Crotalus Cascavella 30c for women, burning pain in mouth

Crotalus Cascavella 30c for women, burning pain in the mouth – A Case Study:

I have had this problem for more than ten years. I have tried many things, but nothing has helped. I feel a terrible burning pain in my mouth. I feel like my mouth is full of Stinging nettles. Therefore, I feel burning under my tongue, palate, and throat around the tonsils. I cannot eat anything. I have a node in my throat that sometimes shows up and is visible. I sometimes get a lockjaw, so I cannot open my mouth. At that time, my salivary glands get swollen and any kind of taste irritates me, even mild ones. I was on a liquids only diet because of it. My mouth gets dry even though I drink enough water. (The Final Homeopathic medicine we used, in this case, is, Crotalus Cascavella 30c and 200c.), Burning pain in mouth drastically came after a dose of Crotalus Cascavella 30c.

Crotalus Cascavella 30c for women, burning pain in mouth

Mind symptoms that indicate Crotalus Cascavella:

I do not like to go out. I get high blood pressure every time I have to go somewhere. I do not like crowds. I get scared easily, so I get excited and my heart starts pounding faster. Sometimes I start laughing like a child, and other times I get silent and I just cannot say a word. I became undisciplined. I used to fight for the things I cared about, and now nothing. (These symptoms of mind directed us towards Crotalus Cascavella. )

My eyes are protruded. I did not have that before menopause. I have had a laryngeal nerve inflammation and trigeminal neuralgia. I have vocal cord nodules. Now I feel the pain mostly in my jaw joint and it starts in the morning when I wake up, followed by a shiver and increased heart rate.

History of Menses:

I do not get my period anymore. Sometimes I get heat flushes. For two or three days I have about five heat flushes during the day, and, let’s say three more at night, followed by a few days without any heat flushes.

I often have high blood pressure, up to 215 over 120 mmHg. I also had arrhythmias at that time. I wake up with my heart pounding like an animal’s.

Treatment History prior to Crotalus Cascavella 30c:

I was taking many allopathic remedies, poisoning myself, like different kinds of antidepressants, mostly Rivotril (Clonazepam, antiepileptic). I’m not taking it at the moment. Right now I’m taking Presolol (Metoprolol, beta-adrenergic blocker), Prilazid (Cilazapril, antihypertensive), and Demetrin (Prazepam, anxiolytic).

Our First prescription:

The patient gave us the impression of an anxious, impulsive person of high energy, with swift reactions. Considering the presence of fears and restlessness in our patient, we have decided to start the treatment with a remedy for acute states:
Rp. Aconitum Napelus 1M

Follow up after ten days of Aconitum Napelus 1m:

I feel a bit better. I have some hope after a long time. I am calmer and less anxious.

I still feel the pain, but it’s not as intensive as it used to be. As soon as I wake up and my salivary glands start to work, I begin to feel the pain in the jaw joint and I can’t talk. I have to be careful when yawning because my jaw joint used to dislocate before. I feel a strong physical pain. I suffer a lot. The pain is stronger on the left side and it gets worse when I move. That pain from the jaw joint irradiates deep into my ear. I lie down like a plank with my eyes closed, like in a plaster cast as the pain intensifies, I start losing my strength, so I have to lie down like that, I start shivering and I get icy cold, especially my face.

I fast in those days and I can’t eat anything. When I’m not in pain, I eat five times a day. I’m afraid of getting a stroke, of being disabled…When I bend down to tie my shoelaces, the blood rushes into my head. I feel worse on rainy days. I sometimes feel a pain shooting across my heart and stomach. I feel as if I have a hole in my stomach and I don’t have any energy.

How did we select Crotalus Cascavella 30c?

My parents have literally poisoned me with stories about death, and how they do not want to live anymore. I cannot stand aggression and rudeness. It eats me up when I see such a behavior. When I walk bare feet on small pebbles, I get dark red bruises and spots. I feel worn out and molested. I feel as if I was always just giving, without getting anything in return. All of my health issues started with menopause. Until then I was ridiculously healthy.

