-Tarkas P. and Ajit Kulkarni.




1. Circulation : cranial arteries heart

2. Nerves Glands; mammary Female organs Skin L.side


Heat (malaise)

Cold, wet weather



Metal poisoning (Aluminium, Lead, Zinc)





Warmth (itching)

Cold bath (some pains)

Open air

Working off

Discharges : tears diarrhea leucorrhea menses

Congestions. Ulcerations. Neuralgias

Convulsions. Toxemia. Malignancy

Unequal circulation ` congestions` toxemia Congestion in cranial organs. Pulsations; throbbing pains. A good normalizer of circulation (like Glon.). “Irritation of venous parts (congestion) not reaching to true inflammation”. Toxemic. Constipation (Jug-c. of incomplete metabolism).

Nervous disturbances; N. agitation. Neuralgias (Pass.). Incoordination; muscles out of gear; gait unsteady (also from weakness of legs).

Convulsions; () nights; quiet only when hands are in pockets.

Shocks / jerks in : brain, uterus, limbs (after supper), heart (jerking palpitation). Pulsations in : brain, carotid artery, r. parotid, uterus, chest (Fago.). Strumming (=buzzing ? resonance? thrilling? ) in arms.

Pains : Drawing backward pains in : eyes, abdominal walls, umbilicus (like Plb. which is antidotal, to Ast.), mammae, chest. Pulling in: tongue, abdomen, breast (l.), back. Lancinating (not burning) in cancer; () flow of menses). Axillary glands swollen, hard and knotted, () after dinner), flatulence, jerking of limbs, even convulsions.

Epigastric tenderness / distress. Dull or constrictive pain in precordium. Anxiety in upper abdomen. Ulcer.

Abdomen : Obstructed flatulence, great immobile flatulence after every meal, esp. supper, with colic and precordial distress (see Heart). Colic (see Face),menstrual, flatulent. Unilateral drawing backward pain () symptoms (Zinc.). Hemorrhoids.

Urinary : Heat in urethra while or after urinating. Urine copious (scanty, Asc-c.). Bladder painful when empty.

Male : Strong desire. Erections in morning or in sleep.

Female : Sexual desire excited, even to nymphomania, () flow (Lach.).

Uterus : Severe general pain as if something protruded behind it. Crushing pain.Twitching- jerking in womb. Consciousness of womb (Murx.). Bearing down in pelvic region impeding movement; sensation as if menses were coming on. Pain from r. side womb to (r. or l.) mammae. Anguish in womb.

Mammae : Piercing pain, ext. to scapula. Pain in l. breast, ext. down ulnar side of l. arm to fingers or little finger, () throwing shoulders backward, (

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