About Me – Dr.Devendra Kumur MD(Homeo):

I am Dr.Devendra Kumar, I am a Homeopathic Physician. I pursued my BHMS degree from Dr.Gururaju Govt Homeopathic Medical College, Gudivada, and MD Homeopathy from JSPS Govt Homeopathic Medical College, Hyderabad, India.

Dr.Devendra Kumar MD Homeo
Dr.Devendra Kumar MD Homeo

After completion of MD Homeopathy, I worked as Senior Research Fellow under Central Council for Research in Homeopathy, during this period I worked with Bhabha Atomic Research Centre scientists in Mumbai for 2 years; I was worked for the project “Fundamental Research “in Homeopathy.

Our study related to measuring physiological variability in Heart Rate and Blood Flow after giving Homeopathic medicine to human subjects with the equipment called Medical Analyzer, developed by biomedical division at BARC, Mumbai.

I was interested in research since the college days. I used to experiment on plants during my B.Sc study. After joining in BHMS my attention was diverted to Homeopathic medicines. Personally, I have developed a method of identifying Homeopathic medicines after experimenting with Homeopathic dilutions for 12 years. You can have more details regarding my work on the action of Homeopathic medicines at my blog on Homeopathic research

I wrote a book on Homeopathic Research “ My Homeopathic Experimental life”.

This book includes my 30 years of observations and 12 years of experiments with Homeopathic medicines. I invited a scientist Dr.Alex Hankey from the UK, he came to Hyderabad to investigate my research work during my MD(Homeopathy) study period. He was impressed by my work on the action of Homeopathic medicines.

Now I am in the process to develop a Homeopathic software based on my research work which could identify the Similar Homeopathic medicine for a suffering patient as soon as a sensor connected to the body. This software will see the light in a short time.

Research Blog:

Homeopathic Research blog contains  Homeopathic Material collected during my Graduation and Post Graduation. This blog also contains information on my own research with Homeopathic Medicines. I have included all articles with the reference that I have researched, referred to while conducting research and treating patients. This will be a  good resource blog for searching for information on Homeopathy.

Currently, in my clinic, I am working with data loggers and sensors to standardize the Homeopathic medicines and simultaneously treating patients.http://homeoresearch.blogspot.com

Passion towards Research:

I have a great passion for Homeopathic Research,  I was worked with Dr.Nirupama Misra, Dr.K.C.Muralidharan at RRI, Mumbai under CCRH, Dr.Jindal, Biomedical division, Dr.Paranjape, Solid state physics in Baba Atomic Research Center, Scientists (BARC), Mumbai,  I was worked as SRF under CCRH for the project Fundamental Research.  An Exploratory Study on Scientific Investigations in Homeopathy Using Medical Analyzer. Our study is published in an international journal,  the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (JCAM),UK.http://www.liebertonline.com/doi/abs/10.1089/acm.2010.0334

Right from the college days of BHMS, I was interested in Homeopathic Research.  I started to dwell on the subject of scientific evidence behind the action of Homeopathic medicine. I have been conducted many experiments with Homeopathic medicines, My research work is published in well-known websites,

My Research paper was approved for national and international seminars:

An Endeavor to Illustrate an Objective Evidence for the Action of Homeopathic Medicines by Measuring Physiological Variability in Human Body Temperature

  1. Liga Medicorum  Homeopathic Internationalis, New Delhi, 1-4 December ( LIGA – 2011)
  2. Seminar conducted by Indian Institute of Homeopathic Physicians, New Delhi, November(IIHP -2011),

I wrote a book on Homeopathic Research’My Homeopathic Experimental Life


I actively participated in online Homeopathic discussion forums. My research work is appreciated by Homeopathic stalwarts like George Vitholcus, Robin Murphy, and Misha Norland. A scientist from UK Alex Hankey, Theoretical Physics was impressed and came to India to investigate my work.


Research book:

Research paper 1:

Research Paper 2:






121 Thoughts to “Dr.Devendra Kumar Munta MD Homeo, International Homeopathic Consultant”

  1. AK Pratap

    Iam aged 66. I have been under the care of Dr Devendra for various serious problems like, diabetes, itching in genitals, gout, etc. His selection of homeopathic medicines is excellent and have not failed in a single case. He is a homeopathic prescriber par excellence. May God bless him!

    1. Dear AK Prathap, Thanks for all of your appreciations.

  2. sir underactive bladder and overactive bladder ki homeopathy mai medicine kya same hoti hai??? dono mai hi msg mind ko nai pahochta … urine retention hoti hai.. and pressure karna padta hai…koi urologist underactive kaheta hai and koi over…kya causticum and kali phosph dono mai b effect karega…kitna time lagega…please answer dena please

    1. Yes, Homeopathy works for overactive and underactive bladder and prolapse, it takes time according to the constitution of the patient. Minimum 15 days needed to observe the response to the medicine.

