Are Homeopathic Medicines Dangerous?

Friends our topic today is on whether homeopathic medicines are really dangerous. In fact, if you take raw materials that make up homeopathic remedies, they considered dangerous. People have too many doubts that homeopathic medicines are dangerous. Dear friends, let us think logically and decide whether homeopathic medicines are dangerous or not?

In order to know whether homeopathic medicines are dangerous or not, one must know the way they manufactured. We also need to know Homeopathic medicine’s raw materials.

First, let us learn about homeopathic medicine sources:

  1. Plant products
  2. Animal Products
  3. Mineral
  4. Disease Products
  5. Imponderables

Okay, now we know which raw materials from homeopathic medicines made.

Let us see Dangerous Homeopathic medicines suppose made From Plants.

Some of those plants may be dangerous and some may not be dangerous. For example, Homeopathic medicine pulsatilla is not dangerous. For the reason that Pulsatilla is not a harmful plant. However, if a homeopathic medicine made from a plant called Rhustox, it can be dangerous. Since Rhustox is a very toxic plant. The point here is what kind of homeopathic medicines are toxic.

Although made from such harmful plants, the process of making them harmless is great. The process of making homeopathic medicines harmless called dynamization or Potentisation. Such toxic plants also manufactured to avoid danger. Homeopathic remedies made by diluting (Potentisation) the plant liquids to avoid dangers. This is a great approach.

Dangers Of Homeopathic Medicines
Dangers Of Homeopathic Medicines

Now let us look at homeopathic remedies made from Minerals:

Are Homeopathic Medicines Dangerous with heavy metals or poisonous minerals? It should also say that this is not the case. Since these minerals are diluted in the same way as above. Poison chemicals, such as the Arsenicum album, also used as harmless or non-dangerous Homeopathic medicine. All this accomplished by a method called dynamization in homeopathy.

Now let us see whether the products of such animal products manufactured in homeopathy are dangerous.:

For example, Homeopathic remedies made from cockroach called Blatta Orientalis. Homeopathic remedies made from this cockroach used to prevent asthma. Actually, excessive eating cockroaches can be fatal. However, homeopathic remedies with cockroaches do no harm. Here also used homeopathic Potentisation to make non-dangerous medicines.

In addition, homeopathic medicines made from diseased products. For example, a Homeopathic remedy that is genuinely harmless can be made from the expectoration of a patient with tuberculosis. This is also possible with a method called Potentisation.

And lastly, about harmless Homeopathic remedies made from anywhere. Homeopathic medicines made from the light, magnet, and X-Ray. All that is done by dynamization harmless.

Friends, please believe us Homeopathic medicines do no harm. All of the Homeopathic Medicines are safe. However, you should use a Homeopathic remedy with a good homeopathic physician. Assuming you have taken homeopathic medicines by yourself, it may be harmful. We have some insight into whether homeopathic medicines are dangerous. See you again tomorrow.

Potentization is the process by which homeopathic remedies are made. It is a series of dilutions and agitations. First, the substance from which the remedy derives is either dissolved into a tincture or ground into a powder form in which a tincture is made.

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