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MargaretTylor How few and infrequent doses are needed in chronic conditions!

A Comparison. – A short time ago we noticed in the “Homoeopathic World,” under “Clinical Notes,” by Margaret Tylor, a paragraph that arrested our attention. She was writing of the influence of graphites in adhesions, and in conclusions drew a moral. This moral is good and true homoeopathy; in fact, we would, of course, expect nothing else from such a source. That which did arrest our attention, however, was the fact that the statements made would apply equally well to the treatment of many diseases by vaccines. This treatment, as all know, is becoming a very favorite one in all classes of practice, and is by many considered to be closely allied to homoeopathy. It is, therefore, as aforesaid, of interest, if nothing further, to realize that both can be guided by identical ideas. The paragraph is as follows:
 “How few and infrequent doses are needed in these chronic conditions! With frequent doses one of two things is likely to happen – either the drug produces symptoms and may have to be discontinued before sufficient time can have elapsed for the wrong to be righted, for you cannot expect to get rid of such conditions in a week or two; or toleration is established, and the patient gets so accustomed to the drug that repeated impacts cease to stimulate.” – New Eng. Med. Gaz. 

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  1. AvatarAnonymous

    Margaret Tyler was a high potency homeopath. Of course repeated doses of high potencies will either aggravate or overstimulate. In fact, they will do damage to the sensitive electromagnetic system of the patient. However, if you treat with Q (LM) potencies in daily doses, ascending to the next higher potency after 10 doses or 10 days, whichever is first, you can effect a deeper and much more lasting cure.

    Centesimal potencies only act superficially and for a short duration. Q potencies are dep acting, gentle, and as Hahnemann said in the 6th Edition of the Organon, they are "the perfect potency". This becomes very clear when you have used both C's and Q's in your practice and had the benefit of first hand observation. Or you can take the word of those who have done the experimentation 🙂

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