KENT: “There is a general amelioration from cold and aggravation from heat.”
 ”In brain troubles, if you put an Apis patient with congestion of the brain into a warm bath, he will go into convulsions, and consequently warm bathing is not always ‘good for its’.”
 In brain affections of children, “the child gradually goes into a state of unconsciousness. Lies in a stupor, one side of the body twitching, the other side motionless, rolling head from side to side; head drawn back rigidly; pupils contracted or dilated, eyes very red, face flushed, a stupid state of semiconsciousness. Child lying with eyes partly closed, as if benumbed.”
 ”It is suitable in congestion of the brain, meningitis, or cerebrospinal meningitis with opisthotonos when all the symptoms are aggravated from heat.”
 ”Very often  the head is rolling and tossing, the teeth gnashing, and the eyes flashing with threatening convulsions, the child carrying the hand to the head at times, a state of semiconsciousness, and the child screams out with that peculiar scream which is known to mean congestion of the brain.”
 ”The complaints of Apis are attended with violence and rapidity. They come with great rapidity, rush on with violence, until unconsciousness is reached.”
 ”It is often called for in scarlet fever when the urine is loaded with albumin.”
 ”Bad effects of acute exanthems imperfectly developed or suppressed (Zinc); measles, scarlatina, urticaria.”
 ”Heat, with inclination to uncover; more or less violent headache, and generally a continuous deep sleep (Op.); chilliness on moving or uncovering during heat (Arn., Nux-v.)
 ”Burning, hot, dry skin all over, particularly felt in abdomen, epigastrium and chest and hands, with muttering and unconsciousness; alternate hot and dry skin or cool in some places and hot in others, with occasional spells of sweating.”
 ”Great oppression and burning in the chest with smothering.”
 The tongue in acute attacks is dry, red, with a raw, sore, painful tenderness; does not care to talk or protrude it.
 CLINICAL:  Meningitis; exanthematous fevers; small pox, scarlet fever, measles; cerebrospinal fever; pleurisy; typhoid; yellow fever.
 POTENCY: 6 to cm.
 The action is sometimes slow, and is shown by increased urine.
 Compare: Ars. (chilly, thirsty, desires warmth.)
 Arn. (bruised soreness); Bell; Lach. (in typhoid.)
 Sul. ( in tubercular meningitis); Zinc.
 Inimical: Rhus-tox.

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Syn.-Apis, honey bee.
Properties: Diuretic, diaphoretic, alterative.
Indications: Itching with burning. A peculiar burning pain, such as is present in the sting of a bee. Dark red urine with constant desire to urinate, but patient unable to urinate freely.
Use: Apis is made by taking the honey bees, putting them in a bottle, then shaking them until they get excited. Then alcohol is poured over them and tincture made. The poison generated by exciting them is the medical principle. Apis is the remedy in cases of dropsy which appear suddenly as in oedema of glottis, diptheria, scarlet fever, effusion from pleuritis, peritonitis or other acute serous inflammation. In irritation of the bladder; in retention and suppression of urine in children and old people from weakness it is a useful remedy. Incontinence of urine in the aged and feeble. Passive hæmaturia intractable to other remedies. Urticaria, where there is much itching, has been cured by apis. Inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue, if accompanied by irritation of the skin and pain of a lancinating nature.

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– Wilhelm Karo.

Especially suitable to bilious and nervous individuals, to

General Indications.
Inflammatory oedematous conditions resulting in the formation of exudates. Thirstlessness during fevers, weakness. Sensation of stinging burning, pricking, itching. Swelling of the upper eyelids. Aggravation in the afternoon, by heat ; better by cold.

Special Indications.
Menstruation premature, painful, with a scant discharge of slimy blood. Before menstruation congestion of blood to the head. Violent labour-like pains in the abdomen. During menstruation yawning and nervous restlessness ; faintness. Sharp cutting pains in the womb and ovaries. Dysmenorrhoea with plunging, stabbing pain in the womb and in the head. Bearing-down pains, with a sensation of weight and heaviness in the abdomen. Amenorrhoea with cardiac disorders. Metrorrhagia in abortion from direct congestion of the womb and ovaries. Profuse, yellow or green leucorrhoea with frequent and painful urination.

