Find Your Homeopathic Remedy for Pancreatitis

Pancreatitis Homeopathic remedy selection: In this article I would like to give you a short notes on What is pancreatitis? What are the causes for pancreatitis? How to treat pancreatic infection with Homeopathic remedies? What are the most specific Homeopathic remedies for the treatment of pancreatic inflammation? Pancreas is small gland which is located in… Read More »

Calendula Ointment for Injuries and Wounds in Homeopathy

Calendula Officinalis ointment uses in Homeopathy – Dr.Devendra Kumar MD (Homeo) The following symptoms of Calendula are also applicable to other Potencies like calendula 3x, Calendula 6x, Calendula 12x, Calendula 6c, Calendula 12c, Calendula 30c or Calendula 30ch, Calendula 200c or Calendula 200ch and Calendula 1m etc. Calendula ointment is very effective Homeopathic remedy for… Read More »

Sulphur Ointment Uses in Homeopathy for Skin Complaints

Uses of Homeopathic Sulphur Ointment – Dr.Devendra Kumar MD (Homeo) This articles also informs about the uses of Sulphur in other potencies like Sulphur 3x, Sulphur 6x, Sulphur 6c, Sulphur 12x, Sulphur 30c,Sulphur 30ch, Sulphur 200c, Sulphur 200ch and Sulphur 1m. Sulphur ointment is most useful Homeopathic Remedy. Writing about Homeopathic treatment without Sulphur Remedy… Read More »

Dr. Mirjana Zivanov: A Homeopathic Day Carried by Stramonium Storm

A Homeopathic Day Carried by Stramonium Storm Dr. Mirjana Zivanov Datura Stramonium It was New Moon of a cold, windy, November day. The first sleet of the autumn. The streets were bustling with activity. There was a noise coming from car horns honking in the busy traffic, adding to an overwhelming agitation that permeated the… Read More »

Homeopathy Medicine for A.I.D.S.Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

Homeopathic Remedies and Treatment for A.I.D.S.Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome -Article By Dr.Devendra Kumar MD (Homeo) Consult. AIDS is caused by HIV or Human Immuno Virus: Hello today I would like to present a topic on HIV AIDS. We have to know what is AIDS or HIV. It is nothing but acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Acquired… Read More »

Top 9 Homeopathic Remedies that Every body should have

Homeopathic Home Remedies that Everybody should have in day to day life: Homeopathy is second most enormous business on the planet. It has its benefits over the allopathic system. Not at all like allopathic prescriptions some homeopathic pharmaceuticals are backup in everyday life. Can be utilizable in most therapeutic conditions. They can be utilized preceding counseling… Read More »

Homeopathic Treatment for Piles

Finding Homeopathic Remedy for Piles or Hemorrhoids: Today’s topic is Piles Homeopathic treatment. Coming to the piles treatment in Homeopathy many people have doubt about the piles whether it can be curable with Homeopathy treatment. Yes really Homeopathic medicines can save you from surgery. Homeopathy treatment can prevent your case without going to surgeon hands.… Read More »

Find Your Homeopathic Medicine for Obesity

Obesity Homeopathic Medicine Finder: Today I would like to present a topic on obesity Homeopathic Medicine. First of all have to know what obesity is. Now a day’s obesity is common among all the ages. It will be evident from the today’s obesity clinics. Treatment alone is not sufficient for the cure of obesity. Regular… Read More »

Cancer Treatment Homeopathic Remedy selection

Finding Homeopathic Treatment for Cancer and Remedy Selection: Today I would like to post a topic on cancer treatment and homeopathic remedy selection. First of all have to no what is cancer? Cancer is nothing but abnormal division of our body cells.This abnormality in body function can be due to various causes. The most known… Read More »

Hair Falling Homeopathic Remedy

Hair falling Homeopathic Remedy selection: [huge_it_share] Hair loss or Hair fall is nothing but falling in hair. It can be called broadly as Alopecia. which can be identified by thinning hair? There are various causes for hair loss. But genetic factor is important in Hair falling. You feel your hair is getting thin when there is… Read More »