Homeopathic Medicine for Irregular menses in young girls

Homeopathic Medicine for Irregular menses in young girls:

If the duration of the menses cycle varies other than 35 days, then it can call as irregular menses. In fact, the family history of the menstrual cycle influences this condition. Stress, medications, smoking, and alcohol can also cause a disturbance in the menses cycle. Irregular menses, this natural period in a woman’s life, allows her to express very important symptoms that help, in selecting Homeopathic medicine for her constitution. To put it another way, this is a fantastic gold mine of information for the Homeopathic doctor.

Homeopathic Medicine for Irregular menses in young girls

Irregular menses, on the other hand, helps in analyzing all the symptoms such as bulimia, coryza, faintness, headache, insomnia, leucorrhea, migraine, nervousness, pains, sexual desire, and sighing, etc. The symptoms that occur before, during, and after the flows of blood, present us an idea on the constitution of the patient. Most of the functional disorders related to the menstrual cycle have a favorable and quick solution. Homeopathic remedies will reestablish and correct the endocrine balance. Moreover, Homeopathic treatment prevents any complications (fibroma, mastitis, etc) without side effects.

Homeopathic Remedies for irregular and Scanty Menses (insufficient): 

To regulate the menstrual system, the polycrest Homeopathic medicines are of immense help.
When it is not possible to mark out a precise date (puberty or menopause), take one dose every two weeks. The mineral during a new moon and the plant during a full moon help in the cure of scanty menses.

For instance, at puberty:

  • Thin girl :
    during a full moon: PULSATILLA 15C
    during a  new moon: CALCAREA PHOSPHORICA 15C
  • Heavy girl :
    during a full moon: PULSATILLA 15C
    during a new moon: CALCAREA CARBONICA 15C

Homeopathy for Irregular Menses With venous and digestive disorders:

Pulsatilla is the Homeopathic Remedy for irregular menses in young girls who weep easily when telling the symptoms. This Homeopathic medicine is also good for menses problem that associate with gastritis and diarrhea. Moreover, migraine headaches with defective venous circulation in relation to irregular menses respond to Pulsatilla.

Irregular Menses with bearing-down sensation, on the other hand, suggests Sepia. Candidiasis especially before indicates this Homeopathic Remedy. A sensation of the hole in the stomach is the key point in this case. Is the Homeopathic remedy especially helpful in the treatment of Irregular Menses in those who women with irritability, migraines, and fatigue? The Dark blood is an important feature in sepia young girls with Irregular Menses.

Irregular Menses in meticulous and melancholic young girls, on the other hand, need Cyclamen. Ophthalmic migraine before menses especially benefits with this Homeopathic Remedy. For Galactorrhea or leucorrhea in young girls after menses, Cyclamen is the best Homeopathic medicine.

Homeopathic Medicines for Irregular Menses With skin disorders:

Natrum Muriaticum is this Homeopathic Remedy that especially helps in the cure of acne on the forehead before menses. The Blinding headache after menses is also curable with this Homeopathy Medicine. In addition, Natrum Muriaticum greatly benefits in premenstrual syndrome.

Graphites greatly help in the treatment of itching and eczema before menses in young girls. Constipation, coryza, and hoarseness during menses also respond to this Homeopathic Remedy.

Homeopathic Remedy for Irregular Menses With rheumatisms:

Pain from back down to thighs, on the other hand, suggests Kalium Carbonicum for Irregular Menses. The rheumatic pains that radiate through labia and abdomen to the chest also indicate Kalium Carbonicum for Irregular Menses.

Icy coldness all through the body before menses is the indication of Silicea for Irregular Menses. Constipation and itching during menses also suggest Silicea for menses problems.

Pains in the stomach and back, on the other hand, indicate Baryta Carbonica for Irregular Menses. It is the Homeopathic remedy that especially helps in the treatment of Irregular Menses in young girls who are bashful and aversion to strangers.

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Homeopathy for Profuse or abundant Menses:

The more copious the flow, the more restless the mind, this is the condition especially indication for Cimicifuga. Painful mastitis with Irregular and profuse Menses, on the other hand, suggests this Homeopathic Remedy.

For oversensitive and itching genitals with copious Irregular Menses, the Platina is the Homeopathy Medicine. Numbness and pain in the ovary are the key points in this case.

Lachesis is especially benefited in the Irregular Menses where the menstrual flow relieves all the physical and mental symptoms. Hyperthyroidism is the clinical condition underlying cause for Irregular Menses in Lachesis young girls. This Homeopathic medicine highly benefits in the cure of menses troubles in girls where loquacity is very prominent.