  3. sir ek bat puchni hai please sach sach bataoge…kya homeopathy se bladder prolapse, uterine prolapse, neurogenic bladder cure ho sakta hai… totally normal hone Mai kitne yrs lag jayege…. please recommend medicine….

  4. sir ek bat puchni hai please sach sach bataoge…kya homeopathy se bladder prolapse, uterine prolapse, neurogenic bladder cure ho sakta hai… totally normal hone Mai kitne yrs lag jayege…. suffering too much.. please reply

  5. sir underactive bladder and overactive bladder ki homeopathy mai medicine kya same hoti hai??? dono mai hi msg mind ko nai pahochta … urine retention hoti hai.. and pressure karna padta hai…koi urologist underactive kaheta hai and koi over…kya causticum and kali phosph dono mai b effect karega…kitna time lagega…please answer dena please

    1. “Is the same for homeopathy in the underactive bladder and overactive bladder? I do not know what to say … I have a urine retention … and I have to pressure it … no urologist is underactive and there is no more … what are the causticum and black phosphine that has the effect … I do not have time … please answer please”
      Underactive and overactive bladder are different, causticum and phosphorus works for both underactive and overactive bladder.

  6. hasan

    Dear sir,

    would like to know few things about Mother Tinctures.

    1. Are all mother tinctures safe to take without any side effects by any age group?

    what about these MT: Aconite, Belladone etc.?

    2. How to take MT? empty stomach or 20/30 mins after Meal ?

    3. should MT be taken with water or without? under tongue ? directly?

    4. Should Avena Sat Q be taken with warm water? else it won’t work?

    5. MT should not be continued for long. after every week, there should be a gap of 1 or 2 days, and power should be changed, like changing it to different power ( by adding water & spirit and shaking the bottle) …. are these true ?

    Thanks sir

    With regards,

    Sms Hasan

    1. Helow Hasan, please see below,,

      1. Are all mother tinctures safe to take without any side effects by any age group?

      ans:all are not suitable for all ages.

      what about these MT: Aconite, Belladone etc.?

      ans:better not to use these mts, if so use carefully, watch every day these bad effects if any.

      2. How to take MT? empty stomach or 20/30 mins after Meal ?

      ans:empty stomach is better.

      3. should MT be taken with water or without? under tongue ? directly?

      ans:Better taking with little water, cup of water.

      4. Should Avena Sat Q be taken with warm water? else it won’t work?

      ans:acts without warm water also.

      5. MT should not be continued for long. after every week, there should be a gap of 1 or 2 days, and power should be changed, like changing it to different power ( by adding water & spirit and shaking the bottle) …. are these true ?

      ans:yes better to gap after few days, further suggestible to shake the bottle daily.

  7. jocelyn

    parathyroid adonema

    I have been diagnosed with parathyroid adonema. I have done a bit of research and apparently my condition is due to a lack of Boron. I would like to know if a homeopathic remedy would be able to treat my condition.


    1. ​​
      Helo, jocelyn ,
      Try a dose of Borax 200c, just 2 pills , stop taking after 2 pills, observe the change for 10 days. let me know after 10 days.

  8. Raghunath Routray

    Dear Sir…is homeopathy medicine increase symptoms than before ..how can I confirm that medicine are suit to my body and working.


    1. if homeopathy is working then, your bowels will be regular and sleep will be refreshed.

  9. hELO ANEWDAY ALUMINA single dose will be in action for 30 -90 days, within that period it will complete the cure. or you need another dose of aluninina 30 or 200c or according to symptoms you need to change remedy.

  10. Thank you as the Alumina 30c is currently working. Without taking the Alumina 30 should I expect complete relief after taking the Alumina 30 over 6 months or so? Or will I need to always rely on the herb to maintain treatment for strabismus ?

  11. Dr. Kumasi Munta,

    I have strabismus where my right eye turns in completely. I have been take alumina 6 3 times a day but it only helps a little. Please give me your suggestions.

    1. Please increase the potency of ALUMINA HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE from ALUMINA 6c to ALUMINA 30c

  12. Homeopathy certainly helps in raising Low Immunoglobulin.

  13. Low Immunoglobulin
    Respected Dr.
    In 2009 My daughter at the age of 17 was diagnosed and treated for TTP, with plasmapheresis and Rituxmab. The Rituxmab stabilized the platelets, but her IgG, IgM, IgA, started dropping. Her current numbers are 289, 17, 20 respectively. Is there homeopathic treatment available or would you be and to guide us. I will appreciate it if you would contact me or give me a number and good time to contract you.

  14. Dr. Muta

    In the morning I have been taking 15 pellets of Alumina 6 c for strabismus in the right eye and it works for a while but it give me a upset stomach. Any other suggestions ?

    1. You can use ALUMINA 30c weekly 2 pills for one month and see the difference. aggravation of 6c will be relieved with 30 potency.

