headachesilicea A dtp operator 35 male having severe headache cured with Silicea

-Dr.Devendra Kumar Munta MD(Homeo)
A dtp operator 35 male having severe headache since long. Headache ameliorated by vomiting. Upon inquiry it is known that patient whenever takes pickles and cold water he feels headache. After noon aggravation is the marked symptom. The patient is lean and tall with yielding attitude. He was given Silicea 200c 4 pills. Headache relieved gradually, up to 7 months there is no headache.
Catarrhal headaches, headaches that are associated with cold and cough, sinusitis are very much cured with Silicea. These persons have another strong feature that symptoms start or aggravate in the afternoon after 3 pm. If given silicea to a person suffering from cough,his cough will aggravate or start at 3 pm such is the strong feature ‘ the time of aggravation in silicea.’
 Another thing is that silicea person is avarice. Miser, they ask you the amount once again before paying consultation.  The miser feature in these persons is related with ‘modesty or shyness resulting from a lack of self-confidence’.  Really is lack of self confidence but we misunderstood that the person is miser.  When you say the consultation amount the silicea person again ask you how much is the consultation with face expression showing ‘modesty’. So these persons are marked as misers but really it is the modesty or shyness that runs in the background.
Work Sheet:

8th jan 2013
Headache vomiting ame,
sil 200c
24th jan 2013
relieved slight
25th feb 2013
relieved 80%,avarice
22nd june 2013
started headache
sil 200c
1st august 2013
syph 200c
15 November 2013
sil 1m

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