The Dangers of Skin Lightening: A Possible Addiction?

With the advancement of cosmetic technology, people can easily alter the way they look. Some of the most common procedures include plastic surgery and skin lightening. Although these treatments may seem beneficial at face value, can they be dangerous? Read to learn more.

Although we have heard of the common saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” some people still have an image of beauty that they want to achieve. Whether it’s a chiseled face, larger breasts, or fairer skin, people dream of features that they want to possess themselves.

Some of these dreamers turn to cosmetic procedures to fulfill their wishes. They spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get the look they have been idealizing for years. They may undergo procedures such as today’s topic, which is skin lightening.

skin lightening homeopathic remedies

What is skin lightening?

Skin lightening is a procedure or a set of procedures that people use to achieve a whiter or brighter skin color. The technical term for the procedure is depigmentation, due to the process of breaking down the skin pigment melanin. Melanin creates dark colors of the skin. People with darker skin have higher concentrations of melanin. Some of skin lightening procedures include:

  • Chemical peels
  • Lightening creams
  • Bleaching
  • Laser treatments
  • Intravenous procedure with glutathione

Why do people undergo skin lightening?

There are many reasons why people undergo skin lightening procedures. Some of the most common are:

  • Restoring their natural skin tone: Some people have occupations or hobbies that frequently expose them to the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. This exposure darkened their skin, so they are seeking to restore their natural tone.
  • Removing changes: Some people have sun spots, acne marks, or scars that have remained dark over the years. Since these conditions may take a long time to fade or never fade at all, people may use skin lightening to hasten or improve the process.
  • Altering physical appearance: Sadly, there are beliefs that people are more attractive if they have fair skin. Others believe that they would look better if they weren’t dark. They may seek an overall skin lightening procedure because they believe it would supposedly help them improve their physical appearance.

The first two common causes may be considered ethical and valid, yet the last one is controversial because it may contribute to skin lightening dangers and myths about beauty. Although there are often only minimal side effects to a single skin lightening procedure, potential mental and physical problems can arise when a person undergoes this cosmetic process repeatedly. They may become addicted.

What is skin lightening addiction?

Skin lightening is an addiction fueled by the social stigmas formed in the minds of people. The addicted individuals are consumed with the belief that fair-skinned individuals are more desirable and will have more opportunities than dark-skinned people.

Addicted individuals constantly purchase skin lightening products or repeatedly undergo procedures to lighten their skin beyond their natural tone. Unfortunately, this practice is increasingly common in common in areas of the world or where people consider people with lighter skin to be more beautiful.

Some common signs of skin lightening addiction include:

  • Purchasing of creams and chemicals that help lighten skin color: A person who is addicted to skin lightening may constantly purchase the same products they have deemed effective, or buy new ones every now and then to see if they can achieve increased results.
  • Scheduling of cosmetic procedures to whiten skin: He or she may also frequently and unnecessarily visit cosmetic clinics to undergo chemical peeling, bleaching, or laser treatments to lighten skin, even when a single cycle is finished.
  • Using supplements that can help lighten skin: The person may also take supplements such as glutathione in excess to help lighten his or her skin tone, sometimes in excessive amounts.
  • Acting in hypersensitive or self-consciousness manner about skin color: Emotionally, people who are addicted to skin lightening may be sensitive to looks or comments about their appearance and have low self-esteem about their skin.
  • Applying cosmetics to hide darker skin tones: People may use wear a noticeably thick amount of light-toned makeup to hide their skin color. This may be on their face and possibly on their arms, neck, legs, or other exposed body parts.
  • Displaying uneven skin tone, scars, or marks related to skin lightening procedures: When a person undergoes constant chemical or laser procedures, they may suffer from uneven skin tone, bumps, or even further scars that would make them repeat the vicious cycle all over again.

If you notice this signs on yourself or a loved one, it is possible that they may have skin lightening addiction. Just like other cosmetic procedure addictions and other addictions, understanding and recovering from this condition should begin in the mind. Here are some strategies that could help:

Ways to treat skin lightening addiction

Undergoing rehabilitation or therapy

Many rehabilitation or therapy centers treat more than substance abuse problems or common mental health concerns. They deal with addictions of all kinds, such as addictions related to excessive use of cosmetic products and procedures.

People seeking treatment have to undergo evaluations to determine which type of treatment programs are suitable. Based on the assessment, they will either be an inpatient treatment program (treatments that require people stay within facilities) or an outpatient treatment program (treatments that require people to visit but not stay in facilities during their treatment sessions).

The type of treatment depends on the severity and situation of each case. During the treatment process, there are many strategies that may help people recover through changing their perspective and mindsets and addressing the causes of their addictions.

Counseling and support groups

As a sub-branch of rehabilitation and therapy, people who have skin lightening addictions may also seek the help of a psychologist, mental health therapist, or have an addiction recovery support group to help them overcome the problem.

Counseling and support groups give the individual a space to vent their thoughts and feelings in a non-judgmental environment.

Habit replacement

Another part of the recovery is through habit replacement. Once people have discovered the root cause of their addictions, they can start forming productive habits to replace their constant need to undergo cosmetic procedures.

This can include having a healthy diet, discovering a new hobby, or including physical activity in their schedule.

Admission is the first step to recovery

Often, people who have skin lightening addictions may find themselves in denial that they have a problem. This hinders them from seeking the recovery they need. If you notice these signs towards skin lightening or any form of cosmetic procedure in you or a loved one, don’t be afraid to seek help. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to freedom and recovery.

Homeopathic Remedies helpful for Skin Lightening

Sarsaparilla Homeopathic monther tincture for skin lightening:

Sarsaparilla is very good Homeopathic remedy for skin glow naturally. It enhances the body circulation inorder to maintain the skin tone. Moreover Sarsaparila is an excellent Homeopathic remedy for the cure of skin allergies. Is also an extraordinary Homeopathic remedy for craked heel. More than that Sarsaparilla Homeopathic mother tincture helps in the cure of kidney stones. Thereby Sarsaparilla purify the blood and maintian the skin glow.

Arsenicum Album for lighening of skin with allergy and discoloration black:

Arsenicum Album is an excellent Homeopathic remedy for development of skin tone. It helps in the cure of black discolorated skin. Most effectively the black discoloration of skin due to chemical exposure. Arsenicum album patients are anxious in nature with black discolorated skin. So as this remedy helps in skin lightening by curing all kinds of skin allergies.

Apart from above Homeopathic remeides, SEPIA, LACHESIS, LYCOPODIUM, HEPAR SULPH etc also helpful for skin lightening. However each Homeopathic remedy has its specific action on skin and lightening. It depends on the type of skin and underlying diseases.

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