  15. Urinary problem

    Dear sir,
    My younger daughter Mrs. Bashir of 45 yrs, physically weak, is facing urinary problem.
    Age: 45 yrs. Wedded. Weight : Nominal RBS ( Glucose Random: 114 mg.
    Urine Analysis:
    Colour: Light yellow Specific gravity: 1.020
    Reaction PH: 6.5  Protein: Trace
    Glucose: Negative Ketone bodies: Negative
    Hemoglobin: Negative Nitrite: Negative
    Red blood cells: Nil Pus cells: 1-2
    Epithelial cells: 4-6 Amorphous: Urates (+)
    CBC ESR: Haemoglobin: 11.5
    Urine flow: slow, sharp, burning, cutting pain in Urethra, pain in lumbar region while urinating.
    Please suggest Homeo appropriate medicine. Regards

    1. Giver her KALI BICH 30c just 2 pills weekly once for one month.

  16. Constipation

    Dear Sir, I am not having any desire to pass stool.My stool do not come down so i have no desire. Though when i pass my stool it is soft and not hard . I am unable to fully evacuate my bowel. My ultrasound report is normal except i have multiple calculus of 10mm size in my Right kidney. Kindly suggest some medicine to overcome this problem. Kindly reply at my email as whatsapp is not functional. Iam a male and 44 years old.

    1. ALUMINA 30 – 2 pills weekly once for one month,
      BERBERIES VULGARIS Q – 4 drops morning and evening for 15 days.

  17. I always felt be in stressed and not able to take decision immediately and not able to face pressure satution. Last time you advised to take Lycopodium 200 once in 15 days. Some relief is there after taking this but problem stars again. I am feeling very dull all time but sometimes once a month suddenly I feel very good as I feel my mind is thinking sharply and confidence is High.
    Please advise ASAP.

    1. Please try ARGENTUM NITRICUM 200c.

  18. male sex problem
    Male aged 46 yrs. Due to bad habit in past Penis is very shrunk small sized & relaxed most time and retracted inwards and not able to achieve erection or maintain erection .tried many medicines Please suggest some effective homoeo medicine.(I am taking medicine daily for BP)

    1. Helo you need to take LYCOPODIUM 200 potency. let me know more symptoms to suggest further.

  19. Dear sir,

    Right now, my father-in-law is in such a place where Homeopathic medicine is not available in around 100 Kilometers.

    I'm going to send the required medicine for him through a person tonight and in the next 30 days, I will have no other option to send medicine (if required) again. So, whatever is required, I'll have to send tonight.

    Do you believe, taking ​Calcarea carb 200c Single dose will be enough for the next 30 days or will you suggest anything more/else to take after ​Calcarea carb 200c ?

    and, can he take SBL Bio-combination No.19 side by side? How to take Bio-chemic Tablets ? by dissolving in warm water, in Empty stomach? or in any way ?

    With regards,

    Sms Hasan

    1. Yes calcarea carb 200 acts for 30 days. also please send lycopodium, sulphur along with calcarea carb. Regarding bio chemics, you need to chew directly on your tongue. no need to take with water.

  20. Sir,

    I've a friend (aged 42 years) who's been suffering from Asthma for long (​​maybe 30 years) . He himself is a Homeopath and I believe, he has finished taking almost all (about 90%) ​​Homeopathic medicines for his Asthma problem in the last 15 years.

    Cal. Carb was taken mostly from lowest potency to highest …. many times … ​

    His few symptoms are – ​weight = about 55 kgs, having no cravings for food, he doesn't feel hungry at all, his pressure remains below Normal level most of the times.

    In emergency, he has to go through Nebulization treatment if Asthma is not controlled by Inhaler.

    Right now, he feels – inhaler isn't doing much for him. What do you advise sir ?

    Thanks & regards,

    Sms Hasan

    1. Please give him ARSENICUM ALBUM 1M just 2 pills and wait for 10 days. Use inhaler in case of emergency.

  21. IT MUST BE WAIT FOR 10 day not weight for

  22. D​ear sir,​

    Seeking your help for my baby boy of ​1 year old.

    My baby-boy is suffering from Urticaria (Hives) all over the body for the last 2 days. ​It doesn't remain the same all the time. Increases and decreases time to time. H​e has itching over them as well​​ ​extremely at night.​

    ​One thing to mention here is: we didn't get our baby vaccinated of any sort that is normally advertised/instructed, mainly through Govt. authority/hospitals. I don't ​fully rely on the Allopathic Pharmaceutical​ companies.​

    for your better understanding, I've attached few similar pictures ….

    What can we do in this case ?

    With ​thanks & ​regards ……

    S​ms​. Hasan​​

    1. Giver her Sulphur 200c – 1 pill and weight for 10 days.

  23. Dear sir,

    My concern is for the quality of specific Homeopathic Mother Tinctures made by Indian & German companies.

