Homeopathic medicine for Torticollis

Homeopathic medicine for Torticollis:

Torticollis causes the head to tilt down. It is a problem mainly involving the muscles of the neck. It is also called the wryneck. The neck is the most mobile part of the spine. We should not forget that it is a passage for the vital flux of air, food, blood, and nerves. In addition, it contains three endocrine glands essential for growth and the phospho-calcific, metabolism. The Problems of the neck always announce a profound pathology on the physical level, such as liver and sight disorders. In addition, on the mental plane, diseases like depression, migraines, sighing and weeping. In fact, Homeopathic medicine can perfectly treat acute as well as chronic cases of Torticollis.

We must use Homeopathic medicine for the contraction to cure the problem of Torticollis permanently. Anxiety neurosis is most probably related to chronic Torticollis in young people. However, disorders of blood vessels and bones cause Torticollis in old people.

Homeopathic medicine for Torticollis
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What causes torticollis?

Shortening of Sterno cleido mastoid muscles (muscles that extend from the back of the ear to collarbone on either side) on one side is the cause of Wryneck. It may be congenital or acquired. The exact cause for the shortening of this muscle is unknown.

Homeopathic remedy for Acute Torticollis:

Bryonia Alba – Homeopathic medicine for relief  of Torticollis by strong pressure:

Bryonia is the top grade Homeopathic medicine for Torticollis where the least movement causes pain. On the contrary, strong pressure relieves the symptoms. If you are catching a cold during summer, then it is the right remedy for you. Mostly the problem of Torticollis occurs in the evening. You will have complete stillness and cannot sit up.

Cimicifuga – Best homeopathic medicine for torticollis with rheumatic complaints:

Cimicifuga is the Homeopathic medicine for Torticollis with neck and back stiffness after a draft of air. If at all, the significant muscular spasm pulling your head backward, then Cimicifuga is your right medicine. The people, who need to prescribe this medicine, often suffer from rheumatic pains. Lumbosacral pain down to thighs and hip is another important symptom. Torticollis may occur as a part of premenstrual syndrome. The problem mainly increases before and during menses. They become somewhat sad from Wryneck.

Cuprum Metallicum – Topmost homeopathic remedy for torticollis with tetanus origin:

Cuprum Metallicum especially helps in the treatment of torticollis of tetany in origin. It is the best remedy for all kinds of cramps, especially extremities. For the Torticollis that appears before menses, Cuprum Metallicum is the topmost Homeopathic medicine.

Lachnantes – excellent Homeopathic medicine for torticollis with cold sensation:

Lachnantes is the Homeopathic remedy for recent spasmodic torticollis treatment. Sternocleidomastoid muscle (the muscle which covers sternum, clavicle, and up to mastoid bone) and nape of the neck is its main target. It is the Homeopathic remedy for torticollis where often head pulled to right. Migraine with chilliness also indicates Lachnantes. Wryneck with local cold sensations in the back mainly calls for this medicine.

Menyanthes – very good homeopathic remedy for torticollis with pain from neck to back:

Menyanthes is the medicine for your torticollis with pain from nape extends to your entire brain. You will experience pressing in vertex. Your torticollis relieves by rest. A strong pressure with hand often worsens the pain. Torticollis with cracking in your jaws especially indicates this Homeopathic medicine. Twitching of facial muscles that attend with torticollis also needs to prescribe Menyanthes.

Homeopathy medicines for the treatment of Torticollis according to the Location:

  • First Vertebra (Atlas): torticollis that arises from the problem in the first vertebra is needed to prescribe Palladium. In this case, you may experience a headache from the temple to the temple.
  • Pain in your first vertebra that leads to torticollis with depression indicates Cuprum Arsenicosum. Throbbing in the right temple, you may experience before the actual depressive state occurs. In addition, anxiety and sleeplessness are the other attending symptoms.
  • Torticollis due to problem in your fourth cervical vertebra is needed to prescribe Menyanthes.
  • Seventh cervical stiffness that causes torticollis is requiring Rhus Toxicodendron. Contracture after overexertion is its important indication. The Wryneck attends with left arm numbness and forearm weakness. The pain of torticollis relief from lying on something hard. In addition, slow motion if relieve the pain, then Rhus Toxicodendron is the perfect Homeopathic medicine for torticollis.

