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schizophrenia A house wife of 35 having psychiatric compliant of schizophrenic nature -Aurum Metallicum
A house wife of 35 having psychiatric compliant of
schizophrenic nature. Scolding neighbors. Beating her children. Laughing and
talking involuntary, husband is facing lot of disturbance with her. He is
unable to concentrate on his duty.  Her complaint
is that head pain pressure amelioration and Hallucinations. Sleepiness day time. Reluctant to household work.She received a dose
of Natrum mur followed by a dose of Ignatia 200c symptoms are relieved very
much. But symptoms are relapsed after few months which are not relieved even
after repetition of NM and Ign. Now the case responded to Aurum Metallicum
200c. Her Husband reported that he is feeling very comfort with her compared to
previous days. Quarreling desire is the indication for Aurum metallicum.
It is observed in most cases that people suffering from psychiatric complaints will have high goals. Suppression of high end thoughts and unfavourable circumstances will develop internal stress which leads into break down of personality. In those cases Aurum Metallicum will be helpful.

Work Sheet:
6th feb 2013
pain head,pressure ame, object
nm 200c
20th feb 2013
laughing immoderately
ign 200c
6th march 2013
relieved most, started again
ign 200c
20th march 2013
relieved still more
saclac 200c
1st april 2013
relieved most
15th april 2013
relieved most
18th april 2013
increased symptoms
ign 200c
20th april 2013
pain teeth
tub 200c
30th april 2013
relieved slight
15th may 2013
talking involuntary
28th may 2013
laughing involuntary, desires pickles
10th june 2013
laughing involuntary,
ign 200c
24th june 2013
laughing, weeping started again
nm 1m
5th july 2013
saclac 200c
18th july 2013
relieved , talking involuntary little,
injury arn 200c
saclac 200c
29th july 2013
talking involuntary
sepia 200c
8th august 2013
not relieved
saclac 200c
12th august 2013
numbness teeth,
saclac 200c
19th august 2013
headache,drawing legs
sl 200c
29th august 2013
slight laughing
Ign 1m
10th sep 2013
laughing, pain gums
sl 200c
20th sep 2013
slight laughing, bitter mouth
bry 200c
28th sep 2013
deep thoughts in
syph 200c
1st oct 2013
headache, pain ,
bry 1m
9th oct 2013
sleepiness, relieved syms
sl 200c
5th oct 2013
no sleep night,
bry 1m 2 pills
18th oct 2013
headache, pain ,
thuja 200c
26th oct 2013
relieved headache,better
saclac 200c
29th oct 2013
relieved slight,
bell,bry 200c
04 November 2013
headache occiput
gel 1m
06 November 2013
relieved slight
sl 200c
18 November 2013
vertigo,laughing,thinking,no stool
saclac 200c
26 November 2013
not sleeping day time
saclac 200c
06 December 2013
quarelling desire to
ign 1m
07 December 2013
relieved shortly
aurum met 200c
16 December 2013
saclac 200c,
20 December 2013
sl 200c
26 December 2013
relieved slight
sl 200c
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