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emotionalbody The Vital Approach -Level 3: The Emotional Body or The Astral Body

This level can be considered the container of all the emotions we have had and have: anger, grief, fright, guilt, shame, mortification, fear, anxiety, insecurity, doubt, suspicion, hope, jealousy, hatred, envy etc. They are common to all humans although the amount and the mix differ a lot. This has more to do with personality, upbringing, social and cultural background than with the vital disturbance. Nevertheless, when the dynamis is out of tune the emotions will be troubled as well.

Whereas the physical body is individual and personal in the same way that the vital body is, the energetic, emotional and mental levels have a collective facet in that they are influenced by other people and by the ideas and emotions of the collective.

Everybody has experienced the effect of another person’s energetic body: if it is strong, vital and full of life we probably get energized by the company of those people. When a person has a weak, needy and withering energy body we can feel completely drained by them ‘feeding’ on our energy body.

In the same way we can be influenced by the strong emotions of another person, even when they are not literally expressed: we can feel sad around another person’s grief or irritated by somebody’s irritation. If the feeling is collective it is all the stronger: a protest can infect everybody with anger and violence, a football game evokes enthusiasm and exuberance, a show, pop concert, or any group happening will multiply the feelings of the participants.

For homeopathic purposes the emotional level in itself is not a basis for prescription, since it is too common and too easily the object of interpretation. We tend to ‘understand’ or explain the emotions and to qualify them as unpleasant/pleasant or unwanted/wanted or even positive/negative. The patient also usually tries to explain why he has a particular emotion and gives us a psychological analysis. But in homeopathy, although we take note of those emotions, we don’t make those kinds of interpretations. It is the ‘what’ of the disturbance not the ‘why’ we are looking for.

Disagreeable emotions are expressions of the vital disturbance in the same way eczema or sleeplessness. They are not the source of the problem but the result.

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