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-G. H. Clarke

Deadly Nightshade. 

Swollen red face

Dilatation of the capillary vascular system. The arterial capillaries vascular system. The arterial capillaries are engorged. Face swollen and red, with throbbing carotids. Light and noise are intolerable. Iritis, keratitis, pharyngitis. Exophthalmic goitre. Sleeplessness. Spasmodic action and cramp- like pains of the muscles of the chest, intestines and bladder. Congestive neuralgias. Pains come suddenly and go suddenly.
Frequent, small, thready pulse. General dilatation of the capillary vascular system, area of pulsation increased. Blood pressure lowered.1. Congestion and ecchymosis of the lungs, brain and spinal cord. Hypersensitiveness of the sense of the taste, sight and hearing, thoughts more active. Insomnia, headache affecting the forehead and temples, vertigo, illusions, hallucinations, busy or furious delirium, staggering gait and restlessness. Talkative: sees spectres and visions.2. Twitching and jerking of the muscles of the face and extremities: rigidity of the spinal muscles. Spasm of the sphincter of the bladder. Frequent desire to urinate, expelling but a few drops of colorless urine, or forcible expulsion of the urine and erections of the penis followed by retention.3. Dryness of the mucous membrane of the mouth, nose, throat and larynx. Bluish appearance of the lips.4. Increased heat of the skin with diffuse redness spreading from the face to the rest of the body and followed by desquamation. 5. Dimness of vision, eyes protrude, pupils dilated, eyes brilliant and staring. Congestion of the retina very characteristics.6. Glandular secretions suppressed.7.
Atropine, 1/120-1/60 gr. Extractum Belladonnae, 1/4-I gr. Tinctura Belladonnae, I-5 m. The first and second decimal dilutions are effective and should generally be prescribed.
Furious delirium, quarrelsome: face and conjunctivae congested.2. (The first or second decimal dilution every fifteen minutes or half hour). Violent congestion of blood to the head with loss of consciousness: carotids throb, face swollen and red; worse from motion and touch; light and noise are intolerable.2. (The first or second decimal dilution every fifteen minutes or half hour). Almost constant moaning; the child remains in a drowsy state, with starting while sleeping. Flushed face and red eyes. General dry heat without thirst: sleep exceedingly restless.2. Sleepiness but can not sleep.2. Mania.2. Epidemic meningitis.2. Exophthalmic goitre.1-6-7. (One to five or more drops of the tincture three times a day). Eyes red, glistening and sparkling, look wild and unsteady. Face red, hot and swollen.6. (The first or second decimal dilution every half hour). Congestion of blood to the eyes, with bright redness of the vessels: great photophobia.6. Iritis. (Atropine locally, two to four grains to the ounce of distilled water). Phlyctenular keratitis. (As above). Erysipelas, with smooth, shining skin.5. Face swollen, bright red, erysipelatous.5. Rothe .5. Great dryness of the fauces with frequent painful efforts to swallow.4. Vivid redness of the tonsils: pain is acute and often throbbing.1-4. Pharyngitis.1-4. Laryngitis.1-4. Cramp-like pain in the region of the transverse colon.3. Tenderness of the abdomen is aggravated by the least jar.3. Piles so sensitive to the slightest touch that the patient has to lie down with the nates separated.1-3. (Cautious local use of atropine, two grains to the ounce, or Belladonna liniment). Proctalgia, with severe spasms of the sphincter ani.3. Spasms of the urethra and incontinence of urine.3. Wets the bed at night, restless starts in sleep.3. (Very large doses may be required). Urination difficult, comes in drops.3. Hydrophobia. Dysmenorrhoea, feeling as if the pelvic organs would protrude through the vulva.1-2. Stitching pains in the ovary that come and go suddenly. Menses too early, profuse and bright red. Hard, dry teasing, spasmodic cough, worse at night. Especially useful where the spasmodic cough, worse at night. Especially useful where the spasmodic element predominates.2-3-4. Whooping cough.3. (The maximum dose of the tincture every hour may be required). Sudden hot flushes, followed by perspiration at the climacteric. Neuralgia particularly affecting the right eye, with a feeling as if the eyes would be pressed out of the skull. Intercostal neuralgia associated with palpitation. Neuralgia of the fifth nerve with flushed face. Tic Douloureux. (Begin with drop doses of the tincture). Sciatica. Spasm of striated muscle.3. Pains come suddenly and go suddenly.3. Mastitis. (Extract of belladonna, one ounce; hot water, one dram; glycerine, to make two ounces. Apply locally).

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