– American Institute of Homoeopathy, 65th Session, 1910,

allopathyhomeopathy Institutions where both schools of practice Homeopathy and Allopathy are employed in United States

 The George Nettleton Home, Kansas City, Mo. Both schools of practice are represented on the medical staff.
 New Jersey.
 Passaic Day Nursery, Passaic, N. J. Opened for patients 1894. Executive officer, Mrs. W. I. Barry, Passaic, N. J. Number of beds, 6. Supported by donations, fairs and festivals. Both schools are represented on the medical staff, usually a different one each month.
 Baptist Home for the Aged, Sixty-eighth Street, between Park and Lexington Avenues, New York, N. Y. Incorporated 1869. Opened for inmates 1869. Executive officer, Mrs. Jacob Hays, 2 East Forty-fifth Street, New York, N. Y. Number of beds, 100; number of patients treated by the homoeopathic physicians last year, 100. Supported by the Baptist Churches of the Borough of Manhattan, New York City, and voluntary donations. Attending physician, H. Everett Russell, M. D.
 Chapin Home for the Aged and Infirm, 151 East Sixty-sixth Street, New York, N. Y. Incorporated 1869. Opened for inmates 1872. President, Mrs. E. S. Sherman, 59 West Ninetieth Street, New York, N. Y. Number of beds, 68. Supported by voluntary contributions. Attending homoeopathic physicians, John B. Garrison, M. D., Irving P. Sherman, M. D. The object of this institution is to provide a comfortable, happy home for worthy aged people, without regard to creed.
 Martha Wilson Home, Union Lane, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Incorporated 1891. Opened to inmates 1891. Executive officer, Mrs. D. D. Williams. Corresponding Secretary, 215 S. 1st Avenue, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Accommodates 16 inmates. Value of grounds, $9,000. Has small endowment fund. Income also from dues of members and donations. Two physicians on the staff, one each, allopathic and homoeopathic.
 Rhode Island.
 Sophia Little Home, Edgewood, R. I. Opened for inmates 1882. Executive officer, Mrs. J. R. Barney, Edgewood, R. I. Number of beds, 20. Supported by state appropriation and donations. Six physicians of each of the two schools of practice serve one month each year.
 St. Elizabeth Home, 183 Atlantic Avenue, corner of Melrose Street, Providence, R. I. Opened for inmates 1882. House Mother, Mrs. Emma C. Fales, 183 Atlantic Avenue, corner of Melrose Street, Providence, R. I. Number of beds, 37. Supported by donations from the Episcopal Churches in Rhode Island and voluntary contributions; also by the income from an endowment fund. The homoeopathic members of the medical staff are: Robert S. Phillips, M. D., Charles L. Green, M. D., and Annie W. Hunt, M. D.
 House of Mercy, Milwaukee, Wis. We have had no report from this institution for several years. According to our last report, the executive officer was Mrs. Julia T. Kurtz, 433 Thirty-fifth Street, Milwaukee, Wis., and the attending homoeopathic physician was Solomon D. Johnson, M. D.
 Milwaukee Orphan Asylum, Milwaukee, Wis. Opened for inmates 1850. Executive officer, Mrs. Ferdinand Meinecke, Milwaukee, Wis. Number of beds, 2,125. Supported by endowment fund and voluntary contributions. Homoeopathic attending physician, Walter W. Irving, M. D.

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