    Few of my known local homeopaths claim that below MT are not effective at all. These should be of German made:

    Calendula Officinalis
    Echinacea Angustifolia
    Crataegus oxyacantha
    Hydrastis Canadensis
    Agnus Castus

    is the claim baseless or real ?

    Normally, I take Indian Mother Tinctures manufactured by Bakson's or SBL India. Will not they be effective enough ?

    With regards & thanks,

    Sms Hasan

    1. Indian Homeopathic Mother tinctures and German homeopathic tinctures works equally and effectively both are same.

  24. Dear sir,

    ​My concern is for my mother, a diabetic patient.

    Main Problem: Neuropathic Pain ( Shooting, Burning pain, Tingling, Numbness – mainly under Knee ).

    In 2015, she went through a minor surgery on her 1st toe (right foot) due to a Diabetic Ulcer. It was OK after the surgery but since then she is not walking as recommended for Diabetic patients. She mainly goes to toilet as required and the remaining time, she remains seated in a chair and on bed. That's it.

    Age: 62 years, Age of Diabetes: 30 years
    Insulin introduced: 2009
    Current medications except Insulin: None

    With Thanks & regards

    Sms Hasan


    I am a Patient of 13 years Old , 35Kg , height 4.11 ft , Slim figured , fair complexioned ,black eye , black hair ,

    My whole Abdomen USG Report (June '2016 and Dec'2016 ) finds as hereunder –

    On 12.06.16 usg whole abdomen report finds " multiple reactive mesenteric nodes seen with largest measuring 1.24 cm X 0.6 cm , no soft tissue seen "

    On 15.12.16 usg whole abdomen report finds " few enlarged mesenteric lymph nodes seen with largest one measuring 1.3 cm X 0.7 cm , very minimal free fluid is seen at bilateral paracolic gutters "

    I have no pain in above lymph nodes , no fever , but suffering from Nasal discharge & sneezing and constipation ( stool not hard )( takes time to clear bowl 30 to 40 mints ) and frequent weakness , little pain on swollen right breast , I am of angry , stubborn attitude

    I am now taking Iodium 3x , 5 drops in a quarter cup of water thrice a day from 02.02.17 under treatment of a quak homeo doctor in my village

    Request necessary prescription / guideline for recovering from above enlarged lymph nodes and upper respiratory infections

    1. helo datta, mesentetic lymph adenoitis is common problem in children with nasal allergies. Homeopathic medicines can completely cure this problem. Please let me know more symptoms to suggest remedy. pls stop using iodium 3x daily.
      You may need to use CALCAREA CARB 200c.

  26. small cyst in right overy

    ultra sound report showing that showing a cyst mg3.6×1.9cms. Anteverted, bulky measured 7.3×5.8cms Endometrial thickness 7mm No mass lesions are seen. Is it can be treated with homeopathic medicine or surgery required

    1. Helo It ,small cyst in right overy can be treated with Homeopathic medicine. No need to surgery

  27. Dear doctor,

    One of my uncles, aged 70, have been suffering from Chronic Gastritis & Constipation for the last 30 (thirty)​ years !!!

    He has taken various treatments – Allopathy (93%), Homeopathy (7%) from many doctors/experts but did not get any satisfactory recovery.

    Now a days, he is very restricted in food taking. He can't consume what other normal people are taking everyday. He has to avoid oily, fried, fast foods.

    He has gone through various pathological tests and nothing abnormal is found. They were likely: – CBC, Urine R/E, X-Ray, Lever Functioning Test, SGPT, SGOT, Bilirubin etc., and all are OK.

    He's not having any blood pressure related issues. No Diabetes as well.

    His main symptoms are as below:

    1. Bowel = once in a Week

    2. Not feeling any urge to take bath in a week!!

    3. Even in Summer season, he sleeps with blanket over his body !

    So, what do you advise sir ?

    With thanks & regards,

    Sms Hasan

    1. Give him Lycopodium 200c just 2 pills and wait for 10 days.

  28. Dear Doctor,

    My father-in-law, a Diabetic patient & aged 60 years, has been suffering from Left-Knee pain for the last 5 years and it gets worse in Winter season.

    Allopathic painkillers, anti-biotics were prescribed by Doctors but they worked for ​short time.

    X-ray, CBC tests​, Urine R/E​ were done and nothing unusual were found. Diabetes (non-insulin) condition is normal also.

    What you you advise for him?

    with regards,​​

    Sms Hasan

    1. please try Calcarea carb 200c Single dose.

  29. Dear sir,

    Two of my friends are having Eye Styes. One has in his upper eye-lid and another one has on both – Upper & Lower with or without pain.

    Both of them tried treatments from various local Homeopaths. For a certain period of time, they vanished but seen again after some-while. It has become a recurrent problems. They are very much disappointed on Homeopathy Treatment. But, I told them, it's a challenge for me and I'll suggest them properly. Give me a chance.