Torticollis due to dorsal vertebral problem:

  • Eighth Dorsal vertebra if it causes torticollis, Magnesia Phosphoricum is the indicated remedy. You will have tetanic spams in this case. You may also experience weakness in your arms and hands. Your fingers become stiff and numb. Warmth and pressure often cause little relief. Torticollis particularly at night indicates Magnesia Phosphoricum. Cold and tough especially at night worsen your condition of torticollis.

Homeo medicine for torticollis due to Lateral spasms:

Abies Nigra is the main Homeopathic remedy for your torticollis, where you have chilliness between shoulders. It indicates for torticollis especially if you have thoracic and diaphragmatic disorders.

Capsicum is the Homeopathic medicine for your torticollis if you suffer from sacral pain with diarrhea. Agonizing pains by attacks of torticollis especially indicate this remedy.

Lilium Tigrinum is the remedy for torticollis if the pain extends to the right arm. In addition, torticollis attending with palpitations chiefly need to prescribe this Homeopathic medicine.

Burning pains between your scapulas, on the other hand, indicates Lycopodium for Wryneck. Pains mainly extend to the thorax, in case if you need this remedy.

Agaricus for torticollis with the sensitive spine:

Agaricus helps in the treatment of torticollis if your spine is very sensitive to touch. Pain is like a prick with pins and needles. In addition, you might experience tics.

Ammonium Muriaticum is the indicated medicine for torticollis if you have agonizing pains when moving head. Pain between scapulas when breathing especially indicates Pulsatilla for torticollis.

Sepia is the Homeopathic medicine for torticollis if you have pain under the scapula. You might also have pains in back and heel. Moreover, it indicates when your torticollis relieves by strong pressure.

Homeopathy Medicines for torticollis in relation to sternocleidomastoid muscle spasm:

  • Muscles, trauma : Arnica
  • Serous membranes; synovia: Bryonia
  • Nervous tics: Hyoscyamus
  • Tendons strained: Rhus Tox
  • Periosteum; sprained: Ruta

Homeopathic remedy for torticollis from disorders of trapezius muscle:

(the muscle that covers the backside of scapula up to ear and below skull on either side.)

Chelidonium – Best homeopathic medicine for torticollis with pain in the right shoulder:

Chelidonium is the remedy for your torticollis where it involves the right shoulder and scapula. The inner and lower angle of left scapula particularly effected here in this case. You will experience pain as if the neck will break. You will also feel pain in the upper digestive tract. Pain is usually worse on moving right arm. Taking deep breaths also causes great pain. If you wake up especially at 4 am with pain from torticollis, it is the perfect Homeopathic medicine for you.

Chenopodium is the accurate medicine for your Wryneck if you experience pain between shoulder blade angles near the spine. Meniere’s disease is the attending disease with the above symptoms.

Acute or chronic contractures, on the other hand, suggest Cimicifuga and Phosphorus for your torticollis.

Phosphorus – excellent homeo medicine for torticollis in talkative persons:

If you are a talkative person, then Phosphorus can help you with your torticollis. For your weak spine especially neck with torticollis, Phosphorus is only the medicine to cure your condition. burning between your shoulder blades is the main indication of this Homeopathic medicine for your torticollis.

Homeopathic remedy for Torticollis where Chin pulled to right:

If chin pulled to right with attending lumbar and tailbone problems, Causticum is the best medicine for your torticollis. It helps you particularly for your torticollis during menses. Cuprum Metallicum is greatly helpful for your torticollis of right side pulled chin if tetany is its origin. Lycopodium is for your torticollis that pulled to right and then left. If local heat particularly relieves your torticollis, it is the only homeopathic medicine to cure.

Homeopathic remedy for Torticollis where Chin pulled to left:

Asarum helps in the treatment of your left torticollis if you are sensitive to hearing. It is also the best Homeopathic medicine for your torticollis during menses. Taking vinegar or sour things particularly relieve the pain of your torticollis. In addition, bathing produces little relief of your pain.

