platina homeopathy medicine

Platina Homeopathy Medicine -Frans Vermeulen

Platina homeopathy medicine characteristic symptoms, personality,materia medica given by Vermeulen Frans. Platina Homeopathy medicine the drug picture moves around the behavior of ‘Egotism‘. Signs of Platina Homeopathy Medicine: CLASSIFICATION of Platina from which Platina Homeopathy Medicine is made: The heaviest member of group 10 of the periodic table, platinum is a lustrous, silvery-white, malleable and…

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Adonis Vernalis

ADONIS VERNALIS Homeopathy Remedy-G.Vitholcus

ADONIS VERNALIS is Homeopathic Remedy. The Characteristic symptoms by George Vitholcus are: Adonis Vernalis has been used for quite a long time in homeopathy, it is actually rather a phytotherapeutic than a homeopathic remedy.Many of these remedies – just like adonis vernalis¬†are mainly prescribed in very low potencies, or in the mother tincture. But nevertheless…

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