– Dr.Farokh J.Master.
This spider also belongs to the family Lycosidae and is also known as the “Cuban Tarentula”.

It is a large brown hairy spider founds in Texas and South Carolina. There is an interesting history of this remedy as described by T.F. Allen. Tarentula Cubensis was being shipped to London in a container with alcohol to preserve it. On the way the container broke, the alcohol ran out and the specimen decomposed. However, a potency was made from this specimen and thus Tarentula Cubensis is a very important remedy for Carbuncles, abscesses, boils and swellings.


1. Great sensitiveness with irritability

Constant motion in the form of rubbing or friction necessitates with this patient. This relieves the hyper irritation of the nervous system. They want to rub their hands and fingers with something hard for example stick or against the wall.

2. Periodicity Troubles occur at the same time every year.

3. Atrocious burning pains like Arsenic, Anthracinum.

4. Bluish discoloration of the affected part.

5. Great hyperaesthesia of female sexual system leading to extreme sexual excitement.



Patient goes into delirium due to pain and sepsis.

Sympathetic, compassionate.


Perspiration hot. Dull ache on top of the head. Dizziness after heat. Shooting pain through left eye across frontal region.


Ulcers with marked burning, may spread to include the whole gastrointestinal tract (= Ars).


Loss of appetite except for breakfast.


Cannot hold urine on coughing. Retention. Intense pruritus vulvae.


Hands tremble, turgid with blood. Feet restless. Tingling and numbness of tips of fingers.


Septic conditions of the skin. Red spots and pimples. Purplish hue. Burning, stinging pains. Gangrene . Abscesses, where pain and inflammation predominate. Senile ulcers. Paronychia.


Sleep prevented by harsh cough. Cough (>) smoking. Sleep restless. Drowsiness.


Chills followed by intense burning fever with great thirst, anxiety, restlessness, headache, delirium, copious perspiration and retention of urine. Later the fever becomes intermittent accompanied by diarrhoea and prostration.


(>) Smoking.


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