Large and hard, or first part large, latter part smaller; Round, black balls.
 Before stool
 No desire; Desire for stools in the epigastrium; Pressure toward the anus with blind haemorrhoids; Tenesmus.
 During stool 
 Great straining; Heat in the anus; Painless discharge of masses of blood in clots, with sinking feeling.
 After stool 
 Weakness or prostration.
 Heat and pains in the head. Vomiting of food (in dyspeptics). Colic pains. Abdominal engorgement. [General depression of vitality, predominant coldness of the body; pallor and cold sweat on the forehead, or over the whole body, on slight motion or exertion.] Increased flow of urine.
 Constipation on account of the inaction of the rectum and want of peristaltic movement in the other intestines. [Digestion appears to be well performed, and still defecation is nearly impossible, on account of inertia of the rectum]. Obstruction of the bowels on account of the hardness and volume of the faecal matter. In obstinate constipation alone in subjects who are always hungry but easily satiated, in hypochondriacs and maniacs.
 Ruddock recommends it for a paralytic state of the rectum with dryness of the intestines.
 Hartmann says : In the constipation of infants, when Lycopodium has ameliorated, but some traces of the disease still remains, Veratrum alb. 12 may succeed. It is also of service, like Platina and Lycopodium, when the peristaltic movements of the intestines are re-established, but the rectum still remains in a state of inactivity bordering upon paralysis.
 Jahr recommends the drug when Nux vom., Opium, and Bryonia have not been able to remove an accidental but obstinate constipation.
 Dr. Bryce (Edinburgh) does not know of a remedy whose action is as prompt in causing stool; no matter how obstinate the constipation the constipation may be, if we give the remedy in the evening, it is rare that we do not have a free movement of the bowels in the morning.
 We give herewith an observation from the Clinique Homoeop. of Beauvais, which is interesting for various reasons; independent of the efficacy of Veratrum alb., we find in it a remarkable example of medicinal aggravation or rather, positive effects from infinitesimal doses.
 Case 57 
 I had treated for some length of time a nursing infant who was suffering from a very obstinate constipation, which had been, however, somewhat relieved by the use of Alumina and Sulphur. Lately the child had been without any medication, and I thought it a suitable time to give him in the evening five drops of Veratrum. The infant was attacked with vomiting in the night, and from that time the stool was more regular for several days. At this time I again repeated the dose when the result was the same. Later I again gave, for the third time, the same dose of Veratrum in the evening. He was again seized in the night with a severe diarrhoea, which ceased, however, on the next morning, but after this the stool were regular for a long tile. It seems clear to me that the remedy cured him, by producing its primitive effect. – Dr. Elwert.
 Case 58 
 A gentleman suffered for a long time in consequence of the presence of an eruptive disease which covered a great part of the surface of the body. He complained at the same time of symptoms of dyspepsia, such as, eructations which were bitter and sour, dullness of the stomach and bowels after eating, with pain in the region of the liver and marked constipation. I prescribed Veratrum for the cutaneous trouble, and it was removed; at the same time the gastric symptoms improved and the constipation disappeared; two months later, without taking a purgative (which he had formerly taken at least once a week), he assured me that he was in the enjoyment of a state of health which he had not known for many years. – Dr. Broackes. 

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