thuja Thuja occidentalis in case of Constipation

 Hard balls; Large, hard, coated with blood; Hard, thick and knotty; Hard, followed by soft stool; Retarded and insufficient.
 Before stool 
 Frequent urging, without colic; Pressing and ineffectual desire, with erections (Ignatia?)
 During stool 
 Only a small quantity of hard stool being passed each time, with pain in the anus as if it would fly to pieces. Great trouble in passing the stool as if the rectum had been constricted (hard stool followed by a soft one); Violent pains in the rectum compel a cessation of the effort at stool, especially when haemorrhoids are present.
 After stool 
 Repeated urging, without accomplishing anything.
 Fever. Smarting of the anus, between the intervals of the stools. [Offensive perspiration at the anus and in the perineum. Haemorrhoids and fissures of the anus. General aggravation of the pains in the anus on motion.
 Obstinate constipation, from inactivity or intussusception. Constipation which seems to be the result of organic reaction.] 

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