amebiasisschoolteacher A School teacher of 36 male, amoebic complaints and Lycopodium

– Dr.Devendra Kumar Munta MD(Homeo)
A School teacher of 36 male is suffering from constipation, mucus stools and amoebic complaints. He has received a dose of Lycopodium 200c. Symptoms are not relieved with lyco, after repetition of a dose of sulphur patient feel more comfort and he is passing stool regularly.
Homeopathic Polycrest are enough to treat most diseases. Each Homeopathic remedy can be used multi- dimensional. But wait and watch method is very much useful in getting expected result. Changing remedy frequently will always complicate the case. Each remedy that you have given to patient will have its own impact on vitality, physiological process of the patient. So it is always better to change remedy only when needed.
Avoiding exciting factors is an important step in Homeopathic treatment. We have to check whether the aggravation is due to Remedy or some other food or environmental factor.  If patients physical generals are normal means regular bowel movements, good appetite, refreshed sleep etc, then the aggravation is not due to remedy. It is always due to food or environmental effects. In these cases you should not change the remedy. If patients symptoms resemble remedy symptoms, mostly it can be identified with ‘time of aggravation’, in this case it need to antidote the remedy.
Work Sheet:

27th august 2012
constipation, mucus stools,
lyco 200c
11th sep 2012
flatus passing, stool not relieved
sl 200c
3rd oct 2012
no stool, insufficient,
sulph 200c
25th oct 2012
acidity, stool relieved
sl 200c
27th oct 2012
sl 200c
4th march 2013
symptoms started again
cc 200c
5th april 2013
not reld
tub 200c
9th may 2013
gum stools
lyco 1m
17th june 2013
piles ext, stool regular
9th july 2013
piles reld,ulcers reld,
28th sep 2013
pain body, gas, relieved
27 November 2013
relieved slight,
saclac 200c
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