Caulophyllum is also the remedy for your torticollis of chin pulled on left. It is as well a great remedy for torticollis in women. For your torticollis after abortion or menses, it is the perfect match. Hand and finger pains are often the main complaints we hear from these patients.

Nux Vomica is also another homeopathic remedy for Torticollis where Chin pulled to left. In this case, the pain of Wryneck will extend down to the back. You will experience the problem of torticollis, particularly after meals. In addition, touching the chin, a little bit can worse your problem.

Chelidonium and Phosphorus are also very good remedies for torticollis of chin pulled to left.

Homeopathy Medicine for Torticollis where the problem is in the neck bones:

Homeopathy Bio-chemic salts for Torticollis:

Calcarea Carbonica 6x for torticollis:

Calcarea Carbonica is an excellent homeopathic biochemic for torticollis if your superficial neck pains extend to occiput. You may have pain such as cramps. You will also experience burning in your neck. If you feel like biting, then Calcarea Carbonica is the best homeopathic remedy for torticollis.

Calc flour 6x for torticollis:

Calcarea Fluorica is the best homeopathic cell salt for torticollis if you have overgrowths in your bone. Bony overgrowths especially on fingers and vertebra indicate this medicine. in addition, you may have varicose veins.

Calcarea Phosphorus 6x for torticollis:

Calcarea Phosphorica is the perfect match for your torticollis if your pain increases with damp cold. Your neck becomes stiff from cold exposure. Snow also causes much pain, where we need to prescribe this remedy. In addition, the least draft of air causes great pain of torticollis.

Natrum Phosphorus 6x for torticollis:

Natrum Phosphoricum is also very good tissue salt for torticollis if you have rheumatic pains in the neck and knees. Acid dyspepsia particularly indicates this homeopathic biochemic for Wryneck. Skin eruptions such as eczema often attend with torticollis. Moreover, you will also have diarrhea in relation to your torticollis.

Silicea 6x for torticollis:

Silicea is also an excellent homeopathic biochemic for torticollis in case if you are sensitive to cold. In addition, to torticollis, you will often experience coccyx pains. Silicea is also the most useful homeopathic remedy for torticollis, in cases where migraine headaches are common.

Constitutional Homeopathic remedy for Torticollis:

Causticum – best homeopathic medicine for torticollis in sympathetic persons:

Causticum is the perfect homeopathic medicine for your torticollis if you have a dull pain in the nape of the neck. Your shoulders will be a stick in between. Pain in the neck usually worsens after exposure to cold mainly suggests Causticum for torticollis. On the contrary, damp cold weather and rainy particularly relieve the complaints.

Colchicum for torticollis with attending liver complaints:

Colchicum is an excellent homeopathic medicine for torticollis if you have arthritic pains. Gout may also be the cause. You will have pains mainly in your nape of neck and occiput. Front of your head and sides may involve. It is the best homeopathic remedy for torticollis, particularly when you feel pain often in your back.

Dulcamara for torticollis with pain from damp cold weather:

Dulcamara is the homeopathic remedy very essential in arthritis treatment. It also helps in the treatment of your torticollis, if it is worse from damp cold weather. Any kind of movement usually gives you a great relief of your pain. Heat in general reduces your pain.

Graphites – topmost homeopathic medicine for torticollis with skin complaints in combination:

Graphites is the best homeopathic remedy for your torticollis with stiffness in the vertebra. The sensation is such that as if “sand” prevents the joints from moving. If your neck pains when looking up or putting limbs up, then Graphites is the best homeopathic medicine for your torticollis.

Guaiacum for torticollis with stiffness in the neck:

Guaiacum is also an excellent medicine for your Wryneck if you have a stiff neck with sore shoulders. The backside of your neck has a kind of aching. Your neck pain will shift to head. Left shoulder and scapula are mainly involved in this case.

Selenium – best homeopathic medicine for torticollis with great weakness:

Selenium is the best homeopathic medicine for torticollis if you have weakness in the back. Paralytic weakness especially suggests this homeopathic remedy. The problem of torticollis particularly increases in the morning. In this case, you will experience the tearing type of pains.


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