– Anne Vervarcke, “Homeopathy Strange Rare and Peculiar, “

More than twenty years ago I founded the school Center for ClassicalHomeopathyorCKH,createdafiveyeartrainingfor classical homeopaths and trained many people. Organizing the school, the teachers’ team, teaching in all classes and having a busy practice meant a fulfilling but hectic life. With the idea of ‘slowing down’ and ‘doing something dif-ferent than homeopathy from dusk till dawn’ I handed the school to Christel Lombaerts, a highly competent student and later colleague in my practice. About a year later, I had started my own publishing company (The White Room1), published two books 2, managed an international work-shop3 and established a post-graduate program and Master

Classes4. With the day-to-day responsibilities for the CKH5 no longer there, I was also able to focus also on international seminars and training. This wasn’t exactly ‘taking it easy’ or ‘doing something else than homeopathy’! So I decided then that I would stick around for a while in Homeopathy-land. The transfer of the CKH and starting The White Room were merely the next step in my evolution. This new shape and formula, which had outgrown its infancy, were the result of innovations in my ideas. These were first formulated in my book ‘The Charm of Homeopathy’ and worked out later in ‘The Vital Approach’6.

Together with a colleague, An van de Moortel, who was trained at the CKH and moved abroad after her graduation, I have an ongoing discussion about anything and everything to do with homeopathy. She comes to Belgium mostly to visit her family but we always manage to meet and talk about what interests both of us: homeopathy. Our partners know that if two or more homeopaths happen to be together in the same room, the topic of conversation inevitably is homeopathy. Now, after all these years I realize how I should have warned my students: Beware! Homeopathy is contagious, chronic and incurable. Once you are infected by the virus, you will never get rid of it! With this book, I am reaching out to all of you “suffering” from the same and inviting you to be part of our discussion.

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