Calcarea Phosphorica is the best Homeopathic medicine to cure headaches and weakness instead of the menses. Excessive menses in adolescent girls especially respond to this Homeopathic Remedy. Abundant and frequent menses is another important symptom in this case.

Phosphorus often prescribed for burning leucorrhea instead of the menses flow in young girls. Weeping before menses is the key point in this case. This is the Homeopathic medicine especially helps in the treatment of Irregular Menses where menses last too long.

Throughout her life, the ‘phosphoric medicines’ obey the general law of “all or nothing”, such as no menses at all or a very abundant flow.

Homeopathy for Irregular Menses according to Color and clots: 

 Pale red: 

  • Graphites, Kalium Carbonicum, Natrum Muriaticum are the Homeopathic medicines, in general, indicates for pale red blood of menstrual flow.:
  • Ferrum Metallicum is for flushes of heat and weakness with pale red blood

 Bright red: 

  • Ipecac and Millifolium are in general for bright red blood of menses.
  • The bright red blood that is early, abundant and prolonged provoked by the least emotion indicates Calcarea Carbonica. It also helps with menses suppressed by a cold bath. Mastitis and fibroma are other important symptoms in this case.
  • Back pain by the least movement along with red blood suggests Sabina. Cure of Condylomata and warts need this Homeopathy Medicine, especially in those who are suffering from irregular menses.

 Dark red:

  1. Bovista, Hamamelis, And Ustilago are in general benefits for dark red with irregular menses.
  2. Secale Cornutum is for labor-like pains with irregular menses. Iciness in the entire body and violent cramps in lower limbs also indicates this Homeopathic Remedy. For thin and exhausted women with frequent abortions and irregular menses, they need to prescribe the Secale Cornutum.

Homeopathy Medicine for Clots with irregular menses: 

  • Chamomilla, Lachesis, Platina, and Sabina are in general helps in the cure of clots with irregular menses.
  • Sexual excitation before menses with laughing mania, on the other hand, suggests Crocus Sativus. The Black clots with long strings especially indicate this Homeopathic Remedy. Changing mood during menses is the key point in this case.

Homeopathic Medicine for Irregular Menses with Bearing-down sensation:

Apis 5c, Belladonna, Chamomilla, Pulsatilla, and Sulfur Flavum particularly indicates, for bearing-down sensation, by pelvic congestion.

Calcarea Carbonica, Graphites, and Murex (Sexual excitement) are especially for irregular menses with bearing down pain and fibroma.

Pelvic ptosis that causes Bearing-down sensation needs Natrum Muriaticum, Lilium Tigrinum, and Sepia for irregular menses.

Violent pains with the sensation of cold, numbness, and tingling, on the other hand, suggest Agaricus.


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2 years ago

Irregular menses

Sir patient age 22years sir last 5months, not periods sir I was 2pills in Lachesis 200 10days ago but still not continue in periods face hair regular threading plz suggest good medicine.thanks

Irregular menses homeopathy
2 years ago

Dear Dr, Its been almost a month that i havent got menses yet. The last time i got menses was on 7th march. Physical symptoms:- 1. Sudden toothache. 2. Sudden worse headache in right temple. 3. Constipation and flatulence. 4. Greasy scalp. 5. There are no cravings and my hunger has reduced as compared to before. 6. Few days ago my legs used to pain with little or no physical activity. 7. My sleep pattern has changed. I fall asleep by 12-1am or sometimes earlier than that and have a sound sleep but i wakeup on my own at 6:30-7am… Read more »

Sms Hasan
Sms Hasan
3 years ago

Dear sir,

What do you advise for Menorrhagia (heavy menstrual bleeding) with pain ?

Patient age: 22
Weight: 48 Kgs
Skin: Fair
B.P: average 90/60
Number of kids: 2
Menstrual cycle: 28 to 30 days

with regards,

Sms Hasan

Drdevendra Kumar munta

Pls take SEPIA 200c 2 pills and wait for 10 dys.

3 years ago

I got period i can say, that stopped within 5mins on that day. It more of had fluid discharge. There was no pain in my stomach though. 2nd Day,I again had a scantiest menstrual flow for once in evening similar as previous day. On 3rd day,i had a scanty menstrual flow same as before in noon. On 4th day too, i got similar menstrual flow in noon just like previous days. I again got big painful acne on right side of my face.