how homeopathy works

How Homeopathy works:

There are several kinds of theories about how homeopathy works. However, the fact is that the information on how homeopathy actually works is not yet. Because no one-research articles have, a definite mechanism explained on How Homeopathy Works.

Nevertheless, in this article, I have the experimental results of my reference, want to reveal to the world.

In order to know how homeopathy works, first, you need to know what exactly homeopathy medicine contains.

how homeopathy works

Homeopathic medicines can classify by power as follows:

  • Mother tinctures
  • Potency

These potencies made into different powers, 12c, 30c, 200c, 1M, CM, LM, etc.

The quantity of source content (drug) in the 12c potency is high, but its energy is low. CM and LM Potencies are high in the power and low in the quantity of the drug.

The process of converting these drugs into potencies called Potentisation. Although these Homeopathic potencies do not have any material, it is the most powerful pre-made in the solvent of the source material. This type of drug preparation is nowhere visible except in homeopathy.


Now let us get to the main topic. How the Homeopathy Potencies work:

According to one study, homeopathic drugs work on neurotransmitters in the nerves and affect the muscles and blood vessels.

According to another study, homeopathic drugs act on the hypothalamus in the brain.

Electromagnetic power said to be the means by which homeopathic drugs made. The same power influences the electromagnetic power in the human to cure the disease. The Father of Homoeopath Dr.Samuel Hahnemann referred to this power as Dynamic Force, Dynamic energy or vital principle.

Succession is an important method appends dynamic energy to Homeopathic Medicines:

The method of succession enforced when converting homeopathy medicines into potencies. This process may cause homeopathic medication that kind of electromagnetic power.

If you know about the procedure of succession, you will awareness of how homeopathic drugs work. To make it simple, for example, the infusion of a tree and the conductor alcohol both combined with 1:99 each for succession. The succession involves stroke of the bottle of above mixture strongly on a rubber pad. Just because of this procedure, Homeopathic drugs can have a lot of energy.

The previous potency transfers the power of source material obtained by succession to next Potency. For instance, when the homeopathic medicine of 200c power given to a patient, the same power is transfer into his dynamic energy. It is possible that homeopathic medicines work by this procedure.

For this reason homeopathy, drugs called energy medicines. It is impossible to find the origin of the homeopathy drugs after 12c potency. However, homeopathic drugs are very powerful after 12c potency. This is something that many experiments have revealed.

Let us look at the experiments I made:

My experiments with homeopathy are related to the hypothalamus in the brain. If we examine the functions of the hypothalamus, we can see how homeopathic drugs work. The role of the hypothalamus is important in making timely metabolism effective. Examples include body temperature control, sleep and sympathetic and parasympathetic systems are under the control of hypothalamus.

Especially I focus on this body temperature. I examined how the temperature in the body would be regulated after giving homeopathy.

The point is that the temperature in the body is similar at a given time after homeopathy medicine is given. This is the only thing we can use to detect homeopathic medicine separately.

Similarly, some scientists have observed the effects of homeopathy on the heart, BP, and pulse rate.

Here are some examples of my experiments and experimental papers. In the way, It is not difficult to know how homeopathic medicine work. These experiments are not just, about how homeopathy works, but also to identify proper homeopathic medicine for a patient. In addition, the experiments used to differentiate homeopathic medicines from one another.

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