called “disc prolapse”. Prolapse means “to fall out of place”, from the Latin probably meaning “to fall out”. The disc prolapse due to a problem with rubbery, cushion disc(s) in between the backbones. Even though Disc Prolapse is a local problem, Homeopathy considers the disease as the individual response. Pain killers may relieve the suffering for a short time; however is not the permanent cure in case of disc prolapse. Homeopathic medicines for Disc Prolapse, on the other hand, relieve the acute pain. As well as Homeopathic treatment prevents the frequent Disc Prolapse tendency. Homeopathic remedies especially cure disc desiccation, slip disc, and spondylosis at l4 and l5 without side effects, safely, quickly permanently.

Homeopathic medicines for disc prolapse

A prolapsed disc, commonly referred to as slipped disc, occurs when the gel-like, inner nucleus of an intervertebral disc bulge or seeps through a weakened region in its hard outer casing. It is a total crack of a disc. In severe cases, loss of control of bladder and/or bowels, numbness in the genital area, and impotence (in men). In this article, we are going to discuss particularly the below key symptoms and Homeopathic treatment in relation to Disc Prolapse.

Kalium Carbonicum – Topmost Homeopathy medicine for Disc Prolapse with spondylosis at l4 and l5:

This Homeopathic Remedy is the best for back pain in combination with weakness. The patient with lumbar pain, spondylosis at l4 and l5 particularly complain of general weakness. Moreover, sciatica pain that radiates to left is also a great indication for Kalium Carbonicum in Disc Prolapse cases. In this case, sitting erect causes great pain. In addition, walking also increases pain. On the other hand, giving hard pressure relieved the pain due to Disc Prolapse. The patient with spondylosis must sit to turn over in bed due to l4 and l5 pain.

Phosphorus – Excellent Homeopathy medicine for Disc Prolapse with compression on spinal cord:

The sensation of heat between the scapulae due to Disc Prolapse indicates Phosphorus. Moreover, the burning pain along the spine will extend up. These Phosphorus patients who suffer from pain in the spinal cord also suffer from gastritis. In addition, Phosphorus constitutions mainly crave cool drinks and water.

Lachesis – Homeopathy medicine for Disc Prolapse with right sided sciatica:

Neuralgia of the coccyx in relation to Disc Prolapse always indicates the Lachesis Homeopathic Medicine. Pain in the back particularly increases while rising from a sitting posture. However, sitting still relieved the pain. Lachesis for Disc Prolapse is best suitable for persons who crave air. Moreover, these patients like to eat more pickles and seasoned food. In addition, Disc Prolapse with right-sided sciatica for the most part responds to this Homeopathic Remedy.

Calcarea Carbonica – Best remedy for Disc desiccation treatment in homeopathy with Disc Prolapse:

The curvature of the spine especially indicates this Homeopathic Remedy for Disc Prolapse. The persons of the Calcarea Carbonica constitution can identify by their profuse sweating. The sour smell of sweat is the characteristic feature. Back pain or lumbago with sciatica many times need to cure with this Homeopathy medicine. Coldness in the effects parts like back particularly indicates this remedy.

Pulsatilla – Homeopathic medicine for Disc Prolapse with severe lumbar back pain:

The sensation of cold water poured down the back is the symptom that especially observed in Pulsatilla patients with Disc Prolapse. Thirstlessness with Disc Prolapse for the most part needs to cure with this Homeopathic Medicine. Pulsatilla patients are very sensitive to back pain. Unbearable pain in Disc Prolapse cases especially responds to this Homeopathy medicine. The pain in the back lumbar region is the most specific indication of this remedy.

Arnica – Most effective Homeopathic medicine for slip disc:

Disc Prolapse due to injury particularly needs Arnica in Homeopathy. Moreover, Arnica is the well-proven remedy for concussions and abrasions as well as for Disc Prolapse. In addition, Arnica patient with Disc Prolapse would not allow you to touch him. He complains all the time about sore and bruised pains.

Bryonia – Best Homeopathic medicine for back pain during pregnancy:

Rest gives great relief of pain in this case. Little movement usually causes unbearable pain in Disc Prolapse cases where Bryonia is needed. Bryonia patients can identify by their nature of taking large quintiles of water at longer intervals particularly during pain in the back. Bryonia is the best Homeopathic Medicine for painful stiffness in the nape of the neck. This Homeopathy medicine also indicates for stitches and stiffness in the small of the back. Pain in the back from hard water and sudden changes of weather particularly need this Homeopathic Remedy.

Hypericum – Top most Homeopathic Remedy for herniated disc with radiating pain:

The pain in the back from Disc Prolapse that extends to the lower limbs especially needs Hypericum. Best Homeopathic Medicine for a herniated disc that in particular causes pressed on the spinal cord. Hypericum is an important remedy for injuries to nerves and the spine. Pain shoots up the spine and down limbs from slip disc especially need to prescribe this Homeopathic Remedy.


  1. Pain in the back, arm, leg, and foot
  2. Recurrent tailbone pain
  3. Numbness or tingling
  4. Muscle weakness
  5. Burning in the shoulders, neck, or arm


  1. A herniated disc is caused by gradual wear and tear, aging-related wear, and a tear known as disc degeneration
  2. Aging causes the spinal cord to lose their water content, making them less flexible and more prone to a tear or rupture with strain or twist such as when lifting heavy objects
  3. Trauma such as a blow or fall to the back may rarely cause a herniated disc

Risk factors include:

  • Weight – excess weight puts stress on lower back discs
  • Occupation – physically demanding jobs such as pushing, lifting
  • Genetics – family history may increase the likelihood

Take Away:

Homeopathic treatment is the most effective for the cure of Disc Prolapse. Side effects are nil when compared to conventional treatment. Whatever the severity of pain, Homeopathic medicines are most effective and dependable in disc prolapse cases. A single dose of above-indicated medicine in 1m potency is highly recommended. However, it is suggested to be in contact with your homeopathic physician to know your best remedy and potency.

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