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Infants is the word came from Latin word “infans” means unable to speak or speechless. The term infant is typically applied to young children between the ages of 1 month and 12 months; however, definitions may vary between birth and 1 year of age. Newborn or neonate (from Latin, neonatus, newborn) refers to an infant in the first 28 days after birth; the term applies to premature infants, post mature infants, and full term infants. Before birth, the term fetus is used.

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Being a woman, i know what is giving birth to a baby. It is very precious movement, being known you are pregnant.  Every woman wants to be pregnant and wanted to raise her children and want to give all support, care, love, protection to her children. She wanted to fulfill her dreams though her children. Father can experience fatherhood only after seeing his child first time, but for mother this experience when she comes to know that she is bearing her child in her womb.
Development of children starts from his life in womb. Mother’s physical, mental and emotional behavior affects his while travelling in womb itself. That’s why elder people in the houses always warn the pregnant to become calm and quite. They make all arrangements to make sure that she is getting sufficient rest and peace of mind.  Along with the physical development, fetus also develops emotionally. I have seen many cases, when mother is desires something when she is pregnant, that is obviously child’s favorite when he become toddler. At the same time mother dislikes something, he also doesn’t like to eat much happily. Even fears, phobias will develop some time from birth itself.  Even though children will show specific individual qualities, but some impacts will starts when he is in womb.
After the birth, mother touch is first most things needed for an infant to experience an emotional attachment and sense of being protected.  As infants are starts taking mother milk, not only it helps him to increase his immunity but also makes him to feel safe in the hands of his mother. In every stage of development infants shows different attitudes, depending on inborn qualities and external environmental factors.
For every infant, developmental stages are more or less equal, but the quality and criterion will be different from infant to infant.
Some children early to get tooth, some may be late. Some children won’t be irritable while teething but some will be more than normal. Colic is the stage every mother experience with the infants, but its time varies from children to children. Some infants become very active, do each and every tantrum, cries, laughs, fights, needs attention, and want to be carried, overactive. But some infants may be mild, gentle, smiles, play by sitting one position.  Behavior and attitude is big science to understand the children. Some might be irritable when they are not well, some night be weak and not much expressive. Might wants to be touched, caressed but some don’t like to be touched.
As i first told you infants are speechless, but they are quite expressive and interactive. Cry is their first sign to show their disagreement and smiling and laughing to show that they are happy with what his mother is doing. Some infants will be interactive, smiles on looking at unknown people, they don’t get fear to go to them, they easily goes to unknown people. But some infants cry on looking at strangers. They don’t like go away from known faces.
They can understand what we are talking, they know while her parents are arguing for some reason. They stop their activities if talk in loud voice. They can choose their toy and can choose favorite color and food.
Even we think that, the entire infant behaves same, but they show their innate and acquired qualities altogether in different manner. Every infant is different from other. Understanding the   infant is a big puzzle every time. They are fragile, gentle little beings, born with an immature immune system.
We have to increase their immune system and we need to protect their innate qualities. While in the journey of development infant can experience some ailments. Most of the time, our old grannies will follow the home remedies for infants. But sometimes they need medications. The medications we are using should improve their immunity and helps to fight on their own, but not destroy their natural healing power. The child’s Vital Force will be grateful to you for employing such a gentle stimulus to its natural healing action. I want to accentuate here that homeopathic remedies are very safe to use even in a one-day-old baby.
Aconite is a great revival remedy after a fright, when the baby shows its typical symptoms: high fevers, restless sleep, great anxiety, sometimes nightmares, not to mention recurrent infections. After a long, hard labor not only the mother will be out of breath; the baby as well might be limp all over, with pale or bluish limbs, breathing too fast or not at all,
If you feel that the baby needs some extra oxygen, a dose of Carbo vegetalis will help it use oxygen more effectively. The baby may have bruises or a funny-looking “hat” on the its head from the suction cup of a vacuum extraction.
Arnica should be given almost automatically to any baby: it ensures the rapid absorption of blood that has leaked out under the skin. (It will also help the delivering mother with bruising in the birth canal and perineum; Bellis perennis is even better for this.
To the horror of mothers, some babies vomit their milk (whether breast or cow’s milk) as soon as it is swallowed. Sometimes there is a mechanical reason for projectile vomiting, such as pylorus stenosis (a narrowing of the exit or pylorus of the stomach), which necessitates a simple lifesaving operation. But often this is not the case. This incessant vomiting of the milk, sometimes accompanied by a greenish diarrhea, is followed by total exhaustion and sleepiness of the baby, to the alarm of the mother and physician. A great remedy can work miracles here: Aethusa cynapium or fool’s parsley stops this vomiting, allowing the baby to absorb its nutrients and to gain weight and health.
Certain babies have a tendency to constipation. You can recognize babies of this Calcarea carbonica constitutional type: a little fat and flabby with those great rosy cheeks, always wanting to eat ,they sweat easily especially on forehead and in the hair, and they often have nightmares. They often hold in their stool for days, apparently without any discomfort, but when they go, they fill the diaper with their massive hard stools. A homeopathic physician is needed in this case to administer the constitutional remedy Calc-carb. Then this chronic constipation will go away. Even Nux vomia is also a great rescuer, when child is fine even with constipation.
