– Pulford


Cervical and parotid glands hard, swollen.

Convulsion in upper, draws backward; cramp in region of tibia; veins of hands full after washing in cold water; inflamed first toe; pain in toes a.m. in bed. (L): Joints sweat. Sprain of joint, hot, pains. finger: nail yellow; panaritium, inflamed, deep seated periosteal pain. Rheumatic gout especially, arthritic metastasis, stupor characterizes.

Nightmare every night, wakes in sweat. The sooner one goes to bed the better one sleeps, the later the less liable to.

Intermittents where coldness prevails.

Skin :

Mottled spots on skin

Mottled spots, red after a bath. Torpor characterizes all exanthemata. Scarlet fever: distinguished from Bell. by the miliary rash; malignant cases, sleepy during day, warm room intolerable. Purpura haemorrhagica, general anaemia. Discharge from ulcer excoriates skin around it. Looks mottled intermingled with great pallor. Ulcer putrid with pungent odor. Erysipelas of aged where cerebral symptoms develop.

General :

Stout fleshy woman.

Stout women and fleshy children who take cold readily. Uncleanly habit. Defective reaction with or at the close of zymotic disease, as typhoid, diphtheria, scarlet fever, erysipelas, etc.; failure to come to a crisis, goes into exhaustion after other remedies, here competing with Ars. for the nervous prostration; heart failure. Rheumatic pain and chill amelioration heat, headache amelioration warm room. All fluids excoriate, even those from ulcers. Said to be infallible for the bite of rattlesnake or moccasin; stuff wound full, give 5 to 8 grains every 15 minutes until 1 dram is taken. In the form of hartshorn, a comfort to fleshy women who faint easily. Break bone pains, like Eup. One of the best remedies for that empty sense, like Cocc. Haemorrhage: under skin especially; blood black, will not coagulate, like Naja. Blood – poisoning: as in erysipelas, most malignant form of scarlet fever, prostration great, great dyspnoea, heart as if giving out, skin patchy, glands enlarge, face dusky and puffy; animal bites. Poisoning from charcoal fumes. Long used it develops scorbutic condition, muscles become soft, flabby, teeth fall out, haemorrhage occurs. Antidote to Lach. when Lach. has been used too freely or in too low potency. Whenever treating severe forms of disease, and eruption comes to the surface as carbuncle or erysipelas, and does not ameliorate, there is danger, a remedy must soon be found; when a patient is coming down with severe internal trouble it is not uncommon for unhealthy boils to come out, or carbuncles, or erysipelatous blotches; it is always serious when these are not followed by immediate amelioration; it shows a pernicious state that has been pent up and cannot be longer retained, and this violence is going to destroy; Am -c. is one of the remedies that will check such states. Parts that have gone to sleep tingle. It is remarkable that Amm. should be useful in tendency to gangrene, and that cancerous and mortifying ulcers should evolve a large quantity of Amm.; that Amm. should play so important a part in the affections of the female organs, and that considerable quantity of Amm. should evolve through the skin during menses; and, lastly, that Amm. should amelioration the symptoms of poisoning by fungi, and that Amm. should be the characteristic constituent of those growths. It is well known that a similar relation exists between the itch and Sulph., and that Sulph. is considered a specific against the itch. Aggravation: especially 3 a.m.; wet poultices; washing or bathing; and to cold raw weather, to which one is very sensitive. Amelioration lying on stomach or abdomen or on right or painful side; external pressure and dry weather. Antidote: vegetable acids; fixed oils, as almond, linseed, olive, etc.; Camph. and Hep.

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