Homeopathic medicine for Tonsillitis

Homeopathic medicine for Tonsillitis:

The inflammation of tonsils is known as tonsillitis. Tonsils are nothing but lymph nodes, on either side of the throat inside. They get swell in general (Immune response) to produce a kind of cells that helps in protecting you against infections. In fact, viral tonsillitis is a common variety than bacterial. Streptococcal tonsillitis or strep throat will have severe complications. Usually, antibiotics are prescribed for your Tonsillitis in Allopathy. Antibiotics may relieve the first attacks. However, they cannot stop the recurrence. On the other hand, your tonsillitis whether it is viral or bacterial can effectively cure with Homeopathic medicine. With the help of Homeopathic Treatment, the patient recovers much better and without side effects. Homeopathy constitutional treatment only can prevent and cure tonsillitis permanently.

Homeopathic medicine for Tonsillitis

Common symptoms of Tonsillitis include:

  • Redness and, swelling in tonsils
  • White coating or patches on the tonsils
  • Sore throat
  • painful swallowing
  • Fever
  • glands Enlargement, (lymph nodes) in the neck
  • Hoarseness of voice
  • Badmouth odor
  • Stomach pain children
  • Pain in neck
  • Headache 

Homeopathic medicine for Red throat with Tonsillitis:

Aconitum – Homeopathy remedy for tonsillitis with sudden high fever:

Aconitum is the most helpful Homeopathic medicine for tonsillitis with a sudden high fever. For a child with a swollen dry tongue, it is the correct medicine. It helps greatly in the cure of tonsillitis, in anxious children. Moreover, it is the best Homeopathic medicine for tonsillitis in restless children. Aconite is more helpful when thirst is high during the acute attack of tonsillitis. 

Apis – Homeopathy medicine for Tonsillitis with no thrist:

Apis is the remedy for Tonsillitis if you have constriction feeling in the throat. Urination will be scanty or no urine with Tonsillitis particularly indicates this medicine. It is the appropriate medicine for your Tonsillitis with no thirst. Pale and translucid edema often signify the Apis for your Tonsillitis.

Belladonna – Homeopathic Medicine for red and swollen tonsils

Belladonna is the most reliable medicine for your tonsillitis, if your tonsils are swollen and shine, red. Your tongue will be dry. Spasmodic constriction of your throat is a specific indication of this medicine. Your headache and throat pain is like a throbbing. Moreover, it is the best medicine for an abscess that formed on especially the tonsils.

Homeopathy medicine for Tonsillitis according to the membrane over the tonsils:

Phytolacca – Best Homeopathic medicine for chronic Tonsillitis

Phytolacca decandra is the most beneficial Homeopathic medicine for tonsillitis with ash-colored membranes. In addition, dark red cover can be seen over the tonsils. If your throat pain radiates to ear and neck, Phytolacca is the accurate selection. Here also you will experience a burning spasmodic constriction in the throat. For the treatment of tonsillitis that appears periodically, it is the best Homeopathic remedy. For the same reason, Phytolacca greatly helps in the treatment of chronic tonsillitis.

Mercurius Solubulis – Best Homeopathic remedy for Tonsillitis with profuse salivation:

High fever with intense thirst especially indicates Mercurius Solubulis for the infection of your tonsils. You may have profuse sticky sweat in this case. Tonsils pain particularly during the night is the indication for Mercurius Solubulis. Thick grayish membranes over your tonsils mainly suggest the Mercurius Solubulis.  For profuse saliva with tonsillitis, it is the best medicine. In addition, your saliva is like a metallic taste. The imprint of teeth over your tongue also indicates this Homeopathic medicine for your tonsillitis. The tongue will always be moist. Your lymph nodes will be swollen all the time. Pus formation may also occur in your tonsils.

Mercurius Cyanatus –  most useful remedy for tonsillitis with intense redness of faucets:

It is also a very good remedy where tonsils are necrosed (death tissue formation). These patients might have albumin in their urine. As a result, kidney diseases such as nephritis often follow tonsillitis.

Diphterotoxinum – best medicine for severe acute tonsillitis with hoarseness:

Many little swollen lymph nodes are seen on the sides of the neck. It is also the most useful remedy for sub-acute tonsillitis. It can easily prevent the recurrences of tonsil infections.

Pyrogenium, then  Hepar Sulphuricum, the action of these Homeopathic medicines on tonsillitis is like antibiotics.  For that reason, these medicines can prevent tonsil infection in the initial stages.

