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VIRAL INFECTION Homeopathy is only the medicine for prevention and cure.

Hello, today our topic for discussion is corona virus also called COVID-19. Initial days when it is December 31, 2019 patients used to call in a Hurry about the Corona viral infection. We did not take it seriously as patients worried. Also never have suggested any Homeopathy remedy for the prevention of corona virus. However, as the days pass on infection increased gradually. Currently, it became very serious and killing thousands of people all over the world. It seems to be a deadly virus. Therefore, it is time to find a Homeopathic remedy called Genus Epidemicus. The Homeopathic stalwarts all over the world have different opinions on Genus Epidemicus for corona virus. Today in this article, we will discuss the most possible Homeopathic remedy to prevent the Corona virus as well to cure.

It thought to be the infection spread from the animals. All of us know that Wuhan City in China the center for the spread of corona virus infection. We cannot deny the possibility of the spread of corona virus infection from bats and snakes. However, the viral structure little differs in the animals and human bodies.

Corona Homeopathy Prevention

About the Corona Virus:

First, we need to know what a corona virus is. The virus is not unknown to us for long. It is a virus belongs to the Corona family. The Crown like structure of the virus indicates the name Corona. There are many species, sub-varieties are present in this family. However, the present COVID-19 is very peculiar. It has enough strength to settle in human bodies. In fact, the current families mostly grow in animals and birds. This virus is also like an influenza virus. It also produces symptoms just like influenza. Severe respiratory symptoms that it produces are the cause for most deaths. The virus’s body becomes more strengthened when compared to human bodies. The change in lifestyle and food habits is also the culprit.

Symptoms of Corona Viral Infection:

Coming to the symptoms of Corona virus, most of the cases do not show any symptoms until it becomes severe. The incubation period of this virus will be of 14 days. The infected person may produce symptoms within these 14 days or after the 14 days. It is not uncommon that many cases remain asymptomatic. At first, the patient experiences a little cold, running nose. Sometimes the patient may experience uneasiness in the throat. In the later stages, it develops dry cough within no time it leads to lobar pneumonia. The patients with uncontrollable diabetes, kidney, cardiac diseases, and chronic smokers and alcoholics are the most vulnerable groups. Mortality is also very high in this group. Some patients may experience vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, tiredness, and confusion. Haemotoxicity is the chief pathogenesis caused by the coronavirus.

Homeopathy is only the Medicine for Prevention and cure of Corona Viral Infection:

Now let us discuss the prevention of Corona viral infection. Coming to the most important point in this article what is the indicated remedy for the prevention of COVID-19. As discussed in the above paragraph, if we repertorize the symptoms it indicates Bryonia, Arsenicum album and Natrum Muriaticum. We have collected the corona virus symptoms from patients all over the world. In the initial days, we thought it is the Gelsemium indicating. However, after studying the corona infection cases we concluded that Bryonia and Arsenic Album are working well. In some cases, Natrum Muriaticum is also doing well.

Conclusion on Corona Homeopathic Preventive:

The conclusion is that if you want to prevent the Corona viral infection with Homeopathy, we suggest you give ………..(please follow AYUSH, India, Guidelines) two pills in the morning for 3 days. In addition, after a week give (please follow AYUSH, India, Guidelines) two pills a single dose. Moreover, (please follow AYUSH, India, Guidelines) two pills after 15 days can prevent the recurrence of Corona virus infection.

Natrum Muriaticum, Sabadilla, and Phosphorus are the important Homeopathic medicines to thought of in Corona virus-infected cases. Some other Homeopathic medicines may indicate according to the symptoms.

It is only the Homeopathy that can prevent the Corona virus infection not the other systems of medicine. Why because it’s very time taking and the matter of cost for the preparation of vaccines and other Ayurveda medicines. Homeopathy is the Cost-effective medicine, you can distribute medicines for people all over the world with very minimum cost. It is not the case with the other systems of medicine. If we look back, history reveals that the Homeopathy proved it’s efficacy in the prevention of swine flu, SARS, Chikungunya, and Brain fever.

Readers requested to watch our video on corona virus infection in regional language Telugu.

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