– Pulford
Body sore, bruised as if pounded, extremely sore to touch, the bed, chair or couch, on which one sits or lies feels hard as a rock, causing one to seem very restless and change positions often to get off the sore parts on which one lies.


Hopeless and indifferent

 Hopelessly and completely indifferent to those around one as well as to one’s condition. Morose. Indifferent. Irritable, does not wish to speak or to be spoken to. Fear, both mental and physical, and of being approached and touched on account of the excessive soreness. Sensitive. Sullen. Head hot, body cool. Breath, eructations and flatus fetid, having odor of rotten eggs. Thirsty, but all drinks are alike of offensive. Urine scanty, stains linen yellowish brown. Aversion to meat, broth and milk. Drowsy. Weak. Sweat offensive. Pains sudden. Worse motion. COMMENT.

Mind :


Anguish, during chill, heat and sweat; fear of approach of others, lest one be touched; delusion that one is well, sends the doctor home. (L): Thinks one is well; fears the approach of others, lest one be touched. Mind and uterine symptoms alternate. Sudden fear arouses one at night, grasps at the heart in fear. The fear remains after the fright, as with Opi., but with Opi. it is in the daytime, while Arn. dreams of it at night. Rhus is really restless, while Arn. only seems so; Rhus moves to ease the pain and find a comfortable position, while Arn. moves to get off the sore parts, and Ars. moves from anxiety. Affections of mind that appear slowly after an injury, or of the head (Natr-s.). Horror of instant death, with cardiac distress at night.
Thrown back, while walking; coldness in forehead, in small spots, as from cold fingers; jerking of head, during sleep; pain in head, a.m., on waking, until 10 a.m.; pain in head. and prolapsus uteri alternate; pain over eyes, with contraction of brows, aggravation heat of stove; burning in head, body cold; cutting, darting, stabbing, as with a knife, in sides of head Baldness (try the Ix mixed with oil): Meningitis, mechanical, traumatic, after lesion or concussion, provided there is no complete want of reaction, when suspecting exudation of blood fibrin or pus, with great stupor, paralysis of tongue, or the eye muscles, or of the iris, or of the limbs. Hydrocephalus, deathly coldness of forearms, in childhood (Brom., during diarrhoea).

Stitching pain, form warmth; vision lost after injury to eyes Hastens absorption of haemorrhage into conjunctiva or retina.

Red, while shivering.

Tongue in fevers dry and especially sore, sometimes blackish.

Pain, as if sprained. Pain, after a filling (Ant-c., sensitive while being filled).

Aversion to brandy, in brandy drinkers.

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