nasalcatarrh It is always better to go for complementary instead of repeating same remedy frequently- nasal catarrh case.

– Dr.Devendra Kumar Munta MD(Homeo)
Son of medical practitioner, 4 years male, of over active mind having symptoms of cough, lack of appetite and reducing weight. Cough is relieved after Natrum mur 200c 3 pills. In most cases it is observed that without considering other symptoms simply you can go for a single dose of Natrum Mur if there is lack of appetite. Certainly Natrum mur will improve appetite. But the problem is that you must apply this remedy in single dose format otherwise it will produce aggravation. Skin diseases like ring worm if suppressed will come out rigorously. Nasal discharges will take some other root like ear canal.
Patient in the 3rd visit, some symptoms like aversion to milk and fruits aversion are revealed. After Calcarea Carb and Tuberculinum his symptoms are mostly relieved. But symptoms are repeated after one month for which pulsatilla and Natrum Mur in high potency are used.
It is always better to go for complementary instead of repeating same remedy frequently. We must not be in a fiction that single remedy must cure entire constitution of the patient. Even if the same symptom it might be under different layers so it needs different remedies. Susceptibility to disease arise from suppression of chronic disease by allopathic medicines or naturally. Suppression is happening generations together. Necessity of Nosodes arising day by day. It needs to apply a dose of Nosode if symptoms are not relieved with indicated remedy.
Work Sheet:

1st may 2012
cough, no app, weightloss,
23rd june 2012
cough started again
9th july 2012
milk aversion, cough, fruits aversion
23rd july 2012
relieved 50 %
4th august 2012
relieved slight
22nd august 2012
relieved 50 %
8th oct 2012
relieved, fever night, no app
puls 200c
19th april 2013
rt 200c
15th june 2013
8th july 2013
after prawns
aa 200c
31st july 2013
cold started
kb 200c
19th august 2013
cold reld
sl 200c
09 November 2013
cold started
saclac 200c
16 December 2013
cold not relieved, no app,
nm 1m
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