Homeopathic medicines for extremely severe cases of Tonsillitis:

 Ailanthus Glandulosa is the Homeopathic remedy for tonsillitis with much swelling. It is the most desirable remedy for tonsillitis if you have a silent fever. It is also useful in cases of mononucleosis and scarlet fever.

Arum Triphyllum is for severe tonsillitis with much burning pain. Swelling along the entire respiratory tract especially indicates this Homeopathic remedy. If you experience hoarseness with tonsillitis, it is the top remedy for you.

Arsenicum Album is your Homeopathic remedy for tonsillitis if you are unable to swallow. Dry and wrinkled membranes are an indication of this remedy. Tonsils all swollen with much pain are mainly curable with Arsenicum Album.

Muriatic Acid helps in the treatment of ulcerative tonsillitis. In fact, high fever in tonsils indicates this Homeopathic remedy. It is also useful when you have great edema with much more weakness.

On the other hand, ulcers in the soft palate along with tonsillitis indicate Nitric acid. Splinter like pains is its specific nature.

Sulfuric Acid is the most specific medicine for tonsillitis in children. It is useful especially for tonsillitis if the child has a mouth infection. In addition, bleeding from mouth is seen.

Homeopathic remedy for tonsillitis according to the body constitution:

  • Baryta Carbonica is especially for tonsillitis in heavy and slow children.
  • Baryta Iodate helps in the treatment of tonsillitis in thin and nervous children
  • For tonsillitis in thin and sad children, Baryta Muriatica is the topmost Homeopathy remedy.

Homeopathic medicines for tonsillitis as per associated complaints:

Aesculus hip is the best Homeopathic medicine for tonsillitis in combination with hemorrhoids. If you have liver complaints in relation to your tonsils, this Homeopathic medicine can help you. for your back pain also, it is the most suited medicine.

Cantharis is for your tonsillitis with violent constriction in the throat. Here also liver complaints are common. If you have very tenacious mucus from the mouth, cantharis is the medicine for you. Burning pain throat with tonsillitis is especially indicated by this remedy.

Capsicum – Homeopathy medicine for burning pains in throat extends to ear with tonsillitis:

 It is also useful in cases of mastoiditis. For your Eustachian tube block also it is a very good remedy. Sore throat of smokers especially needs to prescribe this Homeopathic medicine. if you have great dryness and constriction in the throat with tonsillitis, capsicum is the perfect selection for you. in addition, capsicum is the most reliable Homeopathy medicine for tonsillitis in drinkers.

Homeopathic remedy for tonsillitis during menses:

Magnesia Carbonica for tonsillitis before menses:

Magnesia Carbonica particularly helps in the treatment of tonsillitis before menses. If you have vesicular eruption over the tonsils, this Homeopathic remedy can be your best one. It is also an excellent medicine for toothaches associate with tonsillitis.

Lac Caninum is for tonsillitis especially during menses:

Lac Caninum is especially for tonsillitis during menses. You will have silvery-white membranes all over the mouth. You experience stiffness in your neck and tongue. Your tonsillitis symptoms will change from side to side. For your mastitis in relation to tonsillitis, Lac Caninum is the best remedy.

Phytolacca for tonsillitis during menses:

Phytolacca is for tonsillitis that is before and during menses. Rheumatism in union with tonsillitis particularly needs to prescribe this Homeopathic medicine. Chronic mastitis is also the attending symptom with the above.

Homeopathic remedy for tonsillitis according to the side effected:

Left side tonsillitis:

Lachesis is the best Homeopathic medicine for your tonsillitis on the left that progresses to right. It is the correct remedy for your extremely dry and swollen tonsils. You may observe blackish membranes over the tonsils. Your tonsils get pain by any kind of warm drink. Even the slightest pressure causes great pain in your tonsils.

Mercurius Biiodatus is the most useful remedy for tonsillitis in those with dark red fauces. Conjunctivitis in succession with tonsillitis especially indicates this remedy. For those persons with severe lymph nodes swellings, it is the right remedy.

Right side tonsillitis:

Lycopodium is the first-grade remedy for your tonsillitis on the right that progresses to left. Cool drinks usually worsen pain in your tonsils. On the contrary, warm drinks will relieve your suffering from tonsillitis.

Mercurius Protoiodatus is also a very good Homeopathic remedy for tonsillitis on right. Discharge from posterior nares mainly suggests us to use this remedy. It is also useful in cases of maxillary sinusitis. For Tonsillitis in children especially during teething, Mercurius Protoiodatus is the best medicine.


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