Clinical Cases Presented to the Brit. Hom. Soc. – Homeopathic Clinical Cases,American Institute of Homoeopathy, 65th Session, 1910,

epilepsy Some Homeopathic Clinical Cases

Epileptic Idiot. Age 23. Fits violent, aggr. at night, followed a fall with unconsciousness and blindness. Cicuta 200, one dose was followed by less violent and less frequent fits, mental condition improved.
 Irido-cyclitis. Recurrent attacks for years; present attack lasting five months; severe pain; deep ciliary injection; blindness; one dose of Phos. 200 followed by relief from pain, subsidence of inflammation and commencing return of sight.
 Rheumatoid Arthritis. Woman, aged 30, spindle-shaped knuckles, stiffness of fingers, wrists, arms and shoulders. Left arm rotated. Creaking and stiffness of jaws. Severe throbbing for eight months. After one dose of Rhus tox. 200, pain disappeared in ten hours; after three days, stiffness of arms greatly amel., could feed herself and open mouth.
 Locomotor Ataxia. Symptoms aggr. in wet weather, after bathing, after sleep, and after lying down. Very excitable, sensitive and restless, and had weakness of the lower limbs, numbness, and paralysis and stiffness, especially after sitting and some tingling in the lower limbs, with a tendency to fall forward. The stools were hard and dry and there was a frequent desire to urinate, which was urgent. One dose of Sulphur 1m was followed by marked improvement in a few days. – Jour. B. H. S. 

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