Based on her appearance, the way she talks, the presence of some kind of aggression, and the words with which she described her state, the intensity of symptoms we have decided to give her a remedy from the animal kingdom, which suits her best.

Rp. Crotalus cascavella 30c

Follow up after three days of Crotalus Cascavella:

I feel very good! The very first evening after the remedy, the pain decreased to a minimum. The next morning I woke up with the pain, and then I went back to bed and the pain passed! That had never happened before. I was up all day, working.

A dark spot appeared on my right leg and that is something that happened to me before. I also got acne in two places on my leg and that used to happen a long time ago. Today, the third day after the remedy it happened!

My salivary glands were not swollen after such a long time! I was crying with joy!. My blood pressure is still high, about 180 over 105 mmHg, but it is much better than before. My heart is pounding and I feel pressure like a ball in my head, with shivering. My life is much better without that pain.

After a short aggravation came amelioration and some old symptoms have returned. Her mood is much better, so

Rp. Watch and wait

Follow up after ten days of Crotalus Cascavella 30c:

This is worth living for!!! The first day after the follow-up everything was great. In the evening I just felt some pressure in the right jaw joint, but insignificant. I lied down and fell asleep. In the morning, my salivary glands were just a little swollen, with some pain here and there, and then it went away.

I do not have heat flushes. No pulsating in my head, either. My heart doesn’t sound like it used to, and I did not feel high blood pressure. For the last two days, I have had cramps in my right leg when I lie down. I used to have that to a long time ago.

We took her blood pressure after the follow-up and it was 160 over 90 mmHg. Since her mental and emotional state is fine, the pain is far less intense and rare with the return of old symptoms, we’ve decided to,

Rp. Watch and wait

Follow up after two weeks:

I have been feeling fine for the last ten days like I have never felt before.
Mentally and emotionally I feel great. I slept well. I have been waking up every morning with no pain or heart pounding.

My husband said: “You were walking on the edge and these people have brought you back to life. You are a completely different person now. You are like you’ve used to be.” I had been perfectly fine until yesterday morning when I felt a little pain that lasted for a while, and then it faded away. It was the same this morning…

We have decided to raise the potency of the remedy.
Rp. Crotalus Cascavella 200c Homeopathy Medicine

Follow up after three weeks Crotalus Cascavella 200c Homeopathy medicine

My first reaction to the remedy was great! The mild pain that was coming back for a few days before the follow-up, has completely gone! I was fine until a few days ago when the old pain in my vocal cords came back. I feel as if they were on fire. I feel the pain deep inside my ear and throat. I used to have that too.

My salivary glands are a bit swollen but far less than before.
I’ve felt intense burning from the inside. It burns so hard like the bile. Last few days my legs have been restless in bed. I have cramps in my muscles. That happened for the first time two or three years ago. It feels like someone is biting you. Everything was eating me up and drained me. I’m not dying, and on the other hand, I feel like my life is stuck up my butt…

The patient has completely opened up to us. She started expressing herself freely and talking sincerely. Since the treatment is on a good course, those old unhealed illnesses are coming back to surface, and that she is emotionally a bit unstable, anxious, and excited, we have decided to raise the potency of the remedy.
Rp. Crotalus Cascavella 1M Homeopathic medicine

Follow up after three weeks:

I feel truly superb mentally and emotionally. I am great now. I used to be depressed, drinking lots of alcohol, poisoning myself for years. Now I do not drink. I am not nervous, nor depressed. I feel a pain in my throat as if I felt at the time when I had my tonsils removed. When I start talking I have mild hoarseness, but after a few words, it fades away. The acne on my leg has reappeared.

