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backpainfarmer Complementing remedies for cure in chronic cases - Lumbago

Farmer of 39 years having complaint of severe lumbar pain, MRI Reveals disc bulge at L4- L5 vertebra. No other peculiar symptoms other than profuse sweating. His back pain is relieved with Calcarea carb 200c. After 9 months he has developed  distension of abdomen and incomplete stools.
Lycopodium 200c 4 pills relieved his complaint. He is totally relieved of his back pain and gastritis symptoms. Even if you don’t know the exact remedy you can go for remedy with partial indications example is this case. The first prescribed remedy will lead into next best remedy. The symptoms produced after first remedy are the indication for the complementary remedy. But in chronic cases it takes months of time. So you need to wait long time after first prescription. Those who wait without changing remedy frequently will get permanent cure. This in the manner complementing one remedy with other to achieve cure in chronic cases. It is difficult to cure entire constitution with single remedy.
Do you know man is a ‘micro cosmos’. He represents the entire universe. Human body contains every element that present in the universe. Each and every Homeopathic remedy will have indications in his body. But one remedy dominates at a time.  But it is not possible to convert every element into Homeopathic remedy. Even we don’t know some elements in the universe. We are treating patients with most available remedies.
Whatever the best remedy you select for the patient it will not work if the environmental factors are unfavorable for the patient. The comfort in weather, sleep, food he takes and work stress will have great impact on action of the remedy. Whatever the best remedy you select if not produced good result it needs to change the living location of the patient. Probable 100 km away from the present location. In those case even partially indicated remedy can produce great improvement in health condition. If patient is on death bed, treat him by keeping far away from his home, certainly you will have good success rate.

29th march 2012
disc bulge l4-l5,back pain, sitting
30th april 2012
little relieved
sl200c, cp6x
18th june 2012
sl200c, cp6x
27th july 2012
relieved little
26th sep 2012
pain relieved little
sl 200c
27th dec 2012
gas formed, stool incomplete
lyco 200c
28th feb 2013
relieved most
sl 200c
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