Jan 10, 2014

A student of 18 female symptoms of Hypothyroidism and PCOD - Kalium Carbonicum

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- Dr.Devendra Kumar Munta MD(Homeo)
A student of 18 female having symptoms of Hypothyroidism, suffering from irregular periods ,sinus pain and poly cystic ovarian disease. Kalium Carbonicum helped his case. Her periods are regular after a dose of Kali carb. There is no treatment for Hypothyroidism or PCOD in allopathic medicine. Expect giving supplement of Thyroid hormone. Now a days pcod becoming a common problem in young unmarried girls. Carpus leutium which is the left over part of graffian particle after ovulation becomes cystic. Excess use of hormonal tablets to suppress the menses is one the cause for pcod. Stress and mechanical life are also contributing factors. Homeopathic medicines are well proved in rectifying the hormonal problems. Regular healthy life style and natural food habits along with Homeopathic treatment can only eradicate the disease from its root.
Work Sheet:
27th oct 2012
hypothyroid,irregular periods, sinus pain,pcod
graph 200c

headache, pain temples,
kc, puls can be

app, thirst, sleep normal,

3rd dec 2012
nausea, weakness
ars alb 200c
7th dec 2012
back pain,
kc 200c
30th jan 2013
back pain relieved
tub 200c
2nd may 2013
menses improved, 1month 12 days,
sl 200c
17th may 2013
saclac 200c
19th july 2013
numbness exst, white discharge,
saclac 200c
08 November 2013
relieved, periods regular,back pain severe
kc 1m
10 January 2014
relieved, regular periods,
nv 200cs


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