Lachesis Homeopathy Personality

Lachesis Homeopathy Personality-Constitution:

The term Lachesis Homeopathy personality and constitution have more or less similar meaning. Lachesis mutus is the complete name of Lachesis.

Lachesis Homeopathy Personality is of a less melancholy temperament. That means to feel less sadness, depression or less sentimental etc. Dark eyes and a disposition to low spirits and indolence are Lachesis Constitution.

Lachesis Homeopathy women Personality are of choleric temperament, with freckles and red hair. Constitution of Lachesis is better adapted to thin and emaciated than to fleshy persons. Lachesis personality is those who changed, both mentally and physically, by their illness.

Lachesis-Homeopathy-Personality Lachesis Homeopathy Personality-Constitution

Climacteric ailments are associated with Lachesis constitution. Some of Lachesis constitutional symptoms are hemorrhoids, hemorrhages, hot flushes and hot perspiration etc. Burning vertex, headache, especially at or after the menopause are most important symptoms in Lachesis Homeopathy Personality.

Ailments from long lasting grief sorrow in Lachesis constitution related with fright and vexation. Jealousy or disappointed love is at most symptoms to note in Lachesis Homeopathy Personality.

The following quotation well suitable for Lachesis Homeopathy Personality:

Women who have not recovered from the change of life “have never felt well since that time.”

Lachesis constitutions have an effect on the principally left side. That means diseases in Lachesis homeopathy personality begin on the left and go to the right side – left ovary, testicle, and chest.

Another important feature in Lachesis constitution is great sensitiveness to touch. Lachesis personality cannot bear bedclothes or nightdress to tough throat or abdomen. This is not because sore or tender but clothes cause really uneasiness, make her nervous. In addition, the important constitutional symptom is intolerance of tight bands about neck or waist.

Lachesis Homeopathy personality has great loquacity, wants to talk all the time. They jump from one idea to another, one word often leads into another story.


What is Lachesis homeopathy used for?-Lachesis mutus benefits:

Lachesis Homeopathic medicine is a polychrest. The remedy is useful for multiple ailments. Following are the important Lachesis Mutus benefits.

Lachesis homeopathy used for especially in Sun headaches. With a headache, Lachesis mutus patients feel flickering, dim vision, very pale face. The Vertigo of Lachesis constitution mostly relieved by means of onset of a discharge.

Lachesis homeopathy used for, remarkably in nose bleeding where nostrils are sensitive. Trifacial or Trigeminal neuralgia on the left side is another Lachesis mutus benefit. In this case, heat running up into the head.

Lachesis Mutus benefits in a chronic sore throat. The patient feels as if something swelled which must be swallowed.

Lachesis mutus is especially suitable to drunkards. The liver region is extremely sensitive.

Constipation is another problem where Lachesis mutus really benefits. In this case, stools are offensive. Anus FEELS TIGHT as if nothing could go through it.

Breathing almost stops falling asleep, more than ever Lachesis mutus benefits in this condition. The other circumstances, Lachesis Homeopathy used for ‘Constricted feeling causing palpitation, with anxiety, Cyanosis, and Irregular beats’.

Neuralgia of coccyx or Coccyx pain also one another state Lachesis homeopathy used for. Pain in this Lachesis patient worse rising from sitting posture must sit perfectly still.

Some other benefits of Lachesis mutus are right side sciatica, sleeplessness, and fever.
Lachesis Homeopathic remedy is, in addition, helpful in skin problems similar to, Cellulitis, Varicose ulcers, dark blisters, and Bedsores with black edges. In addition useful for blue-black swellings, pyemia, dissecting wounds, purpura, with intense prostration.

Lachesis Homeopathic Remedy Menopause: Symptoms

The remedy is valuable in Climacteric troubles consists of palpitation, flashes of heat, hemorrhages, vertex headache, fainting spells.

The peculiarity of Lachesis Homeopathic Remedy Menopause is women feel worse on the pressure of clothes.

Menses in case of Lachesis Homeopathic Remedy Menopause is too short, too feeble; pains all relieved by the flow. Left ovary is very painful and swollen. Indurated Mammae inflamed and bluish during menopause.

Coccyx and sacrum pain, especially on rising from sitting posture. Lachesis Homeopathic Remedy Menopause acted especially well at beginning and close of menstruation.

How to take Lachesis? – Lachesis 200 dosage or Lachesis Homeopathy dosage:

A freshly medicated Lachesis homeopathic remedy act fast rather than old. Two pills consist one dose. Take two pills of Lachesis homeopathic remedy on to a dust free and oily free white paper. Take pills into the mouth then chew until it dissolves.

Eighth to 200th Potency of Lachesis homeopathy dosage and potency is helpful. Lachesis 200 dosage ought not to repeat too frequently. If well indicated, a single Lachesis homeopathy dosage should allow exhausting its action.

