homeopathic medicine for burning feet

Homeopathic Medicine for Burning feet

Burning sensation in feet most likely caused by nerve damage. Of course, Diabetes and chronic alcoholism are common causes.  At the same time, burning feet can also be caused by chronic kidney disease, Vitamin deficiency, Hypothyroidism, HIV/AIDS, Drug side effects, Heavy metal poisoning, etc. This clinical condition is medically named as Peripheral Neuropathy. On the…

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Phimosis cure in Homeopathy

Phimosis cure in Homeopathy how

Phimosis cure in Homeopathy how: Phimosis is the most bothering symptom in adolescents. Even it affects childhood and diabetic patients. In this article, we will discuss how a Phimosis cure in Homeopathy happens. Furthermore, How homeopathy treatment is effective on phimosis? In addition, we will know phimosis homeopathic medicine. Moreover, we will have insight on…

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Homeopathy for beta cells regeneration in the pancreas

Homeopathy for beta cells regeneration in pancreas

Homeopathy for beta cells regeneration in the pancreas: Beta cell degeneration in the pancreas is the common cause of diabetes. Insulin production mainly occurs in Beta cells of the pancreas. Perhaps the cause of beta cell degeneration may be the change in lifestyle and food habits. In this article, we will discuss the possibility of…

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Chronic Pancreatitis Homeopathy Medicine Finder

Homeopathic remedy selection tool for Pancreatitis: In this article, I would like to give you a short note on What is pancreatitis Homeopathy? What are the causes of pancreatitis? How to treat pancreatic infection with Homeopathic remedies? What are the most specific Chronic Pancreatitis Homeopathy remedies for the treatment? The pancreas is small gland which…

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