Your Homeopathic Remedy for Migraine Headache

migraine-headache-homeopathy Your Homeopathic Remedy for Migraine Headache
Homeopathic Remedy for Migraine Headache

Migraine headache is a common distracting health issue now a days.Despite many medical treatments Migraine headaches are difficult to cure. People often disappoint with treatments instead of advanced therapies.

These headaches are pulsating and throbbing in nature. Often associated with nausea and vomiting. darkness and silence provide little relief of headache.

Migraine Headache cases respond very well to Homeopathic Treatment. If you can answer few of my questions below I can select your constitutional Homeopathic Remedy for your migraine headache.

When did Your Migraine Worse?

How is Your Thirst for Water?

What Kind of Food You desire?

Let me know your Mind set?

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plus Your Homeopathic Remedy for Migraine Headache
How to Use Selected Homeopathic Reemedy?
  1. How to take Homeopathic Medicines?
    Homeopathic Potencies must be taken in pills form. 2 - 6 Pills as prescribed must be taken into bottle lid or on to a dust free paper and then taken into mouth to chew the medicine until it is dissolved.
  2. How many day I have to take the medicine?
    Generally Homeopathic Physician will prescribe to take the main dose in only a single dose. that means take only 2-6 pills as Homeopathic doctor prescribed and don't take the next dose until the doctor suggested you to take.
  3. How may days I have to wait after taking single dose of Homeopathic Medicine?
    Homeopathic Doctor will suggest you to wait for at least 10 days in case of Chronic diseases. It is always better to wait as long as your symptoms are disappearing. In case of Acute diseases you need to wait for 5 minutes to one hour or one day according to the severity of Symptoms.
  4. What next I have to do after single dose?
    You need to wait for the period as doctor suggested. after that Doctor will suggest you next remedy according to the result from first prescribed dose.

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