Homeopathic medicine for Mitral valve Insufficiency

Homeopathic medicine for Mitral valve Insufficiency:

The incompetent mitral valve that does not close properly causes insufficiency in blood supply. For the reason, that improper closing of the mitral valve, the blood backflows into the heart while pumping. This causes great stress on the heart. Shortness of breath, fatigue, and fluttering of the heart are the symptoms, patients often experience. Mitral valve Insufficiency can gradually reduce with Homeopathic medicine. However, the patient with severe mitral valve incompetence certainly needs surgery. Whereas, Homeopathic treatment is under the supervision of Cardiologist, without doubt, helps in the cure of Mitral valve regurgitation.

Homeopathic medicine for Mitral valve Insufficiency

Mitral Valve with dilated, weakened, and irregular heart:

Convallaria Majalis is the Homeopathic medicine greatly helps in the dilated heart conditions:

It is particularly a heart remedy. Convallaria Majalis especially Increases energy of hearts’ action, renders it more regular. This Homeopathic remedy is of use when the ventricles over distend.

Moreover, dilatation begins, and when there is an absence of compensatory hypertrophy. In addition, it highly benefits in Mitral valve Insufficiency when venous stasis is marked.

Dyspnoea, dropsy, aneuric tendency are the other indications to select this Homeopathic medicine for Mitral valve Insufficiency. This medicine helps in another condition that is Anasarca.

Digitalis comes into play in all diseases where the heart is primarily involved:

This Homeopathic Medicine especially benefits in Mitral valve Insufficiency where the pulse is weak, irregular, intermittent, and abnormally slow. The Dropsy of external and internal parts is due to heart valve complaints. Weakness and dilatation of the myocardium with Mitral valve regurgitation indicates Digitalis. Its greatest indication is in the failure of compensation and especially when auricular fibrillation. It helps in cases, where slow pulse in a recumbent posture, but irregular and dicrotic on sitting up.

This Homeopathic medicine also benefits in the treatment of auricular flutter and fibrillation especially when subsequent to rheumatic fever. Heart block and very slow pulse are other indications of this Homeopathic remedy. Mitral valve Insufficiency with other symptoms of organic heart disease needs Digitalis especially. Symptoms such as great weakness and sinking of strength, faintness, coldness of skin come under the action of Digitalis. In addition, irregular respiration and cardiac irritability with Mitral valve regurgitation respond to this Homeopathic remedy.

Strophantus acts on Mitral valve where oedema and dropsy have supervened:

Strophanthus is a muscle poison. It increases the contractile power of all striped muscles. It acts on the heart. Strophantus particularly increasing the systole and diminishes the rapidity.

This Homeopathic remedy can use with the advantage to tone the heart in case of Mitral valve incompetence. It runs off dropsical accumulations from the body. Small doses of mother tincture are always helpful for the weak heart with mitral valve complaints. Strophantus is the Homeopathic remedy that especially helps in the treatment of mitral regurgitation in those who feel heart enlarged.

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Homeopathy remedy for Mitral valve in case of cardiac asthma:
Adonis Vernalis is a heart medicine, after rheumatism, influenza, or Bright’s disease:

It greatly helps in Mitral valve incompetence where the muscles of the heart are in the stage of fatty degeneration. Adonis Vernalis especially benefits in regulating the pulse and increasing the power of contractions of the heart. It increases urinary secretions. In addition, it is most valuable in cardiac dropsy. It is the best Homeopathic medicine for Mitral valve Insufficiency in those who suffer from low vitality, weak heart, and slow, weak pulse. Hydrothorax, ascites and anasarca especially in relation to mitral valve disease are curable with this Homeopathic remedy.

Crataegus acts on the muscle of heart, and is a heart tonic:

Chronic heart disease like Mitral valve Insufficiency with extreme weakness is the field of action of this Homeopathic remedy. This Homeopathic Medicine particularly benefits in very feeble and irregular heart action. It greatly helps in heart conditions like giddiness, lowered pulse, air hunger, and reduction in blood pressure.

Cardiac dropsy, general Anasarca, and fatty degeneration in relation to Mitral valve regurgitation are curable with this Homeopathic remedy. Extreme dyspnoea on the least exertion, without much increase of pulse, is the important indication to use Crataegus for Mitral regurgitation. In this case, the patient often feels pain in the region of the heart and under the left clavicle. Heart muscles seem flabby with mitral valve insufficiency and worn out. Crataegus is the best Homeopathic medicine for cough and asthma in case of heart dilatation.

Laurocerasus – Mitral regurgitation with clutching at heart and palpitation:

This drug often magically influences spasmodic tickling cough, especially in cardiac patients. Lack of reaction, particularly in chest and heart affections are the indications useful to select this Homeopathic Medicine for Mitral valve insufficiency. Drink rolls audibly through the esophagus and intestines are the peculiar symptoms in these patients. Laurocerasus is the Homeopathic remedy that especially helps in the treatment of mitral valve regurgitation, in those who feel general coldness, not ameliorated by warmth.

Chronic inflammation of diaphragm with enlarged ventricle, on the other hand, suggests Cactus Grandiflorus for Mitral valve insufficiency.


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