Homeopathic view on Health and Lifestyle

Homeopathy view on Health and Lifestyle:

We wish to introduce people to the homeopathic medicine, the medicine of today and tomorrow. Homeopathy is a branch of holistic medicine, the medicine that observes a man as a whole, the way he really is – impartial, complete, and unique. We want to show that homeopathic practice is more than successful in treating any kind of disease, or better – disorder because in the Homeopathic point of view disease is just an alteration, a disturbance, of state of health. Homeopathy is the way of treatment particularly benefits in the change of lifestyle to bring about health.

Homeopathic view on Health and Lifestyle

This altered state is created at some point and the patient is stuck in it, but which is always possible to change. During homeopathic treatment, a man leaves this altered state and gets back to his optimal state, his own vibration. Hence, to say, in which he lives in full consciousness, health, and freedom. He is free in the sense that he can make the right choices, the ones that will lead him to mature of both consciousness and spirit.

Disease from Homeopathic Point of View:

There are numerous reasons, which may disrupt a person’s ideal vibration, his own Golden ratio. With the fast development of modern civilization, there is an ever-increasing number of factors that can disrupt the order and tranquility in the human soul. This order and tranquility we should always cherish is our ideal vibration, the one that heals us and knows what is best for us. It may be felt most intensely in our hearts, so let us listen to our hearts – it whispers the truth.

Health Meaning From Homeopathic Point:

After a successful Homeopathic treatment, a patient returns in the state of health in which he used to be. It happens when he was in peace with himself and others. When in this state, he has a chance to preserve it with a new healthy lifestyle. Man in such a state does good deeds to people around him, to children, animals, plants, the environment. In addition, by doing so he inspires others to change, to improve consciousness of themselves, and everything that surrounds them. This raises the level of consciousness. It matures the light in us. Let us shine like a lighthouse because many need our help and guidance. Therefore, let us reach out to those who seek and want to move forward.

How does Homeopathy understand life?

Life is a game, a beautiful play in which the roles are given, not randomly, but precisely in a way that everybody gets a chance to advance and develop in his/her spiritual path. There is a divine spark in every man you can see it in everybody if you look at things with ease and with love. Since deep inside everyone is good and has a chance to advance and develop.

How Homeopathy can change our lifestyle?

Man gets wiser, as he ages. Successful Homeopathic treatment makes the patient wise and happy. Children, those heavenly beings, full of energy, will, and want, can make wonders guided by the wisdom of the elderly. Let us be good guides to those little angels. Be positive see the beauty. Feel the joy of the sunrise, a bird, a flower, a tree, the sun, the moon, the star Life is full of challenges, and each one of them, makes us learn something, helping us to mature. Embrace them with joy. Where there is peace, there is unity. We are all one.

Illness is a state in which the patient is. The cause itself is very subtle, in the higher levels of our existence, inextensible to our senses. Only if we get to the very essence of a man, the root of illness can be recognized, and then removed. The root is removed by wisdom, skill, and heavenly light.

To get to the essence of man, one should learn to watch and then see. Listen, and then hear.

To learn to choose, to connect, to see, to understand, feel, empathize. During years of our Homeopathic practice, we came across a wide variety of human suffering, difficulties, illnesses, disabilities.  All of these states limit the man’s ability to make, create, develop.

Take Away:

In the course of homeopathy treatment, these disturbances of patients’ state of health and lifestyle are removed in a swift and easy way. The result often looks like a miracle, but it is in fact a gradual peaceful change, based on the mobilization of the patient’s own healing powers – the immune system.

A change in you changes the world that surrounds you.
If you want a change, change yourself.
Elegant, sophisticated thoughts heighten us.
Learn to be patient, learn to wait…
Create your life yourself. Be courageous.


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dr bashir
7 years ago

dr u r so cute ,inteligent,hardworker,faithful..dr ur this page is very useful for readers.ur pages are heart touching..i apriciate uand pray…

Mubeen Salam
7 years ago

I went through the useful column of Dr. Mirjana … She is a dedicated and hard working professional lady
Dr…..who not only practicing on patient but also deliver a useful information for young doctors in this
field ….I think this is a great service of mankind and sharing her experience is appreciable …she works on
the soul of a patient which is very effective way of remedy the diseases…… such type of experiences
is highly remarkable and useful ….


Srdjan Matic
7 years ago

Nice article about homeopathy. After a successful homeopathic treatment a patient returns in the state of health (h). Nice book “Homeopathy in Practice”.

7 years ago

Nice information shared by you Dr.

7 years ago

Awsome information shared by you Dr.

7 years ago

awesom aand very useful information..