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  1. AvatarLisa

    I have a small left breast lesion that showed up 1 year and 3 months following a lumptectomy (3-17)for tubular cancer. The excision was incomplete, the doctor left a small margin. A lesion showed up on the right breast two months after my lumptecotmy and has stayed stable since. I have taken Natrum muriaticum and it has helped my whole body edema/enduration, burning of the skin, diarrhea, anger, nerves, and I think my lesion is slightly smaller now. I want to try Lachesis or thuja next as they both speak to my constitution. I am studying Dr. Ramakrishmans method. I’m leaning toward Lachesis because I believe the lesions started from my husband cheating on me, my jealousy, lack of trust, control issue and anger. Any insight would be helpful. I am seeing a chiro that tests me with a biomeridian machine to match my remedies according to what my body will tolerate. I have two genetic methylation issues and I am refusing standard cancer protocol as I know my body will not tolerate it. I have been in healthcare for 23 years and I know my body. I want to heal it, or at least I think I do…. I need to address these emotions!!!!

  2. AvatarLarry

    Thank You, You are the best adviser

  3. AvatarLarry Singh

    Dear Doctor sahib,
    I am suffering from bipolar, at the age 18, first episode was trigger in the month of march and until the month may it was full blown mania.
    Now I am 50 years older, I am managing it by alternative medicine not the allopathy, otherwise Lithium is the best medicine suitable for me.

    Winter I remain mentally healthy, good sleep and can manage the relationships very well, but as spring comes Manic symptoms start which are 100% match with your article on Lachesis, I am taking Lachesis since couple year and which helped a lot. On the April 15th the first episode of manic attacks happens verbal fight with son and wife and I took Lachesis 50M one dose, and also start Rawaulfia 10 drops mother tincture and indica 10 drops and Lemon balm 10 drops.

    Mostly this is the main remedy I use from APRIL to september …Lachesis every month I dose

    But then from oct to feb I did not need much remedy.

    Please advise

    Thank You
    Larry Singh

    1. Dear L.Singh, If you are feeling very well after Lachesis, it is better to wait and watch the symptoms as long as you feel better. Need to repeat lachesis only when symptoms reccur. If lachesis stoped working, then you need to go for next indicated remedy.

  4. You can describe your problem in brief here.

  5. AvatarAbhijeet

    Dear Dr , yes i have used Avena Sativa Q but it does not show any effect . Can you suggest some other medicine for day time drowsiness and laziness which i can take daily , thanks

    1. hello abhi, pls watch Homeopathic constitutional remedy best selected must take care of your general weakness. Maintain good food habits and life style.
      observe six things,
      take food when it is hungry – do not postpone.
      take water when it is thirst,
      go to the toilet when there is an urge for urine or stool. do not postpone.
      go to sleep when you feel sleepy.
      do not expose to whether that is a discomfort to you if necessary take sufficient protection.
      These look to be simple but increase your immune levels extraordinarily.

      You can use supplements in Homeopathy or something else along with Homeopathic medicines.
      Please use GINSENG Q morning 2 drops and evening 2 drops for 10 days.

      1. AvatarAbhijeet

        thank you doctor

      2. AvatarAbhijeet

        Dear Dr ,
        As you have studied my case , can you please tell me my constitutional remedy with potency , so i can take it.
        your,s faithfully

        1. Dear abhijeeth, you can’t expect a single constitution throughout the life.even you need homeopathic remedies to clear up diseases in the upper layer over your real constitution. always suggested selecting remedy based on the current symptoms from time to time. please let me know all of your current symptoms to suggest the best homeopathic remedy.

        2. AvatarAbhijeet

          Dear Dr ,
          As I took Ginseng mother tincture , I started getiing visions . There is no problem in Ginseng but problem is that whenever i get high energy levels i get visisons and when i have low eenergy level i dont get visisons. I feel happy and stress free in high energy level but i start getting visions.
          peculiar mind symptom :- i hate to take medicine , i hate to approach doctors again and again but i get symptoms so i ask medicine from you . Dear Dr but i like you as you are very good human being.
          Please suggest medicine.

        3. Dr.Devendra Kumar MD(Homeo)Dr.Devendra Kumar MD(Homeo)

          Dear Abhijit,
          You can have Five phos 6x as supportive for general weakness. But most often I never suggest such supportive medicines. should depend on the single remedy to get cure of your problem as a whole.

  6. Avatarshyam

    Lachesis medicine is very good for all kinds of hallucination. it is especially suitable to those persons who get feeling that they are superhuman etc. even epilepsy , brain stroke is easily cured by lachesis. but consult doctor devendra kumar munta before taking any homeopathic medicine.

    1. Thank u Syam, for your appreciations.

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