leucorrhoeawomen Young women age 29 suffering from leucorrhoea Natrum Muriaticum

-Dr.Devendra Kumar Munta MD(Homeo)
Young women age 29 suffering from leucorrhoea with back pain and drawing legs.  Mild and yielding in nature relieved with a dose of Natrum Muriaticum.  These patients are mild in nature and most introverts. Their answers are in short words.  Every Natrum patient has hair falling problem. Alopecia is also cured by this remedy.  Discharges in this remedy are watery or viscid aluminous. Natrum mur is many times complemented by Kalium Carbonicum. A dose of Syphillium, if not Natrum mur worked well can yield good result.
Work Sheet:

20th feb 2013
white discharge, drawing legs,
nm 200c, cp 6x
11th march
relieved most
sl 200c
8th april
relieved most,hairfalling
syph 200c
7th may
white dis started again
sl 200c
14th may
back pain more
kc 200c
5th june
relieved with med
sl 200c
13th june
reld but ear pain
bell 200c
9th july
reld with med
sl 200c
2nd august
cold cough,
bry 200c
7th oct
cold, back pain, pain legs, throat
ms 200c
05 November
cold cough,back pain,
nm 200c
10 December
leucorrhoea menses before
saclac 200c
08 January
not relieved
hs 200c
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