–  Anne Vervarcke, ‘Homeopathy Strange Rare and Peculiar,’ 
(AV= Anne Vervarcke   AvdM= An van de Moortel)

AvdM: You don’t believe in layers, do you?

AV: Not in that interpretation of layers. I’m the kind of homeopath who believes in the similimum and thus I spot similima in my patients, just in the way homeopaths who believe in layers, see layers. When discussing our inner map and core beliefs we already said these will influence the goals, prescriptions and evaluations of the homeopath. I will always look for the vital reaction, which means: did the remedy touch the patient?

AvdM: The patient instead of the symptoms?

AV: Exactly. Many remedies will cover a group of symp-toms and hence ‘work’ but there is only one, I believe, that touches the patient, because the patient is only one. He can’t be anyone else.

AvdM: But he can evolve! He doesn’t stay the same all of his life!

AV: He evolves, he grows up, he matures and he ages but that is normal, that isn’t pathology. Basically it is the same person who grows older according to normal and predict-able processes. There are insights, feelings and actions that belong to a particular age, which is not the same as ‘be-coming somebody else’. Quite the contrary, the majority of the patients will state somewhere during the intake, “I’ve always been like that.”

AvdM: But many remedies will do some good, so why put all this effort in finding this needle in the haystack?

AV: One good thing these remedies do is that most patients will refrain from taking toxic allopathic drugs while being in homeopathic treatment, and in this way don’t become addicted, dulled and weakened. In general they will have more energy and fewer physical complaints. The reason to look for this pearl for everybody is that it is so powerful, so deep acting, so life changing that it is really worth the trou-ble. As long as the person doesn’t receive that remedy he knows in his essence he hasn’t changed. If he was depressed or feeling empty or too readily affected, he knows he still is. In a way, with the help of the homeopathic remedies he is able to carry on, but his fundamental problem isn’t healed. To heal his soul, we need a similimum. After that we can see a major change, gently, slowly, beautifully where the patient is able to turn the ego volume down, feels under-standing and love for his fellow men, suddenly is able to forgive somebody he had lifelong grudges against, all at once puts himself in the place of the other or is able to give up his own defense and asks himself what he did wrong. It is such a relief for the person to no longer feel this jealousy, this resentment, this grief, this anger, even forgetting what the quarrel was about that started 12 years ago and made his neighbor his enemy. We see that the patients, -without any therapy- are able to say they are sorry, to forgive others and themselves and feel happy and contented with them-selves. As they become more and more harmonious, more time and energy is freed to use for the things they really like. They might continue with what they are doing if they like, but now because they chose to do so. They might do something completely different as well, as they realize: I don’t have to do this any longer.

AvdM: They sound like pleasant people to have around.

AV: You are right, they are. As I wrote in ‘The Postgraduate Annual 2006’: “When a person is in harmony and thus more coherent, he will by nature create coherence around him. In that way we are not only treating the patient we see in front of us but everybody who has is in contact and has a relationship with them. And at the end of the day, that

Don’t we have to talk about diseases? means a whole lot of people!”

AvdM: That’s a nice thought to cherish.

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