    What do you advise? Will your prescribed medicines be applicable for all genres of patients? Like infants, pregnant women, patient with ring in Heart, Women breastfeeding and having their menstruation?

    I'd like to know in details because, it generally occurs with all types of people.

    Thanks and with regards,

    Sms Hasan,

    1. Styes are 100% curable with Homeopathic treatment,
      Please give them a dose just 2 pills of PULSATILLA 200c, and after 10 days give a dose of SILICEA 200c,

  30. Meniere Disease

    Hi Dr.

    Its Praveen Kumar mailing from Hyderabad.

    I am suffering from Meniire disease since 6 years.
    I feel tinninitus in my ear, giddiness,, vertigo, cloudiness in thinking, sensitive to noise or songs, tv etc.

    Can you please suggest homeo medicines and I will buy in Hyderabad.

    Praveen Kumar

    1. Dear Praveen,

      1. take NITRIC ACID 200c 2 pills, and wait for 10 days.(just 2 pills and wait for 10 days, should not take daily)
      2.NATRUM SULPH 6x – 2 tablets daily morning and evening..

  31. ​Dear Dr.

    My baby boy is ​1 year 2 months old. I didn't go through any vaccinations schedule like most of the parents do. I came to know that Vaccinations are harmful for infants.

    Am I doing the right thing for my baby? Do you suggest any Homeopathic alternatives of traditional vaccines?

    With regards,

    Sms Hasan

    1. You did right thing, please give him seasonal remedies. during epidemics that is enough.

  32. Dear sir,

    ​One of my friends is having Lipoma ​in various places of his body. They first appeared in the year 2010 and gradually got bigger.

    ​There are no pain at all. Neither very soft nor very hard while pressed.

    ​My friend's details are as below:

    ​A​ge​:​ 3​0​ years
    ​Complexion: neither fair, nor black
    ​W​eight= 6​5​ kgs
    ​Liking: any food which is tasty
    Drinks about 10 to 12 glasses of water a day
    Constipation: NO …

    ​M​ain problem:-​ Lipoma (about 10 to 12 in total in various parts of the whole body)

    He took Homeo medicines from a local Homeopath for almost 8 months but no changes at all ….. He is very much disappointed. He has lost faith in Homeopathy.

    I told him, I can try and give me at least 1 month to bring some sort of changes in sizes and numbers. it's a big big challenge. Please help.

    ​for your better ​understanding, attaching few similar photos​.

    What do you advise?

    with regards,

    Sms Hasan

    1. Dear Hasam,
      Give him CALCAREA CARB 1M, just 2 pills and wait for one month after that give him THUJA 1m and wait for another one month.

  33. Pl suggest me full literature on Muscular Dystrophy. So far I am
    getting some temporary results only. How to sustain them?

  34. Dear Dr.

    Advice required for my Baby Boy, aged 1 year 2 months.

    He's suffering from Cough & Fever (around 101) since last night with presence of phlegm in the chest​ & sign of restlessness.​

    ​Your advice please.​

    ​And one more thing, what do you advise for boosting his immunity system.​

    With regards ……

    Sms Hasan

    1. Sorry for delay in reply, pls give him a dose just 2 pills of ARSENICUM ALBUM 200c,and wait for 2 days, let me know after.

    2. Anonymous

      Dear Dr.

      Thanks a lot for your very kind advice sir. I really appreciate this.

      I'm from Bangladesh and unfortunately, currently there are not many expert Homeopaths in my area like earlier. That's why I searched over Internet and found your service.

      and your reply really amazed me. I hope, in future, I will contact you whenever I feel urgency and hopefully you'll not mind that, will you sir?

      with thanks & regards

      Sms Hasan

  35. Beryllium metallicum

    My mother is having severe ild with much cough and severe breathlessness even on slightest movement she is on continuous oxygen kindly suggest some homoeopathic medicine

    1. please try carbo veg 30c or 200c and Blatta orientalis mother tincture.

  36. Treatment of leukoderma

    Dear sir,
    My right side chicks affected from disease since 5 years,but very light spot. beard also came here white on spot.i want complete cure.can u give me some suggestions about .

    1. Dear adithya,

      1. take Thuja 200c 2 pills, and wait for 10 days.(just 2 pills and wait for 10 days, should not take daily)
      2. AMNIVIGNOA Q – daily on surface of your skin effected area for 2 months.

  37. Partial structure in bulbumembrens urethra
    I got pain down when i urination and lota burning etc, also going PE. Again again and had Ultrasound and MRI down for prostate and other part pelvic. Are normal
    Ultra sound report baladder not complete empty due uTI proble
    My doc suggest me test RGU and they some restrictions in urethra and they august me for cystoscopy operation
    Plz august me Any other medicion medicion for bulbumembrens urethra structure

    1. Dear thakur,

      1. take NITRIC ACID 200c 2 pills, and wait for 10 days.(just 2 pills and wait for 10 days, should not take daily)
      2. BERBERIS VULGARIS Q – daily morning 4 drops and evening 4 drops in half cup of water for 10 days.

