Homeopathic Remedies for Urinary Tract Infection or UTI in Adults and Children:

The term UTI refers to urinary tract infection. In fact, urinary tract infection may be a cause of bacteria, virus, or fungi. E coli is the most common bacteria causes urinary tract infection or UTI. Overall urinary tract infection is most common in humans when compared to other. Homeopathic remedies for UTI cure the infection in adults and children permanently.

Urinary tract infection may occur anywhere like in the kidney, ureter, urethra, or bladder. The UTI that occur in the Kidney and ureter called upper urinary tract infection. On the contrary, the infection that occurs in the urethra and bladder called lower urinary tract infection. The UTI of the lower track is most common than upper urinary tract infection. The infection in the upper urinary tract is more dangerous.

Homeopathic remedies for UTI

Symptoms of UTI: It depends on the part of the urinary tract infection whether it is a lower urinary tract or upper urinary tract.

Symptoms of lower urinary tract infection:

  • The first symptom is burning in the urethra while urinating
  • Frequent urination is the next symptom
  • Urgency of urination
  • Bloody urine in most severe cases
  • Urine with froth
  • Urine sometimes that looks like a tea
  • Pain in pubis
  • Pain in the rectum are some other symptoms of UTI
  • The pain in pubis that occurs particularly after urination is a symptom of the bladder infection.

Symptoms of lower urinary tract infection  UTI:

  • Pain in the renal angle moreover tenderness
  • Fever with chills
  • Nausea and vomiting

How to get rid of UTI without going to the doctor? Indirectly this tells us the home remedy for UTI:

Many people ask us the best remedies that mean the home remedies to treat urinary tract infection. To say frankly there are no home remedies for UTI. However, we suggest our patients; take plenty of water that can dilute the bacterial infection. Not only UTI, water is the best medicine for any kind of infection.

Can you self-treat a UTI?

No, it is not suggested to self-treat UTI. Because UTI  is such an infection that can spread to any part of our body. So it is always better to consult a physician to treat your UTI.

Homeopathic  treatment for UTI in adults and Children:

Homeopathy treats particularly the tendency of getting UTI. In fact, it works on the immunity of the patient. Therefore, Homeopathy cures UTI permanently. Homeopathy medicines will never act on the bacteria direct, unlike the allopathic medicines. Therefore, Homeopathic treatment is the best option to cure your UTI permanently.

Homeopathic medicines are most effective in the treatment of e-coli infection and frequent urination in adults as well as in child.


Homeopathic remedies for UTI in adults and children:

Cantharis is also a wonderful homeopathic remedy for UTI with deep cutting pain in urethra:

In case of cantharis urine infection, the person feels a severe pain in the urethra before urination. Moreover, pain in urethra will not reduce even after urination. There is a constant sensation of going to urine that means urgent urination. Urine comes drop by drop in these patients. The person that feels always his bladder not emptied completely. Cantharis 30 is the best potency and dosage to start to treat UTI. In fact, exact dosage is two pills at a time. The reputation of cantharis for UTI is according to the severity of symptoms. If cantharis 30 does not work then the next best potency is 200. Cantharis 30 can repeat for every half an hour if burning urination more severe.

Nux Vomica is also an excellent homeopathic remedy for UTI in adults and children with constant urging to urinate:

The mind of Nux Vomica patient is more irritable as well the bladder also. Here also like cantharis patient of UTI always wants to go for urination. However, pass little urine. Nux Vomica also works well in cases of urine retention. Burning and cramping pain in the bladder is a special indication for the use of Nux Vomica in UTI cases. The Burning pain in urethra will be relieved on drinking warm water indicates Nux Vomica for UTI.

Sarsaparilla mother tincture for UTI:

The mother tincture of Sarsaparilla is also a great homeopathic remedy for UTI. Sarsaparilla mother tincture works on UTI irrespective of the symptoms. The burning in the urethra, as well as the bladder, can immediately relieve by this Homeopathic remedy. Sarsaparilla patient with UTI can pass urine only on standing. The urine of Sarsaparilla patient is with full of sediments. Frequent urination with UTI successfully stopped with the Homeopathic Medicine Sarsaparilla.


Argentum nitricum is one of the best homeopathic remedies to treat frequent urination:

The patient with UTI if having anticipation and frequent urination then the best remedy is Argentum nitricum. Argentum nitricum also controls e-coli infection if symptoms indicated. The patient with a UTI is more impulse as well having the vivid imagination. They also have fear of heights. As if the symptoms of UTI may lead to kidney infection or something more dangerous disease.

Cannabis sativa is an excellent remedy in homeopathy to treat UTI in adults:

Cannabis sativa works excellent in those cases where the gonorrheal infection suppressed. Urinary tract infection with constant itching in urine is especially indicated this homeopathic medicine. Another peculiar feature in cannabis sativa for UTI infection is the patient feel pains going from below upward. That means patient feels pain in urethra goes into the bladder. Overall cannabis sativa is the best homeopathic medicine for gonorrheal urethritis.


Terebinthina is also a wonderful homeopathic remedy to treat UTI in adults:

Urinary tract infection where hemorrhage is most prominent indicates the Terebinthina. The patients of UTI feel very much relaxed after urination is the special indication of this homeopathic medicine. Severe burning in urethra along with convulsions guides us to use Terebinthina for UTI in adults. Kidney and bladder infection also cured by this homeopathic medicine. The urine in Terebinthina cases is bloody and cloudy. Moreover, the urine appears with coffee backgrounds. The urine of Terebinthina patient is with strong violent odors. The UTI infection that alternate with umbilical infection is the call for Terebinthina homeopathic medicine for retention of urine.


Chimaphila Umbellata he is one of great homeopathic medicine for UTI in women:

Chimaphila Umbellata primarily acts on the urinary tract. Young women suffering from obesity and difficult urination call for Chimaphila Umbellata to cure her UTI. Women with large breast and UTI are also guides to use Chimaphila Umbellata. The urine in case of this homeopathic remedy is with ropy and mucopurulent. Constant running nose along with urinary discharge indicates the use of Chimaphila Umbellata for UTI.


What are helpful homeopathic medicines for E coli infection?

Arsenicum album, Mercurius Corrosivus, cantharis, Lycopodium, Petroselinum Sativum, Teucrium, and Thuja are excellent remedies to treat e coli infection permanently.

Arsenicum album with E-coli infection is more anxious and has fear of impending dangerous disease.

Mercurius Corrosivus is helpful for frequent urination and e coli infection where the patient has constant urge to urinate and with severe burning in urethra.

Cantharis is also an excellent homeopathic medicine to cure e-coli infection. However, a patient with UTI has violent burning in urethra.

Petroselinum Sativum is a peculiar homeopathic medicine for frequent urination and E coli. Here the remedy has the sensation of a feather in the urethra. This kind of sensations usually occurs in Gonococcal suppression cases. Therefore, Petroselinum Sativum is also an excellent Homeopathic medicine for gonorrheal urethritis.

Lycopodium and Thuja act in those cases where there is chronic E-Coli Infection.

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