Lichen planus and Homeopathic Remedies and treatment

Homeopathic Remedies for Lichen Planus Permanent cure: Dr. Sunitha Devi Vannemreddy M.D(Hom),, Homeopathic remedies for lichen planus are most effective in permanent cure. Lichen planus is a cell-mediated immune response of unknown origin. It is fairly common skin rash that thought to be triggered by autoimmune system. There may be several contributing factors and…

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is homeopathy good for cholesterol

Is Homeopathy good for cholesterol?

Is Homeopathy good for cholesterol? For patients with known cardiovascular disease (secondary prevention), cholesterol-lowering leads to a consistent reduction in total mortality. Moreover, cholesterol homeopathy medicine prevents recurrent cardiovascular events in men and women and in middle-aged and older patients. Among patients without cardiovascular disease (primary prevention), the data are less conclusive. In addition, the…

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