  38. sir lady aged 52, suffering from rheumatoid arthritis from last 20 yrs. now her condition is very worst.. bothknee joints are stiffed and in flexed condition cant extend them and cant make them straight.
    walks in a bending posture. kindly guide with some medicine. following her mind i prescribed pulsatilla 1m but no relief

    1. RA is 100% curable with homeopathic medicine. let me know more symptoms.
      Dear Pradeep,

      1. Give Causticum 200c 2 pills, and wait for 10 days.(just 2 pills and wait for 10 days, should not take daily)
      2. Guajcum Q – daily morning 4 drops and evening 4 drops in half cup of water for 10 days.

  39. Dear Pradeep,

    1. take Lycopodium 200c 2 pills, and wait for 10 days.(just 2 pills and wait for 10 days, should not take daily)
    2. Kurchi Q – daily morning 4 drops and evening 4 drops in half cup of water for 10 days.

    please wait for 10 days and let me know after 10 days.

  40. Sir I m 42 now medium in body. Used to cigarette since 30 years. Consumed alcohal between 2005 to 12 now facing problem of contipation. Used laxatives also for a long between 1998 to 2002 and then from 2006 to 2015. In between I was fit. I have to go for defecation 3 time a day. 2 time in morning and one time in evening. If I defecate properly in morning I feel hunger otherwise not

  41. dear sms hasan,

    this might be lipoma or lymph node, please try a dose just 2 pills of PHYTOLACCA DECANDRA 200c, and let me know after 10 days.
    How to use above medicine, strictly follow suggestions in below link:

  42. Dear sir,

    ​I have a friend – ​Male, aged 37 years – having an issue with gland on right side of the neck, under the jaw. There is little pain without any sign of being swollen, redness etc. But he feels as if the gland is little swollen ​inside ​at that place.

    is this a big issue ? What do you suggest sir?


    Sms Hasan

  43. Dear hasan, it is a good question,

    1. Willmar Schwabe India – 45/50

    2. Willmar Schwabe Germany – 45/50

    3. Dr. Reckeweg Germany – I never have used it but not great as schwabe might be 42/50

    4. SBL India – I never have used it but not great as schwabe might be 40/50

    5. Baksons – I never have used it but not great as schwabe might be 38/50

  44. Dear sir,

    There are so many Homeopathic medicine manufacturers in India & Germany specially. I'd like to know your reviews/comments about the following Brands. How will you rate them ( out of 50 – like 35/50, 40/50) as far as quality & reliability are concerned and whether I can use any of them?

    1. Willmar Schwabe India

    2. Willmar Schwabe Germany

    3. Dr. Reckeweg Germany

    4. SBL India

    5. Baksons

    With thanks & regards,

    Sms Hasan

  45. NATURAL REMEDIES FOR URTHEA STRICTURES that keep coming back after medical procedures.

    Just had a procedure done last week for removal of strictures in my uretha_ healing well but today there was a bit of red blood is this normal? what can I take naturally to help me with this problem that has been years occurring? Thank You

    1. Dear donald,
      Take just 2 pills of MERCURIUS SOLUBULIS 30c or 200c,
      How to use above medicine, strictly follow suggestions in below link:


  46. give her sufficient water after food,

    CALCAREA SULPH 6X daily morning 2 and evening 2 tabs.

  47. No side effects you can use upto 15 days before continuing the medicine to observe good or bad effects of the remedy
    How to use above medicine, strictly follow suggestions in below link:


  48. My daughter of 11 yrs is suffering with urine in red colour.but no pain while urinating . She is complaining of pain that too not much.very negligible

  49. Dear Doctor,

    Can I use Ginkgo Biloba for Tinnitus and Vertigo.
    Will there be any side effects of using the medicine.Is there any duration of use?


  50. Sir this is your student… Dr Lokanadhh: 3 people were fully effected with homoeopathy
    [22/02, 8:55 p.m.]Dr Lokanadhh: Father with strilty his penis is unable to errect but with full muscular body with dimm in memory
    [22/02, 8:56 p.m.] Dr Lokanadhh: 1st child with week memory & havey sleeping & eye problem vesion & unable to under stand any thing
    [22/02, 8:57 p.m.] Dr Lokanadhh: 2nd with same mental condition & unable to play games like before & havey muscular weakness
    [22/02, 8:58 p.m.] Dr Lokanadhh: What were the antidodes given to them ..to get them out form that condition ??.. !

  51. Helo you have check for your thyroid hormone levesl. please take LACH 1M just 2 pills and wait for 10 days to get menses.

  52. Anonymous

    missed period for three months, always feeling hot inside.