Most often infants cry suddenly, with holding the hands. This is may be due to colic or ear pain or mosquito or insect bites are the reasons. Colic is the one of the common reason for infant weeping. For colic, when baby settles down a bit resting the face down on tummy, you can think of Colo cynth. When baby settles, when you rub the tummy gently, you can think of Mag Phos . Colic after every feeding, you can give Calc phos. Some of other drugs which helps in infant colic’s are, Allium cepa, Anisostigma, chamomilla, cina, Lyco, and mentha.
One of the most common cause of sudden cry is ear infections. Pulsatilla is our number one remedy, especially for right-sided ear infections. The temperature is less than 103F and the child is thirstless (which is very unusual for someone who has fever). The child shows very clingy behavior, wants to be consoled, kissed and carried around, but is less contrary and capricious than the child who needs Chamomilla.
Chamomilla is popular remedy for teething and is also a top remedy for ear infections (mainly in the right ear). The child is besides himself with pain, wants to be rocked or carried, and shows a typical capricious behavior (“give me that” and then when you give it they throw it away). Nothing that the parent does can satisfy the child. The child is likely to have a red face and a fever below 103F.
Aconite is commonly used in the winter when a child has been exposed to a dry cold northeast wind (or a baby is taken out on a blustery day). The child feels fine when going to bed but wakes up screaming with pain around midnight, with a very high fever (up to 105F), very restless, thirsty hot all over the body. The pains are violent and burning and there is extreme sensitivity to the touch.
Aconite stands for the F’s: “Fast onset, Fulminant (strong picture), Fever, and Fright.” Aconite can be used for any condition with these symptoms, not just ear infections (for example, fevers, colds and sore throats).
We may not forget Belladonna for right-sided ear infections with a sudden onset of great pain either at 3 p.m. or 3 a.m. There is a high fever (105F), the face is flushed beet red and hot while the extremities are cold (unlike an Aconite condition, in which the whole body is hot). The baby is restless and agitated. Another remedy, for left-sided ear infections, is Ferrum Phos, with a high temperature, not agitated behavior. It is an excellent remedy in beginning stage and will prevent the formation of pus.
Teething problems are quite common in infants, if dentition is difficult, if the infant irritable during dentitions, complaints during dentition, you can think of Calc,Cham, Sil, Sthaph like drugs. For the slow dentition you can think of calc, calc.phos, ferrum, fl.ac and silicea like drugs.
For cold and cough, if there is yellow, thick catarrah, child is weepy, clings to mother, needs to be cuddled, cough more in night, lying down, you can think of Pulsatlla. Dry cough that tend be affected after cold weather, child is irritable, doesn’t wanted to be moved, wanted to be left alone, Phosphorus is given.  Running nose and eyes also, clear discharge become thick after 24 hrs, needs Natrum mur. When cold comes suddenly, child agitated,  hot with bright red cheek can think of Belladonna.
Some other complaints which relieved by Homoeopathic drugs are, a fat, healthy child suffers from respiratory problems soon after vaccination, Thuja will be the drug. A child suffers from fever, after exposure to cold wind, Aconite will be helpful. While respiratory tract infection after exposure to excess heat of summer you can think of Bryonia.
Usually fontanelles in between 2-5 months, delayed closure indicates hydrocephalus, rickets and hypothyroidism, in such cases, Calc phos, Sepia, Silicea and Pulsatilla. If the children not putting on weight in spite of feeding well, you can think of Abrotanum, Cina, Iodum and Natrum mur. Improperly fed babies, Aethusa, bottle fed babies, Alumina and diarrhoea after weaning, Arg.nit, Cina.
For common childhood fears in infants, loud voices, Ant.c, Borax, Lyco, Silicea. For fear of strangers, Bar.c, Puls, Thuja can be think of.
Remedies for infantile diarrhea: Podophyllum: Yellow diarrhea with increased frequency, undigested particles in stool, prolapse of rectum, child is not fussy or angry, though has some salivation and thirst.
Chamomilla: Diarrhea during teething, green patches in stool,  child very fussy, angry, crying, wants to be carried, the behavior so demanding as you will wonder what all you could do for her, and not infrequently you suppress the urge to raise you voice on the child.
Baptisia: The smell is putrid, pungent and offensive and stools are slate-colored. Baptisia has the ability to remove the inflammation of intestines that comes at a rapid pace and threatens the patient to death in just seven to ten days, though it is less indicated in idiopathic typhoid states that develops slowly and run for a longer time.
The fact is that these little lovely angels do get sick and very often they require medical intervention to return to the playful happy health. Unable to communicate in words, it is essential for those who dare to treat them, to learn their language of pain and suffering, study and master their signs of distress and focus to study their irritative and functional disorders that they tell by their gestures, symptoms and sounds. For treating these lovely, cute angels, “Homeopathy is the only best options.

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