Since the mental and emotional state is great, and old suppressed illnesses are coming back to surface and healing, we’ve decided to,
Rp. Watch and wait

Follow up after one month:

I was at the seaside for ten days. I felt great every single day!
I felt a bit worse on the fifth day, in the middle of my vacation, but I got well very fast, so I felt great again!

I did not get a sun allergy, and I had had it for 20 years! I am truly amazed!
I had a cramp in my calf a few times when I starched my leg. I felt like everything went downwards into my legs… I walked barefoot on small pebbles on the beach, but I did not get any bruises.
My heart is fine as well as my blood pressure. I feel so much better than before.

Since the patient is fine,
Rp. Watch and wait

Follow up after two months:

I feel fine. I am in a good mood. I’m free from pain.
It has been raining a lot lately, yet I feel fine. Before the homeopathic treatment, I would have suffered like a maggot in such weather. I sometimes get dark acne on my leg. My heart is fine, as well as my blood pressure.

Since the patient’s state is well, eruptions are appearing on her skin and everything is going according to the Herring’s law, so we have decided to
Rp. Watch and wait

Follow up after three months:

For the first two months, everything was great, even though I had lots of work and action in that period. Last month some old issues at home came to the surface, so I was a bit upset. For a few nights, I had trouble sleeping, and in the morning, my heart started pounding, but not as hard as it used to. My salivary glands got swollen a little and the pain reappeared. It was mild and it disappeared quickly, in half an hour. It was not exactly pain but more like unease, but it is all great compared to what it used to be.

Since the patient’s mental and emotional state has declined a bit, we have decided to repeat the remedy in the same potency as the last time.
Rp. Crotalus Cascavella 1M
Follow up in six months, or earlier if necessary.

Follow up after six months of Crotalus Cascavella 200c:

I felt great. My life has got meaning ones (once) again. I started doing things that I had neglected for a long time because of my condition. I enjoy all that. My daughter gave birth. I was able to help her a lot and that makes me very happy. I have made it through all of that excitement and action about the baby… I have had strength and energy. Altogether, I have had a nice time.

Everything is really good, so we,
Rp. Watch and wait

We have also instructed the patient on which symptoms she should pay attention in order to come to follow up in an optimal time to get the remedy, when and if necessary.

In this case, we never felt the need of Crotalus Cascavella 1m.

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Dr Mirjana Zivanov
Dr. Mirjana Živanov graduated from Medical Faculty, University of Novi Sad (Serbia) and London International College of Homeopathy. Mirjana has 10 years of everyday clinical practice in Classical Homeopathy, at homeopathic clinic in Novi Sad, Serbia. Mirjana is the author of the book “Homeopathy in Practice”. Mirjana can be contacted at:
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6 years ago

Dear Dr Mirjana,
great case!!
Thank you!

ജാഫര്‍ ബിന്‍ ഹുസൈന്‍

nice work Doctor. It is very useful article

7 years ago

Dear Dr Mirjana mam,
The patient was jumbled and troubled by allopathic medications.
The way you started homeopathic medication and treated with aconite and crotalus and the follow ups which the patient had given is really miraculous. You made the patinet not only healthy but HAPPY too.
thank you dear dr. mirjana mam for sharing this valuable case.
hoping to see such cases in future.

Dr mayurkumar
Dr mayurkumar
7 years ago

Dear Dr Mirjana mam,
The patient was jumbled and troubled with allopathic medications a lot.
The way you started her homeopathic treatment from aconite to cratalus and she gave follow ups in a manner that you not only made her healthy but HAPPY too.
thanks a lot for sharing this case and hoping to add more cases to learn from you.

Mayurkumar Teli
7 years ago

Dear dr mirjana mam

j b
j b
7 years ago

nice interpretaton of the case doctor good work

7 years ago

Congratulations. You have so many successful cases. dr Tatjana Puškar

zaheer Ahmad
7 years ago

Dear, Many many congratulations for serving the Humanity.

7 years ago

Great work!!! congo!

7 years ago

Dr Mirjana is a great doctor! Congratulation! Great case..