  53. Sir
    I am using daine 35 for my period cycle.Now my period is correct.But I have heavy bleeding .I consult doctor before using it, bz at that time I missed my 5 month period.doctor suddenly took a scan and result shows I have PCOD.
    After using daine 35 my period started and now this is second month my period starting correctly.but now it is 8thday , bleeding is not ending.I feel fatigue and breast pain shortly.
    Today morning I search about daine 35 in Google, I am shocked tht some women's said periods never occur after stopping this medicine?
    Is it true?
    Sir can I stop this medicine bz I have side effects like over bleeding and pain.
    Can u suggest a remedy?

    1. Hi you need to use GRAPHITES 200 in your case. if you can send more details i can suggest best suitable homeopathic remedy in your case.

  54. Groin pain ..from football

    please Help suffering from 1 year

    1. You need to use ARNICA 200, HYPERICUM 200, NATRUM SULPH 200C, CALCAREA CARB 200 in your injury case.
      How to use above medicine, strictly follow suggestions in below link:


  55. Anonymous

    I'm hoping to beat hyper parathyroidism without surgery. I have no symptoms but since I've had a calcium blood content of 10.5 for three years, I was tested and diagnosed. I hear Boron is a key component in fighting it and docs are resistant to recommend magnesium because they do not know what it could change. Thoughts?

    1. Hi Boran and Magnesium can further effect your bones. But Homeopathy is best alternative way to treat problems in parathyroid glands without using supplements.

  56. Sir, My age 40 years. Weight 70 kg. Height 5-10. Problem of joint weakness specially knee , kracking sound, pain while sitting. Uric acid 5.5. feeling good after running. Knee joint seems to be torn. Kindly guide. Thanks

    1. Hi raj, Please take a dose Just 2 pills of Rhaustox 200c, Homeopathic medicine and let me know after 7 days. after 7 days you need to take CALCAREA CARB 200c, just 2 pills.

  57. Hai sir my skin was fair but day by day my skin getting black pls suggest me

    1. Hi I need to know more symptoms to suggest remedy in your case.

  58. Exelent sir.. you had done a great job..

  59. Dear Shr I have gone through your case in detail, I suggest you to take just 2 pills of Phosphours 200c, Homeopathic Remedy and wait for 10 days and let me know the symptoms after 10 days. How to use above medicine, strictly follow suggestions in below link:


  60. skr

    Name: Sm
    Age: 35
    Sex: M
    Married/unmarried: Married
    Occupation: Computer Engineer
    Presenting Complaints: ¡ú
    My name is Shikhar and I am suffering from eye floaters with flashes of light in my both eyes but intensity is higher in right eye. These floaters are basically in my eye vitreous and they are like black spots, cobweb, Black Spots etc. My problem had started after when I had gone through Laser treatment on my eyes because I was having some weak points on retina and one eye having retinal holes. After consulting with many senior ophthalmologists and all suggested the same and recommended me for the laser treatment to heel up my retina and at last I went through this treatment on Last 2008 and floaters started in Feb 2009 and its keep on increasing.
    I consulted with many ophthalmologist retina specialist for my eye problems but all the saying that eyes and retina is perfect and there is no treatment for the eye floaters and flashes and have to bear them.

    Recently last month when I visited to Ophthalmologist for the regular checkup, Doc told me Posterior vitreous detachment (PVD) is having on my eyes and I can observe that my floaters and flashes are increasing slowly on my eyes and also Doc told me that there is no treatment for PVD and nothing can be done for that. It¡¯s a natural aging process and some cases it got generated early age like in my age because of that Laser treatment eye.

  61. Anonymous

    in my legs when we walking there is a pain
    which medicine is used
    actually since last months im suffering from chicken ghuniya
    patient: say
    my father have a problem he is having stone in kidney since last years ago and also have a sugar
    but sugar is normal nowadays 150
    and he is also a heart patient weak pulse
    so sir which medicine is used
    in ur experienced
    he is taken cratageus mother tincture
    sir please tell

    1. Helo you need to take CAUSTICUM 200c,
      Your father need to take BERBERIES 200c,

  62. Sir,
    I had got to know of my friend's mom of late, I was told that she was using homeo from a quack for last 13 months. I heard about your foundation from a doctor friend in Us-a pulmonologist miss Jhansi rani. And so I am initiating to consult you regarding my friend’s mom in India .Fondly hope your kind help and support to get appropriate treatment for the aunt.

    The details of my friend’s mom:
    Age:75 +years
    Problem:Breast tumour in the left breast

    She had nine deliveries. Undergone piles operation about 26 years ago.
    Had joint pains earlier, and about eight years ago she developed asthmatic symptoms and so was on related relief drugs-deriflin,etc and about five years since using nebulisers.

