homeopathic remedy for sleeplessness

Homeopathic remedies for sleep aid- natural medicines for sleeplessness:

Sleeplessness refers to minimum lack of sleep in 24 hours. On average, the adult person needs at least 6 to 8 hours of sound sleep. Whether it is a day or night a person must go to sleep at least for 6 to 8 hours. Then only the physiological functions in our body at its optimum performance. In fact, the sleeplessness person may not able to perform his daily activities completely. The homeopathic remedy for sleeplessness is most effective at this point. The homeopathic remedies mainly deal with the root cause of the problem. Therefore, they cure problem permanently.

homeopathic remedy for sleeplessness

Melatonin is the natural hormone released by the pineal gland in our body It is said that increased levels of melanin in our body initiate the sleep. Homeopathic remedies for sleep aid balance the melatonin levels in our blood. Therefore homeopathic medicines for sleep aid able to cure the sleeplessness.


Serotonin for sleep – Homeopathic Treatment:

Serotonin is the neurotransmitter helps in promoting sleep. Circadian rhythm and sleep pattern under the influence of serotonin. Moreover, diet rich in amino acids helpful for balancing serotonin levels. In addition, lifestyle also influences the serotonin. At this point, Homeopathy medicine for sleeplessness is the best aid to get back your sleep pattern. In our clinic, we have observed a number of patients who get good sleep after homeopathic sleep aid medicine.


What is the best remedy for sleeplessness in children?

Chelidonium is homeopathic remedy benefit for sleeplessness in children. Chelidonium usually benefits the children with sleeplessness that has liver complaints. Children and infants who have sleeplessness particularly during daytime he is the specific indication for Chelidonium.

Belladonna is an excellent Homeopathic remedy for sleeplessness due to acute fever:

Belladonna patient with sleeplessness has a severe headache in the frontal region. It is not really the headache but heaviness in the head and sleeplessness are the Peculiar indications of belladonna. Eyes become red, headache from jarring is another indication of belladonna as a sleep aid in Homeopathy.


Lachesis is also an excellent homeopathy remedy for sleeplessness:

This is a great sleep aid remedy in homeopathy if a person craves for air.

You might listen to Lachesis. This homeopathy medicine is important for sleeplessness. Because Lachesis is a homeopathy drug made from snake venom. The Snake are creatures of suspicions mind. Similarly, people are suspicious need Lachesis as a sleep aid in homeopathy.

Pulsatilla is another excellent homeopathic drug used in sleeplessness:

Pulsatilla Person has a very delicate psyche. The Pulsatilla people believe every one easily. This kind of mind is the cause of Sleeplessness in Pulsatilla. Therefore, Pulsatilla is useful in such patient as sleep aid remedy in Homeopathy.

Nux Vomica is also useful for sleeplessness in homeopathy:

The causes of sleeplessness are as follows:

  • The first is to eat Masala spicy foods.
  • The second is to stay unchanged and work without sleep for a long time.
  • Another factor is that these Nux Vomica patients are accustomed to alcohol, adultery, and smoking.

Such psychological features allow Nux Vomica to aid in sleep. If there is sleeplessness among such individuals, give Nux Vomica two tablets.

Natrum Muriaticum This is also an excellent Homeopathic Medicine for Insomnia:

The personality of Natrum Muriaticum patients is very sensitive like in Pulsatilla. They fall in love with people who have a lower level than they do. They also love those who are already married. Moreover, they prefer food substances of salty in nature. The Natrum Muriaticum has naturally low BP. Natrum Muriaticum works great if you have sleeplessness among people with similar symptoms.

Coffea is also very wonderful homeopathic medicine in  case of Insomnia:

If you drink coffee, you naturally sleep. That is why the Coffee called sedative. However, after some time the original sleep does go away. These types of coffee symptoms help in the selection of coffea as Homeopathic medicine for sleeplessness.

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