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– G. H. Clarke
Honey Bee. 

Oedematous ovaries and cysts.

Edema shifting about and not dependent upon mechanical causes. Edema of the submucous cellular tissue covering the tonsils, uvula and soft palate. Erysipelas, skin oedematous. Condition of the ovaries with stinging pains.

TOXIC EFFECTS. Acute oedema, Stinging pain. DOSE Third to sixth decimal trituration.

THERAPEUTIC USES Edema of the submucous cellular tissue covering the tonsils, uvula and soft palate. Edema of the glottis. Edema accompanying diphtheria. Glossitis, tongue oedematous Erysipelas, skin oedematous. Urticaria, sometimes associated with rheumatism. Oedema well marked. Congested and oedematous condition of the ovaries, with stinging pains. OEdema shifting shifting about and not dependent upon mechanical causes.

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– Pulford

Apis mellifica

 Sudden bee – stinglike pain worse heat, with oedema, the heat affecting both body and mind, and having a special aversion to heat, the heat of the bed being intolerable, better both cold and cold applications and motion.

Aggravation 5 p.m. Thirstless. Face pale and puffy, lips swollen. Restless and fidgety. Apathetic and indifferent. Joyless. Jealous. Urine scanty. Sensitive to touch. General bruised soreness, especially of abdominal and chest walls. Symptoms right sided, or right to left side. Tongue dry. sudden shrieks in brain troubles. COMMENT.

Mind :

Nervous,jelous girls
at puberty

 Awkward, laughs about it, especially nervous girls at puberty. The mind state is erysipelas, diphtheria and low fevers, is one of apathy and indifference, or even unconsciousness. Jealous (the queen bee is said to be the most jealous thing on earth).

Head :
Erysipelas, to face; burning pain, aggravation stooping; stitches in temples, amelioration cold. (L): Shrieking brain cry. Head pains almost universally amelioration pressure and aggravation motion. Extremely valuable when child bores its head back into pillow, is stupid and occasionally gives a piercing shriek. A hot bath in brain troubles will bring convulsions (Opi.). Hydrocephalus, child bores head back into pillow, rolls it from side to side, rouses from sleep with a piercing shriek; acute headache, before stage of exudation. Hydrocephaloid, when even the previously distended abdomen becomes shrunken, there is still the same intolerance to touch and pressure. Congestion to brain, meningitis, or cerebro-spinal meningitis, with opisthotonos, child gradually going into a state of unconsciousness, lies in a state of stupor, one side of body twitches, the other motionless, head drawn rigidly back, pupils either contracted or dilated, eyes very red, face flushed, stupid or unconscious, child decidedly deathlike if it is in a position to look into the fire or open grate. Head pain causes one to look down.


oedema lids

Eversion of lower lid; irritated by lamp light, while reading; lupus of lower lid; pressing pain, aggravation warm room; stitching in pannus. Styes, prevents recurrence. Lids smart, feel stiff, like Kalm. Affections of eyes characterized by serous exudation, oedema, sudden piercing pain, aggravation heat. Of great value in a variety of eyes troubles, lids swollen, oedematous, everted so that they actually roll over into cheek, conjunctiva inflamed, hot tears, photophobia, and violent bee – stinglike pains. In all the eyes troubles there is temporary amelioration from application of cold water. The burning is apt to be like fire and stings, aggravation from heat and looking into the fire, and amelioration cold applications and cold bathing. Eyes mucus membranes are apt to become enormously swollen, bulging out and looking like raw beef. Puffy under eyes, Kali-c., over. Inflamed eyes, erysipelatous in character, that leaves thickening of the mucus membrane and lids, like Arg.

Tip of nose cold at beginning of sore throat.

Periodic erysipelas. Lips everted, stiff, swelling out of proportion to pain’s intensity. Hives that burn, sting and itch, especially in the Fall.

Tongue brown in center, sides moist, or yellow, bright, shiny, mouth red, tongue fiery. Tongue catches behind teeth, or trembles, like Lach. Tongue in acute fevers is red and hot, even dry and hot; in low fevers, trembling; in scarlet fever, dry cracked sore and covered with blisters or ulcerated but rarely red and dry; in diphtheria swollen, but not heavily coated.

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