    About 13 months ago she consulted a doctor and was directed to an oncologist who confirmed cancer in left breast which was then in stage one. Advised surgery immediately. Aunt desisted the surgery and even as the doctors had found risk because of her weak heart condition, they resorted to the homeo treatment. From last December-23 -12-2015 onwards she was being treated by a local Homeo doctor in Guntur.

    The first three months since December 23,2015:
    She seemed better in appearance and activity.
    Later ,developed rashes on breast and underarms, as well on the throat.-the rashes are subsided after a lotion applied on it and she could tolerate the itch too.
    The fullness of breast too shruink,breast shape slowly disfigured,there is a deeper dimpling on the lateral side of the breast.

    While she is on the treatment, she developed joint pains(aggravated), cough, cold wheezing, panting on walking a few steps too, Unable to sleep soundly ,keeps awake in midnight,develops sudden stomach ache after taking diet-solid or liquid.appears and feels weak.

    Her diet:Morning any time before 10 A.M-a glass of vegetable juice-beet root,carrot mainly.
    At !2 noon:a glass of milk and a spoon of green gram dall two or three badam,and a few dried prunes. Followed by a meal with vegetable curd and rasam in rice of about 100-150 gm.

    Night too around 10.30 pm:a cup of rice+vegetable+milk of about 100 ml.

    The medicines she is on:

    Homeo medicines:In turns:ars alba,agaricus,silecia,conium,-1n 200 potency.

  63. Sir, please wait for another 15 days. mean while if knee is so stiff then give her a dose just 2 pills of RHAUSTOX 30c.

  64. Sir; this is Subs from pune. Need ur help for my grandson who is 19 months old but he has not started talking/speaking.The problem is that he does not hear so he has not started speaking. Bera test for hearing was done that also showed no response to sound.But with the help hearing aid he reacted.Kindly repeat kindly give a honest reply whether u have any solution. He is very active rather overactive & understand everything.pl.reply.

    1. Dear Sir, I have gone through the complaint, I suggest you to give him a dose just 1 Pill of BARYTA CARB 200c, and wait for 30 days. No need to give any other dose and remedy. please wait.

      How to use above medicine, strictly follow suggestions in below link:


  65. Anonymous


    1. Helo OVARIAN cysts are curable with homeopathic Medicines. let me know more symptoms to suggest remedy in this ovarian cyst case, my whatsapp number is +919440369772
      case sheet link is https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4AKdNfsGVMENGc3MjNVV3FrT28

  66. National teachers association requested me to dispense homeopathic preventive medicines against swine flue and other seasonal fevers. I have dispensed medicines for about 200 patients.

    1. Preventive Homeopathic Medicine is dispensed for school children.

  67. Hi.. sir,my name is Aparna..I suffering with 4th gread acne from last 3 year…it's so painfull..nd m looking horable. .at first I treated by alopathy mdcn…that mdcn give me lots of side Effect. ..now I taking homeopathy mdcn last 5 to 6 month…but there is no change. .I suffering pain.redness.eitching. pass..plz help me out..

  68. Medical camp is conducted under the supervision of Proff.L.Haribabu, Indian National Student Service Coordinator. Students also participated actively and created awareness about the advantages of Homeopathic Medicine.

  69. Today I have attended for free Homeopathic medical camp at machilipatnam. Provided Homeopathic medical service for 57 patients satisfactorily.

  70. I like to read this post. This is nice post. Thanks for sharing this post on Homeopathy treatment with us. Now Homeopathy4All provides the best homeopathy treatment for pcos.

  71. Anonymous

    Please send me your email and address and phone number to my email vignan_11@hotmail.com for me to see you in person or talk to you over the phone. Thanks

    1. Dear Vignan,
      Thanks for your interest to meet me. My email id is drdevendrakumarmd at yahoo.co.in
      Phone Number is 91-8672-220140

  72. Anonymous

    Please give me your email and address and phone number .thanks

    1. You can can me during my clinic timings – 9am to 1pm or 5pm – 9 pm

  73. Hello I suggest you to stop taking above medicines and just take a dose, 4 pills of SEPIA 1M, and let me know the result after 15 days.

  74. Anonymous

    Hi, i have been suffering for a couple of months from ringworm, intially i got it from a ferrel cat, i was prescribed lamisil for 2 months, and it did not go away, i then used different creams which just aggravated my skin, the scar type ring is still there 4 months on, and it a nightmare, i must bandage up my face at night as it will surely pop up in different places, i am now on sulphur 30c x 3 times a day, thuja 30c x2 sepia x 2 times a day, i started on bacillinum once a day for 3 days then stopped cause seen no improvement do you have any advice at all.
    best regards

  75. Thank you Mr.Najmudeen for your intuition to find a method for differentiating potency. I am thinking on the similar lines.

  76. As you have worked with scientist BARC, would it be better find a device that shows the potentisation of a homoeopathic medicine, say 30c or 12x. Great contribution to the future of healthy people and healthy world.

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