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In Jan 2014, a 52 yrs old woman came to my clinic with pain in the right knee joint and restricted movements since 6 months. Pain in the right wrist, cant able to lift the weights since 2 weeks. Associated with weakness and fever in the evening.

Pain in the right knee joint with restricted movements, pain more in when climbing the steps and in one position for long time. Restricted movement in the first motion, relieved after long continued walk. Pain more in the cold weathers and evenings. Pain in the right wrist, couldn’t able to lift the weights, dragging kind of pain, more working in cold weather and cold water. Associated with fever, loss of appetite in the evening after 5 pm. Sensation of numbness in the limbs after sitting for long time.
She has acidity, with loss of appetite. Bloating sensation immediately after taking food. Small amount of food, she feels fullness of stomach. Burning sensation in the stomach after eating food, burning sensation from mouth to stomach, including chest. Sour erectations. Complaints more in the evening.
She was hysterectomised and left oophorectomised, at the age of 28 yrs, in 1999 with cervical erosion. After wards she in developed pain in right side of stomach, on ultrasound found a benign ovarian cyst, it was operated in 2004.
After then she developed pains in all joints and weakness in limbs.
Known case of Diabetes since 2008. Known case of bronchial asthma.
Father was diabetic and died of liver cirrhosis. Mother suffers from respiratory affections.
Physically, her appetite reduced, easy satiety with sour erectations. She desires for sour things, dislikes cabbage and intolerant to mushrooms, buttermilk, after taking these things, vomiting and motions will starts. Thirst is more, need to take water regularly, 3-4 liters per day. Bowels regular, soft in consistency, urine normal, sweat is more on slight exertion, lifting weights and walking on small distance. Sleep is disturbed, takes long time to go to sleep, comfortable lying on abdomen and on right side. Dreams of snakes and lions chasing her.
Thermally she is intolerant to hot weather, even though she has discomfort in cold climate, she feels good in cold weather.
Mentally, she lacks confidence, want of confidence, she doesn’t like to try new things, and she is comfortable in between known people and places. She is scared of new places, she feel confused and thinks that she can’t go anywhere alone. She will be more anxious before doing new things. She will not talk to others easily, if can’t start conversation first, if others try to interact with her then she will talk to them freely. She talks much without judging what she is talking, in middle she will talk unnecessary things and afterwards while remembering conversation; she feels bad why she talked like that. She broods on past things. She gets angry very easily, she yells on others and scolds others with harsh words, then after that she feel bad with her behavior. Sometimes she talks irrelevantly, he mind will think about something and she will do other things. She is artistic and likes to do artistic things, but lack of ideas. Even though she is capable enough of doing things, she feel that she can’t do it and also she is physically weak to do slight heavy things.
Her childhood is traumatic, her father used to drink and beat her mother. Her parents used to quarrel and scold her and her siblings. She has seen poverty in childhood. Once get married she is quite well financially. But still she has fear of losing money and fear of losing her loved ones. She is more attached to her husband and she is extrovert and she will share everything with her husband. She feels relieved by talking to him.
She is nowadays have fear of death, she is curious about death and always thinks that how she will going to die and she quite fearful thinking about losing her husband. Confusion in the mind. She always thinks that someone might blame her or insult her for unnecessary things.
Basing on totality of symptoms, right sided affections, respiratory and stomach problems and affections more in the night and mental confusion and fear of losing, fear of poverty, want of confidence and her characteristic nature, mentally keen but physically weak, on jan 10th, 2014, i prescribed her, Lycopodium 1 m. I told her to come after 15 days, on 26th, jan’14, her joint problems relieved, fever and pains reduced, appetite increased, burning sensation reduced. I gave her placebo and told to come after 1 month, again she came on 1st march’14, her acidity problem is reduced and relieved from joint pains. I told to continue the medication.
With the Homeopathic treatment basing on totality we can relieve the complaints without any side effects.

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