-American Institute of Homoeopathy, 65th Session, 1910,

sciaticaleft Abstracts of articles in other journals of Homoeopathy

A woman of 32 had suffered for nine months from sciatica, left-sided, pains shooting from the hip to the foot, along the nerve. The pains came in paroxysms, very severe, entirely preventing movement. Baths, massage, electricity had been tried in vain. The pain was < exertion,> lying with limb stretched out; pain burning, < pressure,> rest, giving no trouble at night, but beginning on the first movement in the morning, < standing up after sitting. Natr. sulph. 30 was given, and cured at once. In the following four months there was only one very slight attack. – Hom. World.
 A woman had suffered from burning pain in the right shoulder for six weeks, < movement of the arm, < walking,> rest,> night, not sensitive to pressure. Bryonia 6 relieved at once, and cured quickly after the failure of aspirin and salicylates, electric and x-ray applications. – Hom. World.
 A healthy girl of 18 was much troubled with eczema behind the ears. The skin was red and covered with a weeping eczema, which tended to spread on to the neck and cheek. Otherwise healthy, except for a tendency for the menses to come too soon. Calc. carb. and Graphites caused a short amelioration, then the malady began to spread over the face and the scalp, with rounded, scaly patches and less moisture. The right elbow joint also showed a patch in the fold. Sepia 30 cleared the whole up in five days, and the patient remained well up to the time of reporting the case. – Hom. World.
 Purpura (?). – The patient was a girl, aged 10, who had been ill for five weeks, and had been treated with ferruginous preparations without success. The disease began with loss of appetite and pains in the stomach, but as soon as purpura had developed the appetite returned and the gastralgia disappeared. On both thighs and legs was an eruption which consisted of bluish-red and oval spots, situated on the inner sides where they formed large groups of ecchymoses. No haemorrhages from the gums, lungs or other organs. Phos. 2c., gtt. iii. ter die. In three weeks all eruption had disappeared and she was quite well. – Hansen, in Jour. B. H. S.
 Paralysis Following Typhoid Fever. – A strong, well-built man had hepatitis in 1857, and in September, 1858, typhoid fever. In October he had the following symptoms: Complete anaesthesia of the upper limbs as far as the elbow, and of the lower up to the gluteal, which had come on progressively, beginning in the fingers and toes. At the same time the capacity for movement was largely lost; he could grasp nothing firmly, and could not stand. Muscles flaccid and wasted. No mental impairment. Phos. 2x was continued for two months. First sensation returned, then motor power. In three months he was quite well. – Stoneham, in Jour. B. H. S. 

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